X-Men Children of the Atom #4

Issue Date: 
July 2000
Story Title: 
Child’s Play

Joe Casey (writer) Paul Smith & Michael Ryan (pencils) Paul Smith & Andrew Pepoy (inks), Paul Mounts (color) Jim Novak (letters), Matty Ryan (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Scott Summers wakes up in Charles Xavier’s Mansion. He walks in to Cerebro while Xavier is working on it. Scott says he appreciates Xavier letting him stay but he don’t know why he’s there. Xavier tells him he is there because he knows Scott wants something more in his life than what he has had. Scott says he just wants a normal life. Xavier tells him he is not normal and needs to get used to it. Metzger appears on The Vista and mentions possible involvement of federal agencies with his cause. Agent Duncan storms into Agent Cain’s office to find him having a Meeting with Metzger and Arthur. Duncan is livid that he was not told of this meeting. Metzger says he is here to work with the F.B.I. and is giving them all the information the A.M.M. has gathered on mutants. Agent Cain explains to Duncan that the F.B.I. intends to use the data along with a tracking system found in the wreckage of Trask’s robot. Duncan asks to talk to Cain outside.After a brief argument Cain says Duncan’s opinion is noted but Cain is the boss and that is where it stops. Agent Duncan is driving Xavier to the Drake home and discussing what Xavier is going to have to do to get his school going. While Duncan talks to Bobby’s parents Xavier goes to talk to Bobby who is hiding in the garage which is filled with snow. Elsewhere Starkey is in a dumpster trying to understand what is going on. Magneto lifts the Dumpster to offer Starkey a place at his side only to be rejected. While Xavier talks to Jean outside, her parents discuss what they are doing. Xavier comes in and promises he won’t let them or Jean down.John Grey brings a jacket to Jean while she is outside. Jean tells her dad why she feels she must go to Xavier’s school. On Politically Inept, a round table discussion being had about mutants. A TV reporter talks about the F.B.I. using tax money to fund non-official projects while at a secret facility Metzger and Agent Cain talk about using Arthur for their new project. While talking about how to find mutants for testing Metzger introduces Cain to Chad. While Warren Worthington the Third watches his house is attacked by A.M.M. soldiers. Warren tries to fight one but is over powered. Before he can be killed the soldier is knocked out by Xavier, who then says he wants to make Warren an offer.

Full Summary: 

