X-Men: Gold #9

Issue Date: 
August 2017
Story Title: 
Kitty Goes To Washington

Marc Guggenheim (writer), Ken Lashley (artist) Frank Martin w/ Andrew Crossley (colorists), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten & David Curiel (cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Kitty asks Colossus to accompany her to Washington, where she has been asked to testify before a Congressional subcommittee regarding a new mutant deportation law. They are pleasantly surprised when one of the congresswomen turns out to be their old friend Stevie Hunter and they catch up on old times. Kitty holds herself during questioning the first day. In the evening, she and Colossus have dinner and discuss the current state of their relationship. Kitty only sees a romantic relationship if they forward. Colossus agrees and suggests considering marriage, which surprises Kitty. The next day she is again before Congress when one congressman is attacked by the Russian villain Whiplash, who is angry about US sanctions. Kitty and Piotr manage to take him out, despite Colossus’ current powerless state. The next day, Stevie warns them that the House of Representatives will nevertheless pass the mutant deportation act and it will then move to the Senate to be voted on. In the meantime, Nightcrawler and Prestige have also gone to dinner. Rachel’s recent traumas have given her a new appreciation for life and they intend to pursue a relationship. In Russia, the crime cartel of Viktor Komolov manages to resurrect the villain Omega Red…

Full Summary: 

The Church of St. Mitrophan:
Several men stand around a shining casket adorned with the letter omega. One of the men, Anatoly, asks his leader how what he is planning is possible. The older man expresses his disappointment in Anatoly, especially after he pulled the curtain back on the black arts and showed them all wonders. But to conquer death! Anatoly replies doubtfully. Is to be as God, the other man continues calmly. And is that not what magik is? Now, it’s time to get to work.

A workshop somewhere in the USA:
A man, Anton Vanko, is busy constructing a metal exoskeleton while scoffing at American politicians who extol peace but impose sanctions that wrap like fingers around the throat of his country. They sell their votes to the highest bidder while women and children starve. And yet, they think he is the criminal. On one of his screens appears the image of Congressman Zelman…

The Xavier Institute:
In his room, Piotr Rasputin is painting. “Come in,” he calls when there is a knocks at the door. Kitty enters, commenting this still feels weird considering this used to be her room. And it is a lovely room, he agrees mildly. And it’s not the least bit stalkerish that he moved in here, Kitty presses her point. Piotr begins to stutter, taken aback. Kitty assures him she was joking. Almost 99%.

So… she is heading to Washington. He recalls she wants to tell Congress where to shove their mutant deportation law. He is surprised when she asks him to accompany her. Muscle. Security, she clarifies. It was Logan’s idea. He reminds her he is currently unable to steel up. Still got a lot of muscle, Kitty jokes and touches his shoulder, but instantly draws back her fingers and repeats it was Logan’s idea.

Elsewhere on the grounds, Nightcrawler asks Prestige what she thinks. She is confused why he wants to have dinner with her. Kurt reminds her she kissed him. She’s aware, Rachel bristles. She’s also aware it made him super-uncomfortable. They’ve been teammates for so long, he points out. Again, she is aware. So, what’s changed? He suggests she read his mind. Rachel counters she’d prefer to talk. He was thinking relationships between teammates are hardly unprecedented, Kurt explains. Kitty and Piotr. Scott and Jean. Scott and Emma. Rachel doesn’t consider either of those particularly great examples. So she doesn’t want to have dinner with him? he asks. No! she immediately replies, then adds Ororo and she have tickets for Dear Evan Hansen tonight. But tomorrow night’s free…

In the meantime, Kitty and Piotr have arrived at Ronald Reagan airport in Washington DC and are in for a pleasant surprise as welcoming them is their old friend and Kitty’s former dance teacher, Stevie Hunter – or “Congresswoman Hunter” as reminds tells them. She’s kidding! Kitty bursts out. Stevie figures you can’t exactly check the news when your trapped in a giant flying space-bullet, but she ran in the Connecticut 3rd at that time.

She can’t believe she didn’t know! Kitty babbles. She’s the worst friend ever! It takes two to fall out of touch, Stevie remarks and adds she sees Kitty has maintained some relationships. Oh. Piotr? They are not… Kitty babbles. Standing right here, Piotr points out humorously.

As Stevie drives them into town, she reveals she got Congress to get Kitty to testify. Apparently, it takes a sub-committee to get some time with her, Stevie jokes. Besides, she can’t think of anyone better to speak on the issue of mutant rights.

Sometime later, Kitty sits in front of the subcommittee. This isn’t a question of mutant rights, Kitty announces. It’s about human rights, American rights. To single out a minority for deportation is the most un-American thing she can imagine.

A congressman, Baker, interrupts that mutants aren’t human. He doesn’t care if that sounds politically incorrect. It’s the truth. Humans can’t level cities using their eyes or brains or what have you.

Kitty corrects him it’s scientifically incorrect. Mutants are the next stage in human evolution but they are still human. And before he goes painting mutants as “other,” she’ll remind him that two months ago Manhattan was targeted by a malevolent AI that targeted the city’s population for being mutants.

