X-Men Forever 2 #6

Issue Date: 
October 2010
Story Title: 
Scream a little Scream!

Chris Claremont (writer), Tom Grummett (penciler), Cory Hamscher & Andrew Hennessy (inkers), Wilfredo Quintana (colorist),) Dave Sharpe (letterer ), Grummett, Hamscher & Quintana (cover art), Randall Miller (production) Michael Horwitz (editor), Mark Sumerak (consulting editor), Mark Paniccia (consulting editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Cyclops is worried, as communications with Summers Cove have broken down. While Fury’s people believe the weather is to blame, Scott fears something worse. Rightly so. While Robyn Hanover tries to sneak away, Nate Corsair checks Summers Cove and is surprised by the Marauders’ Sabretooth, who attacks him. He calls the Starjammers for help but the Marauders manage to shoot the Starskimmer out of the sky, but not before Corsair teleports to the X-Men for help. At Xavier’s, Moira slowly manages to stabilize Sabretooth and Kitty is working on a prosthesis for him. On Genosha, Callisto introduces Masque to the mysterious ghost Panther, who has plans for the Morlocks and Genosha…

Full Summary: 

Nathan Summer suffers a nightmare; he is trapped in water, held by cables and tubes, aware that the monster will always be after him. The monster called Mister Sinister will one day come to reclaim him!

Nate wakes up calling for his parents. Belatedly, he realizes he is in his grandmother’s house and tries to tell himself he is safe. The door opens and their houseguest Robyn Hanover enters, asking if he is okay. She assures him everything is going to be all right. She’s come to take him home.

Meanwhile at Xavier’s: in the lab Moira is working with Sabretooth, informing him that the gene therapy is working a little. Thanks to Mystique, they’ve managed to kick start his healing factor. All the lesser wounds Masque dealt him are as good as gone. While they were unable to restore his eyes, the scan of his right arm is promising. Question is how long until things regenerate? he asks. And how to protect it till then? Kitty offers a solution. She and Sikorsky have come up with something from the Starjammer’s database…

Meanwhile in Xavier’s office, Cyclops gets a call from his father Corsair. Chris tells him how things are in Alaska and begins talking about their new guest but the signal is breaking up, due to some kind of interference. Something that shouldn’t be possible considering communications are routed through the Starjammer.

Scott runs downstairs and calls Jean Grey and Nick Fury. Jean explains that she already alerted Fury’s people who are running a full-spectrum diagnostic of both the equipment and environment. At this end, everything looks fine, Fury announces. Scott insists they route all the communications at his grandma’s through the Starjammer, just to prevent this kind of glitch. Jean points out that sometimes a glitch is no more than it seems.

Fury asks Agent Tuko if there is anything on the threat board. Nothing out of the ordinary, comes the reply. Cyclops demands he focus satellite imagery on Alaska. What they find is a storm front moving in which has been building for a week. Nothing unusual for this time of year. Scott admits it looks normal enough but if he were making a move this is precisely what he’d use for cover. It could be the Consortium again or Storm or worse. Jean accuses him of overreacting. He’s trusting his instincts, he insists. He orders the agent to keep scanning Summers Cove and keep trying to re-establish the comlink. He wants regular updates. He tells Jean to alert the X-Men. They may be needed.

In the meantime, Callisto has brought Masque halfway around the world to Genosha. Masque didn’t know they had such resources. They have a friend, she replies. Masque reminds her that this place enslaved mutants. Why should they care about them. She specifies that she doesn’t care about the old ruling class. A new day has dawned? Masque scoffs and accuses her of being a dreamer. She warns him to shut up. Has he struck a raw nerve? Masque mocks.

From the shadows, the Ghost Panther suggests Callisto is tired of hearing his voice. The Panther is and he has only been listening to it for a moment. A storm is approaching. This nation stands on the brink of war and, if Masque helps to stop it, the Morlocks won’t ever be outcasts again. They’ll be heroes!

Back in Alaska, Chris Summers tries to reach his son in vain. He calls out for Sikorsky, explaining they have a problem, grabs a raincoat and heads outside. Sikorsky replies over comm. that apparently they have experienced a lightning strike which affected the house electronics network and link to the Starjammer. Corsair asks he thought Sikorsky’s design compensated for local weather. Murphy’s Law, Sikorsky suggests.

