X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame #3

Issue Date: 
October 2005
Story Title: 
Cat and Mouse

Akira Yoshida (writer) Paul Smith (artist), VC’s Randy Gentile (letterer), Chris Walker (colorist), Sean Ryan (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (Associate Editor), Mike Marts (editor) Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The Ninja with the Ogun mask tells Kitty that she will have to fight them for the antidote to save Lockheed. Kitty gives chase and during the battle realizes that her foe is a woman. The fight takes them to an underground station where the Ninja disappears. Following her Kitty ends up in an abandoned station, the HQ of the Path of Destiny. The ninja introduces herself as Nao, leader of the Path of Destiny and another former student of Ogun’s. They’ve been testing Kitty, because they want her to lead them.

Full Summary: 

Cradling her unconscious dragon, Kitty looks with horror at the visitor who is sitting on her window sill. Ogun, she mouthes. The Ninja with the demon mask laughs and asks her if she has a hug for her long-dead master.

Anxiously, Kitty bites her lip before pulling herself together. Nice try, she announces, but if her visitor were the real Ogun, she’d already be dead. She demands to know who the ninja is and what has been done to Lockheed. The ninja suggests Kitty should rather worry about her own life.

Lockheed has been poisoned but is still alive. Kitty gently lays the dragon on her bed and asks what the Ninja wants. The reply comes that Kitty is to follow the Ninja and fight. If she wins she will get the antidote. If she loses, both she and Lockheed will die.

The ninja jumps out of the window and uses a line attached outside to get to another widow. Instead of following directly, Kitty propels herself from the bed, phases through the ceiling into the room above hers (much to the shock of the couple lying in bed there). She phases up again.

On the roof, the ninja wonders why Kitty isn’t giving chase and looks down to the street. Took the stairs, Kitty announces, as she appears behind the ninja and kicks him. With her arm, she fends off the ninja’s first kick, though the second one gets her in the face. Kitty gives as good as she gets, though.

The ninja suggests raising the stakes and reaches for his swords, only to find that Kitty has them. Examining both swords, Kitty remarks that it was very thoughtful to bring one for her too. Contemptuously, she tosses one of the weapons back to the ninja. Weapons drawn, they race towards each other and begin their swordfight. She fights well, for a gaijin, the ninja remarks contemptuously. She does too, Kitty retorts… for a girl! She has noticed from the ninja’s stance and strikes, it’s like fighting herself. The ninja tells her not to flatter herself, as she kicks Kitty behind a clothesline and then cuts it.

By the point Kitty has gotten rid of the clothes atop her, the ninja is gone and down on the street. Kitty gives chase, as the ninja runs down the subway tunnels. As Kitty phases into the wall for a shortcut, she grabs and phases loose a part of the railing. She cuts the ninja’s way off at the bottom of the stairs. When the other woman attacks with the sword, Kitty uses the railing piece in defense and afterwards uses it as an offensive weapon to prevent the ninja’s escape.

Kitty’s blow sends the woman onto the tracks and runs into the tunnel. Kitty jumps after her and tackles the her.

A train approaches as the two women fight. The ninja blinds Kitty with a cloud of flashpowder. Instinctively, Kitty phases, just in time as the train rolls through her. With the train past, the ninja is gone. Kitty’s wonder where she could have gone when she notices a maintenance shaft going down Kitty jumps down.

Using her belt’s X-symbol as a flashlight, she checks her surroundings. Only rocks, no trap; no way out either. Has she been led on a wild goose chase? Kitty begins to meditate and expands her senses. She senses that the ninja did indeed manage to somehow end up behind the wall of rocks. Kitty takes a risk and phases blindly through them. On the other side, there is another subway tunnel, one that apparently hasn’t been used in some time.

The ninja is already expecting her and commends her for living up to her reputation. She is indeed her master’s student. She takes off her mask and introduces herself as Nao. She controls the Path of Destiny. She believes Kitty has met some of her followers… More ninjas begin to surround them.

Nao explains that like Kitty she was a former student of Ogun’s, until Kitty took his life and ended her training. So now they want to kill her to avenge her master’s death, right? Kitty mocks. Why would they want to kill her? Nao asks, surprised. They’ve only been testing her to make sure she still possesses the skills Ogun taught her. Like one man, they all sink to their knees and offer Kitty their swords. They want her to lead them.

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Nao (leader of the Path of Destiny)

Ninjas working for the Path of Destiny


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