X-Men: Kingbreaker #3

Issue Date: 
April 2009
Story Title: 
Kingbreaker – part 3

Christopher Yost (writer), Dustin Weaver (penciler), Jaime Mendoza (inker), Nathan Fairbairn (colorist), Blambot’s Nate Piekos (letterer), Daniel Ketxhum & Will Panzo (assistant editors), Nick Lowe (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher

Brief Description: 

In the midst of their jailbreak on the Shi’ar space prison called the Hole, the Starjammers actually protect the guards from the rioting prisoners. Soon, they are joined by their would-be rescuers, Liladran and Korvus, while Marvel Girl runs interference in space. They don’t have much time for a reunion, though, as Vulcan’s new Imperial Guard teleports in and keeps them busy, particularly the symbiote which latches in to Raza. Finally, Vulcan and members of the real Guard teleport in too and it becomes clear that the Starjammers are overwhelmed. In the meantime, the ambassadors of the Galactic Council inform the former Kree leader Ronan of Vulcan’s deeds.

Full Summary: 

The Ovoid ship “Mindlight” is approaching the Hala defense shield when it is told to shut down its engines and identify itself or they will be destroyed as they are in direct violation of Kree space. In reply, the Ovoids above announce that their Galactic Council seeks an audience with Ronan the Accuser, current leader of the Kree. There is something he needs to see...

Elsewhere, the private vessel “Starjammer” is approaching the Shi’ar prison planet Kr’kn, which opens fire with missiles on their approach. Outside, kept alive by her telekinesis and part of the Phoenix force, Rachel Grey is ready to attack. That’s a lot of missiles, she states, energy crackling around her eyes. Lilandra begins to order her to target the first wave but Rachel cuts her off. She knows what to do.

She uses the first wave to take out the others, then sends that they are good to go. Rachel wants to clean up first, but Lilandra order her to follow the plan. Vulcan will be there in minutes. They need the Phoenix’s power here right now. Reluctantly, Rachel obeys.

Meanwhile, the station’s Captain gives the command to issue a warning to the undersea station that the Starjammers have broken through the blockade. The communication officer tells him that Chandilar has been alerted but the Hole isn’t responding.

The reason for that is the other half of the Starjammer team, whom Havok has freed. Ch’od immediately takes out communications. A little privacy is the good news, he begins. However… Polaris asks for the bad news. A self destruct thing? He hasn’t checked for that yet, Ch’od replies. He was referring to the fact they are now stuck here. There is no emergency exit or any other exit for that matter. They are several kilometers under water at the bottom of an ocean. No way to the surface.

Havok admits that’s a problem. It took every bit of energy he’d absorbed over two months to get out of his cell. He can take Vulcan but only if he’s powered up beyond his limit. That’s not going to happen down here.

Raza joins them, loaded up with weapons, suggesting killing Vulcan the old-fashioned way. Lorna remarks that she wants Vulcan to burn for what he’s done too, but maybe they should have a plan C here as opposed to “under water suicide deathmatch.” Rachel and Korvus are still out there, as far as they know. Maybe that’s them now, she suggests as an alarm klaxon rings.

Or maybe not, Ch’od replies. It is an internal alarm for the main prison. It would appear the damage they’ve done in getting her has shorted out all the prison systems. The cells are all opining.

And suddenly, the Shi’ar guards find themselves very busy. The prison population outnumbers the guards posted here ten-to-one.

Ch’od suggests the humans get a bigger alphabet if they insist on labelling their back-up plans. The Shi’ar guards are going to be slaughtered, Lorna fears and then… them.

With a smirk, Raza announces it is no less that the guards deserve. She may remember they are the scum who tortured them. Polaris turns to Havok. Vulcan is one thing… but is this what they are now? Are they just going to let the guards die? Alex gives no reply…

Back on Chandilar, the Shi’ar throne world, Admiral Ka’ardum and Deathbird address Vulcan. They have concerns, they tell him. His execution of the Galactic Council envoys could cause problems. Expansion is one thing, Deathbird adds, waging war against the entire universe another.

He disagrees, Vulcan replies. They think he doesn’t listen at all those briefings, but he does. After the Annihilation Wave and the Phalanx attack on the Kree… the Shi’ar are the only power left in the universe. And now word comes from their spies on Hala, he adds with a smirk. Ronan has surrendered. The Kree have a new king.

The Inhumans? Deathbird asks him surprised. They are but genetic science experiments. Well, whatever they are, they are in charge now, her husband points out. One of them is even marrying Ronan to solidify power. Think they will be invited to the wedding?

