X-Men Legacy (2nd Series) #6

Issue Date: 
April 2013
Story Title: 

Simon Spurrier (Writer), Jorge Molina (Pencils), Norman Lee and Waldon Wong (Inkers), Rachelle Rosenberg (Colourist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letters), Mike Del Mundo (Cover), Jorge Molina (Variant Cover), Jennifer M. Smith (Assistant Editor), Daniel Ketchum (Editor), Nick Lowe (X-Men Group Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Qeusada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

Whilst the X-Men battle the Cure Wraith on the front lawn, Karasu hold a knife to David’s throat in the garden shed. Blindfold is about to be stabbed by her brother, who has killed and taken the place of Sojobo, but David uses a personality to teleport to Blindfold and save her. David then chases Luca through the school but is thwarted at every step by Luca’s knowledge of the future. Eventually, they come out on the back lawn, where David is about to kill Luca but is stopped by Karasu. Inside his mind, David is powerful but the yellow rat-like personality makes him realize what he’s about to do and causes him to feel shame. With David momentarily weakened, the creature possesses David and strikes Karasu down but doesn’t hurt Luca. The Dire Wraith are teleported away again and Luca screams for help, bringing all the X-Men to the front lawn. They confront David, thinking he has hurt the kids, but before they do anything Blindfold comes from behind and stabs Luca. He leaves Sojobo’s body, which disintegrates. Afterwards, Blindfold explains to the X-Men what happened and Wolverine lets David leave. He meets with Blindfold, who tells him to be careful as something bad was coming in the future. As he walks away, the yellow rat-like creature in his mind turns into a version of his father. It tells him the big threat that is going to wipe out mutant-kind is in fact David and Blindfold will have to kill him to stop him.

Full Summary: 

On the front lawn of the Jean Grey School, the X-Men are in battle with the group of Dire Wraiths that David has summoned as a distraction. David remembers how the eyeball-creature in Tibet had called the X-Men reactive. The thing is, he was right. The self-righteous spandexperts never really initiate anything. They just wait for the *%&*# to hit the fan and then do something about it. But right now he knows how that feels.

In the garden shed, Karasu has a kitchen knife pressed against David’s throat. Stuttering, David tells her that her brother is dead and his body has been stolen by a pair of matter-animating eyeballs. Karasu interrupts him and tells him he’s insane and threatens to cut him if he doesn’t be quiet.

David muses on the fact that “eyes” seem to be a bit of a recurring-motif these days. Eyes that see beyond the now. Eyes that used to belong to Luca Aldine, Blindfold’s brother. Eyes that have tweaked and tugged events like a puppeteer and left him clueless and reactive like the lycra liabilities outside. He’s bloody sick of it, and so…

David mutters that he won’t be led anymore. He will do things his way from now on, not anyone else’s. Inside his mind, the David Haller personality charges through the other personalities. As his real self shuts out the outside world, he thinks that it isn’t the prettiest manifesto but it’s something to cling to. He finds the Origamist, the reality warping personality, and stabs him with the needles. As he repeats “I rule me,” his real self folds up like a piece of origami, much to the surprise of Karasu.

Inside the medical quarters of the school, Luca, in the guise of Sojobo, is about to stab his sister as she lies comatose. His eyes are glowing blue and floating outside his head. Before he can kill Blindfold, David appears and grabs his arms. David punches the boy, sending him flying off the bed. Luca grins menacingly and says that, in seven out of ten futures, he saw David came down there despite his warnings. It’s doesn’t matter, though, he knows exactly how this is going to play out. He’s been real busy making sure it goes the way he wants.

In the battle with the Dire Wraiths, Pixie clutches her stomach in pain and Storm asks if she’s wounded. Stuttering, she says she feels proper grim and thinks she might vomit. Wolverine tells her to ‘port out as they are fine with the fight.

In the medical bay, David takes charge of a personality that has astral harpoon projection. He crackles with green energy and gets ready to zap Luca. Luca asks who’d have thought a couple of samples of dino dung hidden in a grilled cheese sandwich would save him. Pixie suddenly teleports in, looking for Dr. Rao, but she ends up between Luca and David. David fires the energy harpoon and it hits Pixie, causing her to scream in pain and collapse on the floor. David looks on, horrified.

Inside his mind, he composes himself again and hunts down the next personality, the Mycolojester. In the real world, David is emitting a green gas and chasing Luca up some stairs. He starts to say his is the power of… but Luca finishes his sentence by saying it’s toxic spores. Luca says that David doesn’t get it, he can’t beat him. And when he’s done being dumb, he will kill that blind freak downstairs. Of all the millions of possibilities, he knew which way David was most likely to jump before he did. Same way he knew two hours ago to leave the cafeteria oven on. The sprinkler system suddenly kicks in because of a fire in the cafeteria. David is soaked through and his powers are negated.

Luca runs off with David hot on his heels. Luca says to give it up; they went through all this in China. He tweaked one little icicle and five minutes later a soldier played pancake. He hits the wall and says that it’s the same here. He hits the wall and a delightful sequence involving a startled janitor falling off his chair and dropping his coffee. The coffee lands on an oversensitive Sh’iar A/C unit and shorts it out. That causes the A/C fans to go in overdrive and suck one of Doop’s forgotten candy bars into it. The candy bar is fired out of an air vent where a hungry Bamf teleports in to grab it mid air. The Bamf narrowly misses David and dives through a window, much to the surprise of Luca. He says the Bamf was supposed to hit David square between the eyes. He turns around and walks away, saying that hour he spent sawing the bookshelves was well spent. With that, the bookshelf next to David falls down on top of him.

Enraged, David screams and exploded out of the building as Luca walks onto the back lawn. David demands he stay still, as Luca stands in front of the statue of Charles Xavier. He looks up at David and comments how the spot he is standing on is charming.

On the front lawn, Chamber asks if anyone can hear something on the back lawn but Frenzy dismisses him. Instead, she punches one of the Dire Wraiths high into the air.

Inside his mind, the David Haller personality has bulked up and is running through the personalities, grabbing them and taking their powers. He realizes that for the first time he is unstoppable.

Outside, Luca leans against Xavier’s statue and calls David an idiot. He asks if he is really going to stride in there and punch one of God’s own chosen in the face. He asks David if he thinks he’s being proactive and taking things further than his father did (who, for the record is burning in Hell). David isn’t going to get within a foot of him. Just then, the Dire Wraith that Frenzy punched comes hurtling down and lands between David and Luca. They both stare at the corpse lying on the ground and David guesses that it was meant to hit him. Confused, Luca asks why he can’t predict David.

David composes himself again and then erupts with energy and yells to Luca that it’s because he’s &*%#* crazy. All of a sudden, Karasu leaps between them and yells for David to go away and leave them alone. David tells her she doesn’t understand what’s happening and asks her to step aside. He wonders though what happens if she doesn’t.

Inside his mind, he says he can click his fingers and turn her to ether in the split second it would take to annihilate the field. He can strike around her with parabolic flame or he can become a living melody and rapture beyond her ears. Or he could erase her from history with a single thought. He has all the power in the world and just cause. What does one scared child count against that? From inside an air vent the yellow rat-like creature crouches in the shadows. It tells David he is swollen with self-righteousness. He’s doing his best not to think. He’s tricking himself with a confidence he doesn’t deserve or believe. He then asks David when he last spared a thought for his father. The David Haller personality suddenly looks crestfallen and starts to shrink down to his regular size. The rat-like creature leaps at David and bites him in the neck.

In the real world, David is possessed by the creature and his eyes glow yellow. He slaps Karasu down and stares into a stunned Luca’s eyes. Pinching his chin, he tells Luca he will be useful one day. He suddenly reels backwards as David tries to regain control. He lies on the floor, laughing as the Dire Wraiths on the front lawn are teleported away. Wolverine and Storm hear screaming coming from round back.