Scott Summers wakes up in Charles Xavier’s mansion. As he walks around he stumbles in on Xavier in a big computer room. Xavier explains the big computer he is working on is a tracking device. Scott tells Xavier he appreciates him giving Scott a place to stay but he doesn’t know why he is there. Xavier says he does. Scott lived with a criminal and was always on the move but insisted on going to school because he wanted to be normal. Xavier says he knows what Scott feels like because they are both Mutants.
Scott tells Xavier that he started getting headaches when he lived in an orphanage and that he ran away when his optic blasts kicked in. Jack Winters found him and took him to a doctor to get the ruby glasses. Xavier tells Scott not to look at the floor when he talks. Xavier says Winters made Scott fell like a freak and that people would kill him if they knew what he was. Xavier says Winters was half right. People would kill Scott but Scott is not a freak and doesn’T have to hide. Scott walks away saying he just wants to be normal. Xavier replies “We’ll you’re not normal. Get used to it, Scott! I know you can hear me…!”
On The Vista, Starr is interviewing William Metzger. She says he is always on the news spreading his message about standing up against mutants. She asks him if the message is getting through. Metzger say it is and that they are even hearing there might be some federal assistance to their cause.
Agent Duncan is at F.B.I. headquarters in Washington D.C. when he sees the interview. He storms to Agent Cain’s office. When he barges in he yells “Oh my god--! You can’t be serious--!”as he sees Arthur and Metzger having a meeting with Cain. Duncan is about to tear into Cain when Arthur steps behind him. Duncan turns and gets into Arthur’s face asking “Can I help you?” startling Arthur. Metzger asks Duncan if he is involved with the F.B.I.’s Mutant response directive. Duncan says that it is none of his business. Metzger disagrees and says he is there to work with the F.B.I. and has provided them with all the information the A.M.M. has collected about mutants.
Metzger says an alliance will be a “…marriage of technology and information.” Duncan asks Cain what Metzger is talking about. Cain tells Duncan that parts of the robot that exploded over the East River have been found that appear to be tracking devices. Duncan asks Cain to step outside with him. Duncan says he can’t believe Cain is talking to Metzger and says they are preparing for a witch hunt. Cain says that the decision is not debatable and to remember he is the boss. Cain says if Duncan has anything to say tell it to his tape recorder.
Duncan is driving Xavier to through a suburban neighborhood and telling him what happened. Xavier changes the subject to talk about his school. Duncan says it won’t be easy to pass Xavier’s mansion as a school. Duncan says he has to get accredited and have an inspection. Xavier says it won’t be a problem. Duncan says he is taking big risks that could break the law. Xavier says “I refuse to let the law to prevent me from helping these kids.”
Mr. and Mrs. Drake are in the living room talking to Agent Duncan, asking him how the F.B.I. knew about Bobby. Duncan says that is confidential but his associate is a specialist in mutant cases. They ask Duncan if Xavier can help Bobby. He says he hopes so.
Xavier is calling for Bobby outside the garage. When Xavier opens the garage door it is filled with snow. Xavier tells Bobby his parents said he was sick. Xavier tells Bobby he is not sick he has just been resisting his body’s changes. Xavier tells Bobby about how his powers started to manifest as he rolls up a snowball.
Xavier said he had headaches and nightmares. Once he realized that the nightmares weren’t his and he accepted the fact he was a mutant that could read minds the headaches went away. Xavier tells Bobby that is the first step, accepting what you are. He then asks “willing to take the first step?” as he throws the snowball at a pile of snow. Bobby in full transformation rises up out of the pile.
Starkey is in a dumpster in an alley. He is mumbling to himself. He feels all the hate and hunger and everything around him. Suddenly the dumpster rises up. Magneto is raising the dumpster. Magneto tells Starkey the dumpster is where humans want him. Magneto welcomes Starkey to the ranks of homo superior and asks him to join his brotherhood. Starkey says he can feel all the hate in Magneto. Starkey says it is too much and throws trash at Magneto telling him to leave him alone. Magneto says Starkey is not ready and drops the dumpster saying letting Starkey Live is a mercy he wouldn’t show a human.
While Xavier talks to Jean Grey outside her parents watch from in the house. They can’t believe what is happening. Xavier comes in and says he has told Jean he thinks she should join his school. He asks her parents if they have talked about it. John says they have but it is still hard to let Jean go. Xavier promises he won’t let Jean or her parents down but the choice is still up to Jean.
A TV news reporter talks about a story that the F.B.I. has been using tax dollars to fund projects and facilities that congress does not know about. At one such facility hidden underground in the wilderness, Agent Cain and William Metzger watch from an observation booth as scientists work on a human sized pod.
Agent Cain asks Metzger if his man is prepared for the transformation. Metzger asks Arthur if he is ready to play his part in humanity’s salvation. Arthur is ecstatic and ready to kills some muties. Cain warns him not to get maniacal. They are just preparing to fight fire with fire.
Arthur asks if they are going to get any mutants for test runs. Cain says they are still working on the tracking system. Metzger tells Cain that he has his own lead. They step into the next room and Metzger introduces Cain to Chad. Metzger says “Chad has a friend that happens to be exactly what we’re looking for.”
John Grey brings Jean a coat while she is outside. She says she doesn’t feel the cold. She tells her dad that she has always felt safe with him and her mother, but she needs to stop hiding. She needs to learn to protect herself. She says she has to go to Xavier’s school and that he could look at it as having two daughters away at school.
On Politically Inept, Bill Czar is having a round table discussion over mutants with Actor Ted Banks, Civilian panelist Gail Stein, Professor Reed Richards and Political activist William Metzger. Bill says he can’t believe how adept Metzger is at spreading hate. Metzger says his message is not hay but more of a preparation.
Warren Worthington the Third is at his parent’s estate, watching when he notices a glow outside. While the show continues he goes over to see what it is. Warrens sees soldiers in black masks burning a huge x in his yard. They throw a grenade and start shooting and Warren jumps out of the way. While Warren is ducking the grenade rolls in front of him and he leaps just in time before it explodes. The soldiers storm the house. Warren tries to fight one but is overpowered.
Right before the soldier is about to shoot Warren he is knocked out. Behind him is Charles Xavier whoannounces the soldier will live and he has taken care of the rest. He tells Warren he is there to help. He says Warren can stay at his parents and hide as long as he wants but to look at what happens. Xavier says he knows what Warren has been doing and offers him the chance to do it on a larger scale. Since the house is burning Xavier asks if Warren would like to talk somewhere less hot. Warren responds “Uhhh…Yeah…”

Characters Involved: 

Professor Xavier

Scott Summers

Bobby Drake

Jean Grey

Warren Worthington III
Madeline and William Drake

Elaine and John Grey
Agent Fred Duncan
Agent Cain

William Metzger


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