He turns to the Imperial Guard and orders the telepath Oracle to report. As he requested, the Imperial Guard is assembled and ready. But there is news from the Clench. The Clench worlds have been destroyed! All of them. By the Hodinn.

He wants confirmation that the Starjammers are dead, Vulcan insists. He wants bodies to display. Praetor Gladiator speaks up. It is not possible a Hodinn is responsible for this. G-Type is dead. There are no other Hodinn in this galaxy. They were hunted down. Oracle intends to clarify this, but Vulcan interrupts her. He wants bodies, he repeats forcefully. If the Starjammers escaped, he wants to know where they are. Make contact with… her.

Deathbird interrupts. There is news from Kr’kn.

At the Clench worlds – what’s left of them – frightened Shi’ar are ordered to retrieve the Hodinn. Laughing, the Hodinn announces: more.

In the Hole, a few prisoners are about to kill Shi’ar guards, only to be stopped by the magnetic powers of Polaris, who orders them to back off. Havok, having taken up a gun, orders her, Raza and Ch’od to do their best to keep everyone alive, starting with themselves. Stay together and don’t let anything separate them. Save who they can. Here it comes, referring to the prisoner mob. And so the four of them fight, trying to save lives on both sides.

In the meantime, the commlink, unmanned, announces an incoming teleportation detected… two signals. Multiple teleportation signals detected within the facility.

Meanwhile, in orbit, Rachel informs Lilandra she can’t get a TP reading on the prison. Something is blocking her… she’s coming down.

On the Starjammer which is floating over the ocean, Lilandra orders her to stay outside. She and Korvus will handle it. Rachel is to hold the perimeter.

Lilandra and Korvus teleport into the prison. Will Rachel listen? she asks Korvus. Most definitely not, he decides. He asks her to stay close to him. They’ll find them… Never mind, he decides a moment later.

By the gods! Lilandra exclaims as she sees her friends standing victorious over the pile of their enemies. They are her to rescue them, she announces somewhat awkwardly. Lorna happily greets them but is worried about Rachel’s absence. Lilandra calms her that Rachel is guarding their exit in orbit.

Korvus interjects they need to leave right now and Ch’od immediately agrees, pointing out though that Havok does not.

This is their best shot at Vulcan, Alex explains. He’s been visiting Alex… trying to break him. He’ll come for him again, and this time they’ll be waiting. He’ll recharge on the Starjammer, but this is where they make their stand.

Korvus warns him that Vulcan will not be alone when he comes for Alex. He understands Alex’s need for vengeance, but if they stay, they will all die here. Rachel’s power is the only thing that’s kept them alive this long. If Vulcan brings down the full might of the empire…

Suddenly, the sound of an explosive comes from the wall and, moments later, the new Guard breaks through, led by the Strontian Xenith, who immediately utters a kill order. She flies ahead. Polaris tries to repel her with a magnetic shield, but the Strontian manages to break through. Alex shouts her name in fear.

The other Starjammers get ready. New faces, how delightful, Ch’od purrs.

In space, Rachel is in trouble of her own when the Hodinn attacks and simply knocks her aside.

Down below, the Uncreated mentally attacks Korvus, ordering him to carve out his heart with his sword.

Lilandra warns Ch’od of the Pn’zo, who states they all need to die so he can get paid. Where is the fire girl? Havok fires at him.

It wants… it wants your brain! the current unfortunate host of the symbiote announces as it lunges for Alex. Raza severs its tentacles with a sword, trying to help Alex.

Polaris still tries her best to magnetically keep away the Strontian who slowly and inexorably makes headway. What… is she? Lorna moans. The last thing she’ll ever see, the Strontian replies and Polaris realizes she is like Kallark. They thought he was the only one. They thought wrong! Xenith screams, attacking her with heat vision though Lorna manages to dodge.

Raza directly attacks the symbiote’s host with his weapons. Dying, the host thanks him but, bereft of its host, the symbiote lunges at Raza instead. The other Starjammers watch horrified, but, before they can act, there is a noise and blinding light. Vulcan, Deathbird and several members of the Imperial Guard have arrived.

No more games, Alex, Vulcan announces. No more time outs. Now you’ll die!

Characters Involved: 

Ch’od, Havok, Korvus, Lilandra, Marvel Girl III, Polaris, Raza (all Starjammers)



Admiral Ka’ardum

Hodinn, Pn’zo, Symbiote, Uncreated, Xenith (Vulcan’s new Guard)

Shi’ar, soldiers, wardens & guards

Gladiator, Oracle, Starbolt, Titan, WarStar (Imperial Guard)

Ronan the Accuser

Ambassadors of the Galactic Council

Story Notes: 

The Inhumans took power over the Kree in Secret invasion: War of Kings #1.

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