David comes to and staggers to his feet. Luca is yelling for help, claiming that David killed his sister. David can only think how ashamed he feels. He keeps repeating the word over and over in his head. As Luca continues to yell, he swears at him and tells him Karasu’s fine and nobody is going to fall for his manipulations. As the X-Men arrive, he continues to think of how ashamed his father would be. Luca continues the pretence and says that David’s hurt him. Wolverine addresses David as Legion, which angers David. Luca says he forgives David and asks the X-Men not to hurt him. He whispers to David that he needs him alive.

A voice calls to Luca from behind and tells him not to hurt their friends. As he turns around, Blindfold leaps at him with the kitchen knife he had dropped earlier. She stabs him in the back, causing his eyes and mouth to emit a bright light. His eyeballs shoot up in the sky and Sojobo’s body dissolves away. Blindfold kneels down on the floor, apologizing as the X-Men look on confused.

Later on, David muses on the fact it ends with an apology… of sorts. Wolverine is by the front door with David. He says that Ruth explained what happened, but he isn’t going to pretend he understands all of it… what caused Ruth to wake up or where those eyeballs flew off to. But, she says David was trying to help and so that earns him the chance to walk away scot-free this once. As David steps outside into the rain Wolverine asks him to stay and they could help him. David wants to tell him “%&#*% that”… He wants to tell him he’s through being led. He says he wants to tell him he’s putting every kid in danger by being reactive when he could be out there creating a world where danger never rises. He wants to say he will go into the shadows and pull the strings so he can make this world better for his people whether it wants him to or not. He wants to tell him he couldn’t stop him walking out of this place scot-free if he tried.

But he doesn’t. He politely tells him no and says he has places to be. As he walks down the path, Karasu, escorted by Doop, approaches him. David tries to apologize about her brother but she yells that he needs to know she hates him and she hopes he dies. She runs off towards the mansion and Doop mutters something. David walks away and says that it’s not about being popular… maybe it’s enough to be right.

He thinks that his dad had a dream. He had a dream and he made sure everyone knew it was his. He’ll make it a reality and no-one will ever know it was him. That would be a good place to leave it, as he drifts off into the night with the rest of the monsters.

He finds Blindfold waiting by the front gate for him. He asks her what made her wake up and she tells him he called. With her head hung low, she tells him he might regret doing what he did today. She remembers some of the things she saw about the future before Luca stole half of her gift. As David walks away, she tells him to be careful and not to go too far into the dark. He wonders what she meant but, before he can think about it too much, a voice in his head answers. David collapses on the ground, clutching his head in pain.

In his mind he is also curled up on the floor. He looks at a figure that is materializing in front of him and asks who they are. The figure tells him she be quiet and listen. The event that Luca foresaw, the grand evil that will wipe out mutant-kind and only Blindfold can stop? It’s David. The figure slaps David across the face and calls him a wretched little disappointment. He’s fated to wipe out his own kind and the girl he just saved is fated to kill him to stop it. David asks how he knows it all. The figure finishes forming and stands over David. It looks like his father but with golden skin. With his hands in his pockets, Xavier laughs and tells David he knows everything. The only thing David can do is get up and run.

Characters Involved: 

David Haller/Legion

Beast, Chamber, Frenzy, Gambit, Iceman, Lockheed, Rachel Grey, Shadowcat, Storm, Warbird, Wolverine (All X-Men)

Doop, Kavita Rao, Toad (All Jean Grey School staff)

Anole, Blindfold, Genesis, Glob Herman, Kid Omega, Pixie, Rockslide (All X-students)

Karasu Tengo

Sojobo Tengo/Luca Aldine

Dire Wraiths


(in David’s Mindscape)

David Haller

Tyrannix the Abominoid, Charles Xavier, The Origamist, Mycolojester

Numerous other unidentified personalities

Story Notes: 

Sojobo was revealed to be dead and replaced by Luca Aldine last issue.

Luca’s trick with the icicle was in X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #2.

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