X-Men: Gold #12

Issue Date: 
October 2017
Story Title: 

Marc Guggenheim (writer), Luke Ross (artist), Frank Martin (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Ken Lashley and Nolan Woodard (cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

On the planet Dartayus in the Negative Zone, a monstrous child is born. His parents leave the baby in the wilderness but, incredibly, he survives and thrives. Years later, the youngster assaults a group of criminals, one of whom, Augor, becomes his mentor and eventually friend and lover. Augor names him Kologoth and eventually Kologoth becomes the leader of the group of political radicals Augor is a part of. Kolgoth also returns to his parents to kill them. Kologoth’s group is beaten by the government. He is taken captive and banished to another world – Earth. There he lands in prison, where a bribed guard hands him over to Lydia Nance. Nance has Mesmero brainwash him to be part of her Brotherhood. Kologoth, however, keeps back and learns and eventually allows himself to be taken captive by the X-Men, figuring correctly they would have the kind of technology he’d need to contact Dartayus. Soon, the X-cutioner releases Kologoth, who uses the opportunity to contact Augor and inform him of his whereabouts. Then Kologoth sneaks out of the mansion and hides and waits. In the Mojoverse, Mojo is displeased about the latest ratings and has the brilliant idea to have an epic crossover…

Full Summary: 

The plant Dartayus in the Negative Zone:
From the Journal of Kologoth Antares, Lord ascendant of the Dartayus Union:
Kologoth recalls he was born… apart. Whereas his parents were normal members of their species, blue-skinned humanoids, he was born looking reptile-like, like a horned demon. His world had no word for what he was. Only much later he leaned a word for it… mutant.

His horrified father took the newborn baby and his mother ordered him to get rid of it. The man laid the infant down in the wilderness and produced a dagger. But he couldn’t do it. He stuck the dagger into the ground next to the child and left.

The baby, already capable of surviving on his own, kept the dagger. The child grew and survived hunting.

Time passed. Eventually, the child observed a group of people entering his wilderness, a group of dissidents on walkabout from the city. He watched them and learned of their language and the culture that had cast him out. When there was nothing left to learn, he attacked and killed them all… save for one whose eyes were different. He was called Augor and would come to name him Kologoth. Augor was a radical with ties to those criminals. He taught Kologoth their ways. He taught him that, beneath fancy and gleam of Dartayus, there is a society where only the strong survive.

But that was a lesson he had already learned from his parents when they left him for dead. Eventually, he visited them. His mother came looking for her husband Selig and found his headless corpse. Appearing behind her, Kologoth announced his passage to the other side was quick. He died before Kologoth could ask him why he left him to die in the wilds. But they both know the answer, don’t they? He tosses the head aside and walks toward her, dagger in hand. She babbles that they were young, scared. So was he, Kologoth points out. He left this like a heirloom. She identifies it as the Colchis dagger. It’s been in her family for generations. He decides to return it to her by killing her.

Years passed. Kologoth was patient, served by Augor’s counsel and his strength. But these things are not enough to rise. There is one thing greater than wisdom or strength. Belief. And so Kologoth began to speak of Scythian. The fallen god had many followers. And speaking of him brought Kologoth many followers… an army powerful enough to challenge a government and change a world.

But the resistance was stronger than Kolgoth had expected. He fought but without success. He was put on trial for what they considered his crimes. They cast him out again. Only not into the wilds but to a different planet.

Unconscious, he was brought to Earth. There he was found and locked up, until a bribed prison guard brought Lydia Nance to his cell. She took the uncomprehending Kologoth from prison and took him somewhere stranger. She had her agent Mesmero brainwash him but, while Mesmero forced his way into Kologoth’ mind, Kologoth learned things from his. He learned much of the world and its heroes, bided his time and planned.

Finally, the new Brotherhood attacked the UN. Kologoth was forced to fight alongside them. Learning of the heroes’ powers, his plan took on a new shape. So on their next confrontation, he allowed himself to be taken captive by the X-Men and waited for his moment.

He did not have to wait long. To Kologoth’s surprise the X-cutioner freed him without him even having to ask. Kologoth’s suspicion proved correct, the X-Men had the kind of technology he needed to contact home.

Augor informs him he has been gone eight remnants. In that interval, there has been a turn of fate in their favor. Kologoth’ absence has rallied his troops, but there is currently a stalemate. His return would ensure their victory.

Kologoth asks for the status of the parliament fleet. Strong, he is told, but Augor promises they will seize a ship and come for him.

And so, Kologoth sneaks out of the X-mansion, waiting and certain that his patience will be rewarded.

On Mojoworld, Mojo’s staff draw straws to decide who has to deliver the quarterly ratings report to Mojo. Soon the unlucky loser Bob has to inform Mojo of the 26 percent decline on all key demos. They have some ideas about rating stunts they are excited about.

In response, Mojo decapitates him. They don’t need stunts - they need high drama! Something astonishing and uncanny (and blue and gold)! They need something the audience has never seen while still honoring their legacy! They need an epic crossover!

Characters Involved: 

Kologoth Antares

His parents
Other Dartayans
Lydia Nance
Avalanche II, Masque, Magma, Pyro II (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)
Armor, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan
X-cutioner II

Story Notes: 

Rather unsubtly, Kologoth army are dressed in brown shirts with red arm bands with a black symbol on white, reminiscent of the Nazis.

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