X-Men: Phoenix #1

Issue Date: 
December 1999
Story Title: 
Askani Rising - part 1

John Francis Moore (writer), Pascal Alixe (penciler), Czop, Elmer, McKenna and Stucher (inkers), Mike Heisler (letters), Gloria Vasquez (colors), Mark Powers and Mike Marts (editors), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Rachel Summers emerges from the timestream about 2000 years after she traded places with Excalibur’s Captain Britain. She finds herself in a world ruled by Apocalypse, with mutants being the ruling class and humans the mistreated underlings. Apocalypse is about to bond to a new host body and leaves Diamanda Nero in charge. While Rachel makes her way to the citadel she befriends Blaquesmith. Once there she enters the lab trying to kill Apocalypse, but he is not there. Instead she has to battle Nero, and barely escapes. Diogenes Chang, of the Order of Witnesses, offers Rachel to help.

Full Summary: 

Rachel Summers has been lost in the timestream (Excalibur #75); she reappears in a rift in the desert 2000 years later. Scarab flyers arrive to close the rift and neutralize the chronal anomaly, assuming her to be hostile. Half-aware, Rachel kills them all, utilizing the Phoenix Force.
At his citadel, Apocalpyse has been in seclusion for a year, preparing a new host body, leaving Diamanda Nero in charge. She kills the last of the Xavier Collective, a rebel group. She has the mutant ability to absorb the powers of anyone she kills, and adds her victim‘s impenetrable exoskeleton to her already vast array of powers.
Ch’vayre and Luminesca are brother and sister, and inform her of the chronal anomaly. Apocalypse is annoyed that his mutants have gone soft. He has designed three new weapons to destroy the weak, and Nero completie them while he bonds to his next body.
Meanwhile, Rachel learns that mutants rule this world, and power corrupts, so humans are now a mistreated underclass. She joins a human clan and helps a young Blaquesmith with a crooked cyborg merchant. She nearly loses it and kills him, but then uses her telepathy to disappear into the crowd. Blaquesmith follows, able to see through her power.
Diogenes meditates in Antarctica, where the Savage Land once was, and is interrupted to attend a psi-conference of the Order of Witnesses. They send him and his squire Squy¹rr to investigate the return of the Phoenix.
Rachel, alias “Alyzr’n Summerset”, infiltrates Apocalypse‘s stronghold during the festival of his rebirth. She runs into Luminesca, drunk, and watches Ch’vayre kill a beast for sport. She is invited to join the siblings but moves on, and Nero notices something odd about her.
Diogenes shows up and warns her not to try to kill Apocalypse, but she ignores him and makes her way to the his chamber, only to find the sarcophagi empty. Nero appears, saying Apocalypse's true location is always secret, and poisons her. She unleashes the Phoenix Force to save her life, and crawls for days through pipes until she exits the citadel. Diogenes is there to meet her.

Characters Involved: 

Rachel Summers / Phoenix III


Diogenes Chang, Mui, Squy'rr (all Order of Witnesses)

Obsydian (Xavier Collective)

Loog, a merchant

High Councilor Diamanda Nero

Ch’vayre, Luminesca (both Prelates)

Commander Syrus, Kyrie (both Scarab Flyers)

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