Corsair heads for the shed to find a mess that definitely wasn’t caused by lightning, it looks like it was torn apart. Isn’t he Mr. Perception? a voice behind him mocks. What he did to his precious shed is nothing compared to what he is about to do to him! Sabretooth snarls and claws for him, though Corsair dodges. He manifests his blaster and fires, hitting Sabretooth’s shoulder. Sabretooth mocks that he heals fast, can Corsair say the same? Wish he could, Corsair admits as he uses his raincoat to distract him and runs.

He wonders what’s going on here. Last he saw Sabretooth, he was fighting alongside the X-Men. Why did he switch sides? Or was he a traitor? He fires at him again but Sabretooth follows. Another shot is fired, this time a plasma blast coming from the cavalry, Havok, along with his girlfriend, Polaris. And here he thought this op was gonna be a bore, Sabretooth mocks. Bust the house, kill everyone, grab the kid, as basic a caper as can be… now he gets himself some fun! “Grab the kid?” Corsair repeats. He asks Lorna and Alex to handle this. He figures Sabretooth didn’t come alone.

He runs toward the house and uses the comm.-link to alert Hepzibah. He asks her to make an intruder sweep and alert the Starjammers. They’ve got a fight on their hands!

Inside the house, he finds his mother unconscious. He calls Sikorsky for medical attention and orders them to start scanning for Nate and Dr. Hanover who may be on the run.

Robyn leads Nate through the rain, just telling him this is for his own good. She calls Sinister, informing him she has the boy, but why send in the Marauders? Is she questioning him? Sinister asks. The Marauders are there to deal permanently with the loose ends. He strongly suggests she not be one of them.

Was she talking to someone? Nate asks. Only to herself, she claims. She does that sometimes when she’s scared. He’s scared too, Nate replies and offers to hold her hand.

Corsair run towards the lighthouse which is actually a holo-projection covering the Starjammer. Inside the ship, Raza, Ch’od and Hepzibah are already alert. He orders to get the Skimmer into the sky and find his grandson. The ship becomes airborne. He tells them to take it slow and low, making them unfortunately a target. Suddenly, a rock is thrown at the ship courtesy of Blockbuster. The rest of the Marauders have arrived.

Raza confirms eight hostiles, all with significant enhanced abilities. Seems like rampant overkill against an ordinary human family, Ch’od observes. Do they know the Starjammers are here? That, on the other hand, Raza considers an insult to the Starjammers.

Prism hits the Skimmer with a blast while Vertigo disrupts the concentration of everyone aboard. The ship crashes. Vertigo preens as the Marauders move in.

A little later Raza, Hepzibah and Ch’od emerge from the ship, ready to fight. Hepzibah advises the boys to keep the slaughter to a respectable minimum. After all, they are guests here.

Corsair, in the meantime, makes his getaway into the tower and the Starjammer and asks Sikorsky how his mother is. Sikorsky is more worried about Corsair’s injuries. No time, he replies and orders Sikorsky to continue scanning for Nate. He’ll be right back. He enters the teleporter.

At Xavier’s school, the real Sabretooth tries out the bionic hand Shadowcat developed. The bionics integrate into his central nervous system and the housing protects his arm to allow for the continuous healing of his real hand… Sabretooth is impressed.

A moment later, Corsair rematerializes. Kitty sees he’s injured and asks who did this to him. He did! Corsair shouts and draws his gun on Sabretooth…

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, l’il ‘Ro, Sabretooth, Shadowcat (all X-Men)

Havok, Polaris (both X-Factor)

Dr Morai MacTaggert

Colonel Nick Fury

Ch’od, Corsair, Hepzibah, Raza, Sikorsky (all Starjammers)

Nathan Christopher Summers

Callisto, Masque (both Morlocks)

Ghost Panther

Dr. Robyn Hanover

Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Prism, Riptide, Sabretooth clone, Scalphunter, Scrambler, Vertigo (all Marauders)

only via comm-device:

Mr. Sinister

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