X-Men and Power Pack #1

Issue Date: 
December 2005
Story Title: 
Costumes On!

Mark Sumerak (writer), GuriHiru (art), Dave Sharpe (letters), James Taveras (production), (special thanks) Aki Yanagi, Nathan Cosby (assistant editor), MacKenzie Cadenhead (editor), Mark Paniccia (consulting editor), Joe Quesada (chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

On their way to a Halloween party, siblings Jack and Katie Power get into an argument and fight in the woods. Katie storms off angrily unaware of the eyes watching the two children from the shadows.
Jack and Katie join the rest of their family: Julie, Alex, and their parents, and head into the party. Each family member heads off for a different part of the fun, but Jack and Katie continue their disagreement. After Jack insults her again, Katie runs into the woods crying. There she meets up with Wolverine who is in the area hunting Sabretooth.
Alex and Julie confront Jack about his treatment of Katie and convince him to go into the woods to find her. Once there, Jack runs into Sabretooth. Wolverine shows up just in time with the rest of Power Pack, and together, the team defeats Sabretooth and chains him to a motorcycle. At the Halloween party, Jack wins the prize for best costume and patches things up with his little sister.

Full Summary: 

In the darkness of the woods, little Katie Power hunts for her brother Jack. She is dressed in an elaborate Cinderella gown although she still wears her typical “Katie-braids”. Jack, dressed as Wolverine, leaps from a tree and tackles her. Sorry, darlin’…but Jack ain’t here…

Jack plays too rough, though, and Katie’s princess costume is torn. When he refuses to get off her, Katie gets angry and begins to glow. Fine…let’s play…with that, Katie becomes Energizer and launches a volley of stored energy directly at Jack.
Jack expands his mass and converts to cloud-form to avoid the attack, but loses his Wolverine costume in the process. Jack becomes angry that Katie could have ripped his costume. This is especially bothersome since he plans to win the costume contest. Katie doubts that will happen since his Wolverine is highly unoriginal. Jack calls Katie “Cinder-Smella” just to spite her, and Katie storms off. As she leaves, she tells Jack that Mom and Dad are leaving in five minutes…with or without him.

Later, the family arrives at the farmhouse where the party is being held. Mr. and Mrs. Power are dressed as Dr. Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster, and Alex and Julie are dressed as Abraham Lincoln and an elf.

Julie and Alex head off with friends, and Mrs. Power and Katie head off to carve pumpkins. This leaves Jack and Mr. Power to go check out the competition for the costume contest. Jack is convinced that he has the trophy in the bag until he looks around and realized that the room is filled with no fewer than nineteen other versions of Wolverine. Dismayed, he sulks and leaves the party.

After winning an apple in the bobbing contest, Katie notices that Jack is pouting outside the barn. She tries to cheer him up, but Jack is too upset. He lashes out in frustration and anger and calls her a worthless little baby. Just because she is his sister doesn’t mean that she can pretend to be his friend. Get out of my life! Katie is broken-hearted and runs off into the woods crying.

Jack turns around and realizes that Julie and Alex saw the whole thing. They reprimand him for his temper and tell him that he needs to make this right with Katie or they will tell Mom and Dad. The three siblings set off into the woods to find their sister.

As Katie sits on a rock crying, she sees the silhouetted shape of Wolverine in the shadows. Assuming that it is Jack, the child spouts off at him and launches a volley of energy blasts in his direction. Wolverine is taken off guard, but moves quickly to dodge the attack. Katie is taken aback by her “brother’s” agility. She suddenly understands as Wolverine steps into the light, pops his claws, and tells her not to say a word if she wants to get out of the woods alive. Of course, she screams.

The other three Power children hear Katie’s cry and head off in her direction, but Jack goes the other way when he hears a loud “krakt” and decides to investigate. Alex and Julie can’t believe Jack would rather investigate a noise in the woods than find his sister who might be in danger, but Jack heads off alone anyway.

He comes across several trees that have been gouged with deep claw marks, and before he realizes what is happening, he is face to face with Sabretooth. He is hunting Wolverine, and says that he can smell him from here. Jack replies that he can smell him too…He thinks Sabretooth is another Halloween partygoer, and calls him hairball. He realizes how wrong he is when Sabretooth lunges at him and shreds his Wolverine costume.
Jack activates his mass controlling power and converts to cloud form just in time to avoid being disemboweled. The oafish Sabretooth is easily confused and Jack takes advantage of this to deliver a reverse Jack-Hammer punch right under Sabretooth’s chin. It was a mistake to go solid, however, for the feral mutant quickly grabs Jack by the arm and lifts him into air.

Wolverine and Jack’s brother and sisters show up just in the nick of time. Alex yells “Costumes on!” and the battle begins.

It is short one. Jack is amazed that Katie has found the real Wolverine and even more amazed when Logan asks Katie for some help. Power and Pack and Wolverine make quick work of Sabretooth thanks in great part to the teamwork of Jack and Katie. After Sabretooth is down, Jack admits that sometimes the best teammates are the ones you least suspect and smiles at Katie.

Suddenly Sabretooth leaps back into the fight. Jack distracts him with cloud cover and while he is blinded Wolverine punches his ticket. With the bad guy down for the count, Logan chains Sabretooth to a motorcycle and then joins the Power family for the rest of the Halloween party.

Everyone is surprised when Jack is declared the costume winner with his “battle- damaged” Wolverine costume. Jack grins as he clutches his trophy.

What can I say, bub? I’m the best there is at what I do…

Characters Involved: 

Alex Power / Zero-G, Jack Power / Mass Master , Julie Power / Lightspeed, and Katie Power / Energizer (all Power Pack)

Wolverine (X-Man)
Dr. James and Margaret Power (parents)


Various Halloween partygoers

Story Notes: 

This series is set out of current Marvel continuity.

In this series, Dr. and Mrs. Power are ignorant of their children’s double lives as globetrotting superheroes.

The series is not a progressive story but rather a series of one-shots featuring Power Pack and various characters from the X-Men.

In main Marvel continuity, the Power children were given their abilities by a dying alien who crash-landed on Earth in an attempt to save the planet from destruction. The children used their new gifts to complete his mission and save the planet.

In main Marvel continuity, a much older Julie Power can be seen as a member of Excelsior in the pages of Runaways.

This issue features a partygoer dressed as Dark Claw, the Wolverine/Batman character created for the Amalgam Comic Universe.

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