X-Men: Red (1st series) #7

Issue Date: 
October 2018
Story Title: 
The Hate Machine – part 7: Atlantis Smashed

Tom Taylor (writer), Carmen Carnero (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jenny Frisson (main cover artist), Travis Charest and Tamra Bonvillain (headshot variant artists), Dave Marquez (Return of the Fantastic Four variant) Jay Bowen, Anthony Gambino & Carlos Lad (graphic designers), Chrstina Harrington & Annalise Bissa (assistant editors), Mark Paniccia & Jordan D. White (editors), C.b: Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

One half of the X-Men team under Jean’s leadership (together with King Namor) defends Atlantis from Teen Abomination’s attack. They finally get the boy into the air, where Storm’s lightning takes out the Sentinites controlling him. The other half of the team is trying to infiltrate the plane carrying late Ambassador Marbury’s phone in the cargo hold. However, the sentinites in the new ambassador awake and he wildly fires a gun, injuring Trinary. She quickly loses control of the Sentinel carrying the plane, meaning both Sentinel and plane drop. X-23 and Nightcrawler take out the ambassador, while the others stabilize Trinary enough for her to regain control of both machines. After they have landed, they get the phone and soon Trinary broadcasts the data on the phone exonerating Jean, as well as Jean’s speech telling the people they are being manipulated by Cassandra Nova.

Full Summary: 

Jean senses Teen Abomination’s attack. She takes Storm and Gentle with her outside the protective dome in a TK force bubble and alerts King Namor to the danger. Namor sees Teen Abomination felling one of Atlantis’ towers and swims outside to confront him.

High above the Atlantic, the rest of the team are infiltrating the cargo hold of the British ambassador’s plane to steal the late ambassador’s Maybury’s cell phone, while their cloaked Sentinel flies above them

Honey Badger suggests they start with the safe. Gambit asks if she wants to learn how to break into a safe? Who doesn’t? she replies enthusiastically.

In the passenger space, the ambassador suddenly snarls “mutants!” The guard asks what is going on. Ignoring him, the ambassador grabs the guard’s gun and fires down to the cargo hold, where Wolverine covers the others with her body. However, Trinary gets hit in the hip and loses her concentration, just as Nightcrawler teleports in. A moment later, they see that, without Trinary’s control, the Sentinel falls down on the plane.

Namor holds up the falling tower and orders his people to evacuate. Teen Abomination attacks him and Namor panics, fearing for his fleeing people as he drops the spire. Luckily, Jean catches it with her telekinesis.

Jean tells Gentle to handle Teen Abomination and asks Namor to evacuate his people. When Gentle asks whom he is facing, Jean telepathically explains his name is Jamie Carlson. He calls himself Teen Abomination. She tells Gentle he needn’t be afraid of hurting him - he can take what he throws at him. Gentle stops Teen Abomination’s attack. Jean reminds him he has a Sentinel in his head. Gentle needs to get him away from Atlantis and out of the ocean or he will keep fighting until he drowns. Gentle lets loose with one mighty blow, hitting his foe out of the water and into the air. Where Storm is waiting. With a lightning bolt, she short-circuits the sentinites in Teen Abomination.

In the dropping plane, Trinary is still out of it. Gabby tries to stem her bleeding, while Nightcrawler and Wolverine teleport to the cabin, where Laura takes out the ambassador.

In the meantime, Honey Badger has stilled Trinary’s blood loss. Gambit awakes her and orders her to concentrate. They are in free fall! Trinary regains control of the flying Sentinel that grabs the falling plane.

Finally, they land at Heathrow. The recovered ambassador asks what happened to him in there. Nightcrawler shortly explains and adds that the woman controlling those devices is still active and he needs the former ambassador’s phone to beat her. The ambassador is skeptical. The still hurting Trinary explains that phones collect data and she thinks she can get it. He asks who is behind this.

Later at Atlantis X.
Jean holds a speech. Trinary records it and the data from ambassador Marbury’s phone is broadcast worldwide, showing how the ambassador really died. Afterwards, Jean explains how Cassanda Nova is now trying to destroy mutantkind by stoking hatred. She pleads for people to consider that they are being manipulated if they feel their hatred growing. She knows some of them will not believe that truth. But the X-Men will fight for them anyway.

Characters Involved: 

Gentle, Jean Grey, Honey Badger, Namor, Nightcrawler, Storm, Trinary, Wolverine II (Jean’s X-Men team)

Teen Abomination
British ambassador

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