X-Men: Gold #18

Issue Date: 
December 2017
Story Title: 
The Negative Zone War – part 3

Marc Guggenheim (writer), Ken Lashley (artist), Arif Prianto (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Ken Lashley and Juan Fernandez (cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

On Dartayus, Kologoth effects a deal with the X-Men, offering the prisoners for their leaving. However, Nightcrawler has escaped his cell. Kologoth doesn’t know that Kurt has teleported blindly and materialized partially in the statue of Scythian. Only the fact that Heaven refuses to take him back is responsible for his not being dead. Kologoth, meanwhile, claims he is dead and only offers Kitty. The X-Men attack and soon there is a fight going on. To their horror, the statue of Scythian awakes, proving to be the dark god himself. On Earth, Magma is dealing with the reconstruction of the mansion and she and Dr. Reyes witness how the comatose Rachel’s Hound marks return.

Full Summary: 

The ground of the Xavier Institute, parts of which were devastated when Kologoth’s people came for him:
Amara Aquila is discussing the repair costs with Mr. Baringer of Damage Control. She considers the number he offers too high. He reminds her of what happened. Damage Control is actually cutting them a break, Ms. Attila. Aquila, she corrects him. She checked their record and their bid came in at ten times what other contractors charged them for similar rebuilds. He asks if this place used to be in Westchester. She concurs. And Limbo, she adds. Long story. Point being, Ms. Acrylic, they weren’t paying New York City prices before. Nothing personal. They are even giving them a cut on the going rate.

Amara interrupts. She is getting a telepathic phone call. She assures Dr. Reyes she is on her way. She apologizes and asks if he would mind rescheduling, calling him “Mr. Ballantine,” just so he can see how it feels.

On the medical floor, Cecilia tells Amara that Rachel Grey is still comatose. But this morning she started developing a skin condition that has her concerned. She shows Amara the return of Rachel’s facial Hound marks.

Dartayus in the Negative Zone:
Kologoth is surprised to hear that the Earthers have agreed to his offer – the return of the hostages and being allowed to leave. He considers them a petty lot. However, they find this is going to be problematic, for Nightcrawler’s cell is empty…

Nightcrawler has teleported blindly outside, on top and unfortunately partially within the giant statue of the temple. He screams in agony, then teleports himself free, close above the ground. He realizes he’d be dead now, if Heaven didn’t refuse to take him back. Lucky idiot.

The other X-Men who have come to rescue Kurt and Kitty are currently at the parliament and are informed that Kologoth has offered to return the prisoners in exchange for the X-Men leaving this planet. Colossus believes it’s a trap. Armor disagrees, as does Logan. Kologoth is being smart. The X-Men can do a whole lot more damage here, if they stick around to free their friends.

Ink asks if they just take their friends and turn their backs on everything going on here? What’s going on is not their concern, the politician tells them. Ink points out they also need a ship, and they are promised one. The politician also promises they’ll do what they can to find their other missing comrade. If they don’t find him or if they do and he ain’t in mint condition, there will be hell to pay, Logan warns.

Kologoth and a group of his people take Kitty away on a skysled. She asks what is going on and he explains that he is returning her to her friends. He has plans for this world and they don’t factor into them. Kitty asks for Kurt and is told he is dead. She accuses him of lying. But they have arrived at the meeting place.

On the other side, the politician explains their meeting place - the Kalangian Plateau - is a place sacred to the followers of Scythian, a long dead religion.

Kitty runs toward Colossus and admits she is peeved. Armor asks about Nightcrawler and Kitty explains Kologoth claims he is dead. Logan reminds them that Kurt believes he is immortal now. Kitty again accuses Kologoth of lying. Only Scythian is immortal, is his reply.

Kitty and Logan quickly figure that Kurt escaped and Kologoth doesn’t want them to stick around to look for him. Armor directly confronts Kologoth, asking if he has some business he doesn’t want them to know about. Kologoth agrees. Armor turns to the politician to find him pointing a gun at her, announcing he knows of Lord Kologoth’s plans. He’s been embedded with governmental forces since the start of the conflict.

Kologoth informs the X-Men that the vessel they’ve been provided with is equipped with interdimensional travel. Leave with it and their lives. He won’t make that offer again.

Logan and Armor discuss the situation in Japanese. Her call, Logan tells Kitty, who points out she is wearing a power dampener, but then kicks Kologoth in the face.

Kologoth orders to kill all the X-Men. Logan warns Kitty to get down, moments before Storm, whom Logan held back, makes her entrance in the sky, throwing lightning at their foes. Unfortunately, the other side brought weapons as well and the battle is on,

During the battle, Ink is shot and Storm flies to his side. He assures her it’s all right. He got some new tattoos. One of them includes a healing factor and a couple other things. He fires eyeblasts at his foes, Cyclops-style.

Colossus urges Kitty to find Kurt. He will keep their foes busy. Only belatedly, he notices she called him ‘sweetie.’ Kitty runs, orders Ink to establish a psilink and tells Storm to take Kologoth for a ride. She flies him upward and threatens him. He calls her bluff. He doesn’t believe she will drop him. Besides, he prefers this vantage. They are close to the giant statue of Scythian, his lord and master. The time of his rising is near, Kologoth announces. Religion doesn’t win wars, Storm retorts. This is a mere statue!

As if on cue, the statue begins to move and Kologoth points out, Scythian is a god.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Cecilia Reyes, Colossus, Ink, Kitty Pryde, Magma, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Prestige, Storm (all X-Men)

Unnamed commander

Lenny Balinger (Damage Control)

Story Notes: 

Last page: “Gott lebendig”: German for “God alive,” though this is not an idiomatic German phrase.

Written By: