X-Men (2nd series) #57

Issue Date: 
October 1996
Story Title: 

Scott Lobdell (plot), Andy Kubert (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Joe Rosas (colorist), Malibu (enhancement), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Inside the Xavier mansion, the Professor wonders if his mutant powers will ever come back. As he ponders these questions, the rest of the X-Men face-off against a woman they all once considered a friend. Her name is Valerie Cooper and she has come to the house of the X-Men to take prisoner: Charles Xavier! One by one, the X-Men meet her, each in their own way either defending Xavier or defending Valerie’s plans. Word battle after word battle occurs, till in the end there is only one person that can stop the madness. Charles Xavier approaches the X-Men and states that Valerie Cooper is right, in order for the world to know peace he must allow them to imprison him. The X-Men watch their mentor board a plane and fly off, each one knowing that they will miss him. Some of the X-Men were not there when Xavier was taken away, as they were involved in their own personal lives. Hank McCoy was one of them, as he and Trish Tilby made up and agreed to begin the relationship once more. Betsy Braddock was another, as she searched for her missing lover, Archangel.

Full Summary: 

Inside Cerebro, Xavier questions where he is. The computer narrates what it is doing and, in the end, it tells Xavier that Professor X no longer exists! Xavier thinks to himself about his recent confrontation with Onslaught and how the monster stripped him of his telepathic abilities.

Leaving the room, Xavier commands Cerebro to delete all of the files pertaining to Professor X. The computer states that all files have been deleted, as Xavier leaves the room. Xavier travels down the hallway of his mansion. Passing by pictures of his past he notices a fallen photograph of his original X-Men. Xavier ponders to himself about how he unknowingly unleashed a monster upon the world and deceived his X-Men. He wonders if the damage he has done can ever be repaired?

Interrupting his thoughts, the doorbell rings. Cyclops approaches the door in full battle attire; he wonders aloud that it must be safe to assume their visitor is a friend because none of the intruder alarms went off. Opening the door, he finds Valerie Cooper standing on the other side. Dr. Cooper asks Scott if he always answers the door as Cyclops? Cyclops tells her that they all make mistakes.

Questioning her arrival, Scott asks if it is too much to hope that she has news about his brother, Havok? Dr. Cooper tells Cyclops that Havok is still among the missing, which must mean he is making an incredible effort not to be found. She tells him that she is not there on X-Factor business. She is there as chairwoman of the Committee on Mutant Affairs. Dr. Cooper is there to take Charles Xavier away!

Atop the staircase, Wolverine stands ready to pounce, claws extended. He tells Valerie Cooper that since his recent more feral state and his senses have become heightened he is shocked to think he could have misunderstood her. He goes on to say that he must have, because he is sure that she meant to say she came to “talk” to Xavier! Valerie walks past Wolverine, telling him not to make it any harder that it has to be.

On a nearby couch, Cannonball and Iceman watch tapes of Graydon Creed's speeches. Sam asks Bobby how many more tapes they have to watch? Interrupting the question, Valerie Cooper makes her presence known. Bobby turns around and complements Valerie's hairstyle. She tells him that her hair always curls unless she dries it when she gets out of the shower. When Bobby asks why she is grimacing, Wolverine answers that she will look a lot less happy if she does what he thinks she will do! Valerie commands Wolverine to sheath his claws, because, one way or another, Professor Xavier is coming with her!

Bishop hears what is going on, as he walks down the stairs. Bishop tells her that, whatever provocation she cites or authority she prefers, Xavier will not be taken against his will. Iceman's eyes begin to widen, as he realizes that Valerie Cooper is there to arrest Xavier. Cyclops commands Bishop and Wolverine to stand at ease. Valerie thanks Cyclops, as she knew he would listen to reason. Scott tells her that Xavier will stay with them PERIOD! Wolverine, with both hands’ claws extended, tells her not to let the door hit her on the way out. Valerie tells them the she believes in team spirit just as much they do, but they still cannot escape the fact of the past few days. She goes on to say that she is there to take Xavier into protective custody, for the sake of himself and that of the world’s.

With that said, Storm enters through an opening in the ceiling, telling the others that Valerie is correct. The X-Men appear shocked at her words. She tells them that, although it is painful, they must realize that Charles Xavier suffered a breakdown, which unleashed a great evil upon the world. She goes on to say that they do not have a choice. How else can they assuage the world's justifiable concerns that Onslaught will never happen again? Bobby states that Ororo has a point they were just too afraid to see it. Logan exclaims that she has forgotten one thing: X-Men take care of their own!

