X-Men (2nd series) #13

Issue Date: 
October 1992
Story Title: 
Hazardous Territory

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Art Thibert and Dan Panosian (artists), Rosas and Javins (colors), Lois Buhalis (letters), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The X-Men blue team (minus Psylocke and Jubilee) arrive at Almagordo where Xavier is being held hostage by Hazard, aka Carter Ryking. Hazard asks why Xavier didn’t come here to find out about their past when Hazard sent Xavier the file about the place. Xavier says he didn’t believe what he read, which causes Hazard to blow away the side of a wall revealing a secret part of the lab. Rogue and Wolverine find the secret lab too and start to look for Xavier. Cyclops, Gambit, and Beast blow through another wall to enter the complex, revealing Hazard with Wolverine, Rogue, and Xavier captured. Rogue and Gambit try to fight off Hazard and are defeated. Cyclops complains of the team not fighting in an organized style so Cyclops and Beast try to attack Hazard. Beast buries Hazard in debris, but he breaks free trying to attack Cyclops, who fires his double shot from his visor destroying Hazard’s taser firing mechanisms. Unknown to Cyclops though Hazard cannot control his plasma energy without his mechanisms to focus his powers. While the X-Men decide to retreat, Xavier goes into Hazard’s mind showing him how to release his power without hurting himself or the X-Men. Hazard's power explodes destroying Almagordo, but saving himself and the X-Men. Wolverine decides to use Hazard’s temporarily loss of power to his advantage and demands some answers about Almagordo’s past, but Xavier tells Wolverine to let him go. They will not get any answers from him today and if there are any answers to their fathers‘ past it will be found where they lived not where they died. The X-Men leave to head back to the mansion, failing to notice a paper entitled Shiva Scenario, mentioning Kurt Marko, Alexander Ryking and Brian Xavier as involved scientists. Meanwhile back at Xavier’s mansion Jubilee receives a video phone call from Cannoball, who wants to talk only to the senior X-Men. In Istanbul Rusty, Zero, and Skids of the MLF steal an artifact containing an image of Apocalypse. Stryfe is pleased to hold the artifact and he vows to destroy Apocalypse’s past like Apocalypse had destroyed Stryfe’s future.

Full Summary: 

Hazard is holding Xavier by the throat hovering in mid air as they both tell about part of their past. Hazard asks Xavier why he didn’t try to find out if the information in the file Carter sent Xavier was the truth ? Xavier tells Hazard that he didn’t think the file was true. Hazard then explodes the wall nearest to him exposing a hidden stairway leading down to a secret part of the base.
Outside of Almagordo the Blackbird lands and Cyclops tells Wolverine and Rogue to lead the assault. Rogue flies Wolverine to the entrance and tries to ask Wolverine if he needs a shoulder to lean on, because Wolverine has been so confused about his past lately. Wolverine pops his claws on Rogue and tells her she can’t know what he’s going through. Which she throws him against a wall and says that if anyone knows about memories other than their own it is her; Wolverine agrees with her and they move on.
Beast, Cyclops, and Gambit blast their way through a wall and find some metallic wall on the other side of the room. Cyclops radios Rogue and informs her of what they have found. Rogue and Wolverine are already heading down the stairs that Hazard took Xavier down. Wolverine tells Cyclops that Xavier is downstairs and Cyclops tells them to proceed with caution. Cyclops and Gambit use their powers to blow a whole in the wall and find Wolverine and Rogue captured by Hazard with Xavier at Hazards feet.
Back at Xavier’s Mansion Jubilee is hurried from her shower by the telephone video screen and Cannonball trying to find the rest of the X-Men. Whatever he has to say he wouldn’t say it to Jubilee and tells her that he’ll call back and he hangs up, upsetting Jubilee with her saying she should have traced the call.
Halfway around the world, miles outside of Istanbul, Zero, Rusty and Skids appear in front of Stryfe holding an artifact that Stryfe wanted. Stryfe asks them to open the scroll revealing the “Sinner of Time” (Apocalypse) picture. Stryfe says how he will steal his past as Apocalypse had stolen his future “one piece of flesh, one slice of soul, at a time.”
Meanwhile back inside of Almagordo the X-Men attack Hazard, Rogue getting hit by one of Hazards taser's that he sends his plasma power through, which if she wasn’t near invulnerable would have killed her. Cyclops complains that the team isn’t organized and fighting well so Cyclops and Beast try to take Hazard out. Beast tries first and it looks like he had defeated Hazard when he busts through the debris Beast had encased him in and tries to attack Cyclops. Cyclops uses his double shot from his visor to take out both taser-firing mechanisms on Hazard’s arms. Although unknown to Cyclops Hazard needs his firing mechanism to channel his energies so now he can’t control his built up plasma energy. As the X-Men think about retreating before Hazard blows up, Xavier goes into Hazard’s mind and helps him to fight through the pain and channel his energy as to not destroy himself or the X-Men. After the blast Xavier explains that it will be hours before Ryking will de able to use his powers again. Which, Wolverine says, will give him plenty of time to get the answers he needs from Hazard. Hazard does not answer his questions though and Xavier tells Wolverine to let him go. Xavier says if their fathers were involved in anything it will not be found where Brian Xavier died, but where he lived. Beast picks Xavier up and the X-Men leave to return to the mansion.
In the foreground though a paper flies up and you can see the writing on it: Shiva Scenario / Committee Evaluation Report / Dr. Kurt Marko, Dr. Alexander Ryking, Dr. Brian Xavier.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Rogue, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)


Rusty, Skids, Stryfe, Zero (all Mutant Liberation Front)

Cannonball (X-Force), through video comm link
In flashbacks :

Brian Xavier, Kurt Marko, Alexander Ryking

Story Notes: 

The secrets of the Alamogordo project will be explained in X-Men Forever #4.
The MLF steals more art objects related to Apocalypse in Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2.
The Shiva plot will be continued in Wolverine (2nd series) #50, 60-64

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