The congressman interrupts. This isn’t about labels. It’s about safety. She can’t deny the majority of mutants are walking weapons and the United States has borne a disproportionate responsibility for dealing with them. He’s saying it comes down to money? Kitty asks flippantly. And safety, he stresses.

Kitty chooses to tackle safety first and states she saved the Earth and universe a few times. She guesses since he’s so focused on money, she should send him a bill. She has no illusion that deporting mutants out of the country to ease the burden might strike some as sensible. But segregation was considered sensible once. Or interning Japanese Americans. “Sensible” tends to be the first step on the path to the wrong side of history. She is begging them not to take the second step.

Afterward, Kitty and Piotr leave. He tells her she was incredible. She jokes she has to come back and be incredible the next day. He suggests dinner. When she makes excuses he tells her it‘s just dinner. What harm can come from a simple dinner?

A question Kurt and Rachel are discussing at their dinner. Kurt offers one of them could get hurt which could cause the other to lose focus, which could lead to their teammates getting hurt.

Did he ask her on a date to explain why they shouldn’t date? Rachel asks, and points out when they were in Excalibur Brian and Meggan were together. It didn’t mess things up. And as for her parents, that was a special circumstance. Kurt points out that she might find herself consumed by her newly upgraded powers. Rachel doesn’t reply, then admits, this is nice.

Which is also what Kitty remarks at their dinner in Washington, but she stresses this leads nowhere. Piotr agrees. Kitty presses on that there is attraction there, but she feel this could be going backward.

New York:
She wants to go forward with this, Rachel announces. Why now? Kurt asks. After all these years? Rachel point out that, despite the kiss during their Excalibur days, she only found out now he is attracted to her. But the real truth is her power surge scared her. She doesn’t want to end up like her mother, she won’t, but the possibility made her appreciate what she wanted out of life and give her the incentive to take it.

Piotr announces he wants to move forward and would like to do it with her. It’s not moving forward, Kitty muses, unless…

He agrees. Unless they get married, She is startled at wat appears to be a proposal. She finally wants time to think about this. Of course, he’s not going anywhere.

New York:
Kurt takes Rachel’s hand and smiles.

The next day:
Kitty is back before the sub-committee hearing where a congressman, Zelman, refers to the billions, yes, that’s with a B, in property damage and stratospheric insurance costs directly tied to mutant activity.

Kitty points out she referred to the money issue yesterday. Although she finds it disappointing that in calculating the costs of mutant activity, they didn’t factor in human life. Yes, that’s with an L, she snarks.

That moment, something tears through the wall. Or someone: Anton Vanko, now in his Whiplash identity, who announces that’s because the congressman doesn’t care about human life. Only his own.

The guards fire at him, to no avail. Kitty addresses Piotr who reacts and distracts Whiplash, long enough for Kitty to kick him in the face. Zelman shouts for evacuation and more security but Whiplash shouts justice is coming for him. And he’s coming for him, Colossus lamely quips as he hits him.

Kitty joins the attack. Colossus takes Whiplash in a headlock. Kitty phases a splinter into Whiplash’s kneecap and the pain leaves him unable to fight. This one sounds Russian, Colossus jokes. “Spokoynoy nochi, tovarich.” And they say nothing gets done in Congress, Kitty quips.

Later they take a stroll across the Washington Mall. Kitty muses she owes him a thank you for diner. She was a little distracted by his non-marriage proposal marriage proposal. He clarifies he wasn’t proposing exactly. Just saying if they were to get back together, he’d hope they get married one day. And she needs a little time, is that all right? Since the day they first met, was there ever anything she wanted that was not right with him? He asks.

The next day in the office of Stevie Hunter:
Stevie announces Zelman got the whip count on the bill this morning. Piotr remarks he doesn’t know politics. Kitty translates, she knows how the subcommittee are going to vote. Stevie corrects her: Zelman has the tally on his entire party. The deportation bill is going to pass the House. It will move to the Senate and, if it passes there and the president doesn’t veto it, it becomes law.

Piotr stutter that they saved their lives. Stevie agrees. But they are scared of the voters and the voters are scared of mutants. She’s terribly sorry.

Omega Red has risen but is informed the procedure is only temporary. Their magiks aren’t strong enough to keep him alive. But they will find a way to overcome this. And all of Russia will quake at the return of Omega Red…

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Prestige, (X-Men)
Stevie Hunter

Baker, Zelman and other congressmen and women

Viktor Komolov
Anatoly Rasputin
Omega Red

Story Notes: 

The current Whiplash – Anton Vanko – was created by Marc Guggenheim.

Stevie Hunter, who was originally Kitty’s (and then the New Mutants’) dance teacher, was last seen in X-Men (2nd series) #14.

Dear Evan Hansen is a Broadway musical that won several prizes at the 71st Tony awards.

Although Rachel and Kurt indeed kissed once, it was not during their Excalibur days but in Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #450.

“Spokoynoy nochi, tovarich” = “Sleep well, comrade.”

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