In Manhattan, at Greenwich Village, the X-Man known as Beast awaits the arrival of a friend. Hank uses a holographic projector, which makes his blue furred body disappears, showing only himself, human in appearance. While he waits, he notices the beauty that surrounds him, as well as the prejudice against mutants. A young boy plays as if he was a mutant, but his mother stops him, screaming about how it is vile and disgusting to be a mutant. As the mother walks away, she tells the son to have some self-respect.

A young woman named Trish Tilby approaches Hank. Hank stands to his feet, greeting the woman he loves. He extends a rose and wonders aloud if she received his messages? She tells him that she did receive his messages, all of them. Trish asks Hank what this is all about, because last time they saw one another he made it clear that he never wanted to see her again. Hank tells her that he was under a lot of pressure at the time and he thought she had betrayed him by breaking the news of the Legacy Virus story.

Hank tells Trish that he has had a lot of time to think. He recounts the tale of how he was imprisoned by a doppelganger for weeks. He tells her that, while he was imprisoned, he had a lot of time to think, not about being in an X-Man or even being a mutant, but about being a man and knowing when to say he was wrong and when to say “I Love You.” Those are the things, he says, he needs to practice. The two friends embrace, as it seems they're going to give it another go with their relationship.

Back in Westchester, specifically the home of Charles Xavier, Jean Grey enters the room to discuss her feelings about Xavier's departure. She tells them that, as a psi, she knows full well what Xavier must be going through. She also knows that it may take years for him to figure out what were his motivations or what were the motivations created by Onslaught!

Iceman interrupts their conversation, asking them what if Professor Xavier unleashes Onslaught once again? Valerie Cooper picks up a nearby remote control, telling Drake that there is no reason to kid themselves. She clicks a button on the controller turning the TV on. On the television, Graydon Creed makes a speech on how it will take decades to recover from the damage done to New York and how candlelight vigils are taking place across New York for the heroes they lost to the X-Men’s carnage. Valerie Cooper turns the television off; she tells them that, if it happens again, no one will survive.

At the same moment, high above the streets of Manhattan, a man named J. Jonah Jameson thinks about a week ago, when he was in this very restaurant and witnessed Cannonball and Storm flying to face-off against a Sentinel. He remembers, when he had first seen them, his thoughts were that this battle was going to be the worst. He hates always being right.

Interrupting his thoughts a man named Bastion approaches his table. Jameson tells Bastion that he is late! Bastion does not sit; he tells Jameson that he wants all inquiries into Presidential Candidate Graydon Creed's affairs stopped, NOW! Jameson snarls, telling Bastion that if he is trying to intimidate him he doesn't scare easily. Bastion tells Jameson that he is aware of that, he is also aware that there is very little about Jameson he does not know.

Jamison throws a paper towards a now-seated Bastion. He tells Bastion to learn the rest – “drivers license, credit cards, date books, movie rental cards… it's all there.” Bastion picks up the paper saying he has misjudged Jameson; as he is clearly a man of convictions. Jameson with his cigar still smoking tells Bastion that after he exposes Creed he will come after him and his Operation: Zero Tolerance. Jameson stands and walks away, as Bastion taunts after him, saying he looks forward to it.

From behind Bastion, a young man by the name of Harper tells Bastion that the meeting did not go so well. Bastion states, as he drinks from a wineglass, that the meeting went perfectly.

Back at the mansion, Joseph walks down the stairs, greeting Valerie Cooper. Valerie asks the X-Men why they are harboring Magneto? Logan tells Valerie that they are not harboring anybody; the kid is staying there until he gets his head straight. Jean tells Joseph that Valerie did not say anything about punishing anyone. Valerie asks who Joseph is? Jean tells Joseph that all the government's asking for is assurance that Onslaught is over – she thinks they owe them at least that. Cyclops asks Jean about the debt the world owes Xavier for saving the world hundreds of times over?

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Cyclops, Iceman, Joseph, Phoenix, Professor X, Psylocke, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Quicksilver (X-Men ally)



J. Jonah Jameson

Manhattan Citizens

Trish Tilby

Valerie Cooper

J. Jonah Jameson’s Memories:




New York Citizens

Graydon Creed

Xavier’s Picture:

Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X (all original X-Men)

Story Notes: 

The last time Trish Tilby and Hank McCoy met was in Uncanny X-Men #323.

Harper first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #337

This issue takes place directly after Uncanny X-Men #337.

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