X-Men (2nd series) #64

Issue Date: 
May 1997
Story Title: 
Games of Deceit & Death - part 3

Scott Lobdell (plot), Ben Raab (script), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/AD (letters), Chris Lichtner, Aron Lusen & Liquid Color (colors), Bob Harras (editor & editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Sebastian Shaw, Wilson Fisk, and the X-Men along with Shang-Chi all face off over the Elixir Vitae, and Storm sees herself forced to destoy it with her lightning bolts to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Jubilee is once more seen captive in Bastion’s base. The X-Men are attacked by Operation: Zero Tolerance on their journey back the United States.

Full Summary: 

The X-Men have just been confronted by Wilson Fisk, former Kingpin of crime and now chief executive officer of Fujikawa Enterprises, a Hong Kong corporation which currently holds the Elixir Vitae the X-Men seek. Wolverine threatens Fisk, who then reveals that he has captured Cannonball, and threatens to inject their teammate with an experimental vaccine for the Legacy Virus.
Meanwhile, in Fujikawa’s docking bay, two guards are talking when one sees some movement in the water. He shoots randomly into the water, unwittingly giving Sebastian Shaw extra energy to become stronger. Shaw comes out of the water, defeats the guards and proceeds to head for Fisk’s office in order to gain the Elixir for himself.
Back with the X-Men and Shang-Chi, Cyclops tries to convince Fisk to give up the Elixir. He doesn’t agree to that, but he does release Cannonball as a peace offering. Cannonball asks Fisk how he got involved in Asian crime, and the latter explains. After the Fall From Grace storyline in Daredevil, the Kingpin was forced to abdicate his control of the American crime scene. He realized soon that the death of Shang-Chi’s father left open a gap in the Asian crime syndicates, so he managed to make his way to the top in Hong Kong. The X-Men ask him why he wants the Elixir Vitae, and he says he wants it for the same reason Shaw wants it: to make money selling a cure for the Legacy Virus to the highest bidder.
Meanwhile, far away, Jubilee contemplates her situation as she sits in a dark room being held captive by Bastion. Bastion arrives and reminds her that mutants’ time on Earth will be over soon, due to his soon-to-be-initiated Operation: Zero Tolerance.
Back at Hong Kong, Fisk threatens to destroy the Elixir if the X-Men attack him. Suddenly Sebastian Shaw bursts through the floor and announces he is taking the Elixir. Fisk surrounds himself with his Si-Fan Ninjas. As Shaw and Fisk face off, Shang-Chi realizes he must not allow either of them to gain the Elixir. Before he can act, however, Storm comes to the same decision and lets loose a blast of lightning strong enough to destroy the Elixir Vitae and all the equipment in the room.
Later on, the X-Men are returning to the United States aboard a private charter jet, and they discuss their recent adventure. Ororo wonders if she was forced to destroy the only lead to a possible Legacy cure. Suddenly some psionic energy lashes out on Jean, right as the plane is attacked by a huge ship run by Operation: Zero Tolerance.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Cyclops, Phoenix IV, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Shang-Chi, material artist

Jubilee (Generation X)
Sebastian Shaw (Hellfire Club III)



Story Notes: 

The appearance of Jubilee and Bastion is set between Generation X #27 and 28.

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