X-Nation 2099 #1

Issue Date: 
March 1996
Story Title: 
Sixth or Seventh Genesis

Tom Payer (writer), Humberto Ramos (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Jon Babcock (letters), James Brown (colors), Malibu (separations), Joey Cavalieri (editor), Bobbie Chase (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Wulff, a former member of the Wild Boys, leaves his group because he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He is chased by them, but rescued by Morphine Somers and brought to X-Nation! There, he meets the other X-Nation members and agrees to break out of the shelter. They have a fun night out at the Negative Zone, but Wulff isn’t amazed and, after some heavy words, he angrily leaves. Once outside, he runs into the Wild Boys again, who want to kill him for deserting them. Luckily, Wulff gets the aid of X-Nation, who defeat the Wild Boys and they later all get arrested. Despite the boringness of the place, X-Nation agrees to return to the shelter, where an angry Sister Nicholas with her guns ready is waiting for them! At the same time, Avian mourns about the fact that Willow ran away from them and has joined X-Nation. Herod taunts that Avian can still punish her and bring her back. But as Arian does that, he will have to deliver the other mutant-messiah candidates over to him, including Willow…

Full Summary: 

You are now entering Halo City, known popularly as X-Nation! It is an independent American city-state, and recently founded on an old promise: “Give us your poor, your tired. Give us your rejects, your clones, your degens, your rad-victims, your huddled mutants yearning to breath free.”

Wulff has made it back underground, but is chased by the Wild Boys, the gang he used to belong to. Wulff wants to quit the group, but they won’t let him. An argument has come from it, and it has gotten a little out of control. Wulff doesn’t want to do this, but he uses his powers and morphs claws and sharper teeth on his body. He attacks the other Wild Boys, who open fire on him. Suddenly, an avalanche of rocks separate the two fighting groups from each other. The one responsible for it was none other than Morphine Somers, who has come to Wulff’s rescue.

Wulff hops aboard of Morphine’s ship, where they introduce each other. Morphine explains that he has heard a lot of things about Wulff, and how he decided to quite the group when he came to X-Nation. Morphine tells Wulff that he’ll have to call him uncle, and explains that the avalanche he created was easy: he just used his powers. Morphine explains that he just saved Wulff because he believes that kids are the future, and have a right to have a full stomach, the right kind of attention and a place that they can call home.

A few minutes later, they arrive at the Xavier Shelter for Indigent Children. Morphine goes to visit Cerebra in the computer room, and asks how she’s doing. She refuses to talk to the guy, telling him to leave her alone since she isn’t doing any political things. Morphine agrees to stay out, and sarcastically says that also means that he’ll take the kid who he has found with him. Shakti changes her mind and asks Morphine to wait.

Elsewhere, at the X-Institute’s infirmary, Sister Nicholas gives Wulff a required check-up, since all the new residents off the shelter have to go through it. Wulff doesn’t like it much, and doesn’t understand why Nicholas calls her a “sister,” since she carries so many weapons with her. Nicholas explains to the boy that she belongs to the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments, who bring hope, faith and charity to the people. And since some of them are dangerous, the Sisters need to arm themselves. However, she adds, Wulff does not. She decides to take Wulff to his new family. He doesn’t believe his ears.

Nicholas takes Wulff to the rest of the X-Nation children and leaves him there to his fate. The group greets him, and asks the boy if he wants to break out with them, since they are all bored. Wulff agrees. Clarion doesn’t want him to, since he recognizes Wulff as one of the Wild Boys, who attacked him when he first arrived in the city. Uproar doesn’t care and his powers get out of control. Nostromo gets damaged a bit, and circuitry sparks out of his body. The group asks about it, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sister Nicholas is coming back. Fearing her wrath once Nicholas has seen the trashed room, the kids teleport away in Twilight’s bubble.

Meanwhile, miles away, an evil man named Avian mourns the loss of his precious Willow. He still can’t coupe that she left him, despite that he told her he would give her anything. He gets an unwanted call from Herod, who’s angry with him because he still hasn’t gotten Willow back. Herod wants Avian to promise to deliver all of the kids to him, including Willow, and that Avian won’t try to screw him. Avian promises. Herod makes Avian understand that he better keeps the promise, since he just owns an amusement park and some robot birds, and Herod owns America, which means he owns Avian too!

Later, the X-Nation kids are at the Negative Zone, a milk bar and nightclub. All of them are a little high except for Wulff, who’s bored. The group continues to amuse themselves with just milk. Wulff gets angry and starts shouting. Uproar and the others start fighting him, but Clarion calms them down. Wulff runs away outside the bar, thinking he might as well have stayed with the Wild Boys.

However, he soon afterwards finds himself ambushed by the Wild Boys themselves, who trap him with cords. December frees him. Wulff is glad to see them. They decide to team-up, and eventually manage to defeat all of the Wild Boys, except for Dorian, who manages to escape.

Later, the cops arrive and arrest the remaining Wild Boys and take them away. The kids don’t realize that they are being watched by Avian on his monitors. The team decides to lay low for a while, and to go home.

They sneak back in the shelter and go back to their room. However, they are welcomed by a very unhappy Sister Nicholas, who has her guns ready and aimed at their faces, because, she asks, have the kids any idea what time it is?!

Characters Involved: 

Cerebra, Clarion, December, Nostromo, Twilight, Uproar, Willow, Wulff (all X-Nation 2099)

Morphine Somers

Lord Falconer/Avian and his bird Razorwing

Anthony Herod

Dorian, Shiv, Trash, Warbird (the Wild Boys)

Sister Nicholas (all of the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments)

Story Notes: 

This series continues from the events told in X-Men 2099 #30. In that issue, Doom brought Shakti to the shelter, and informed her about the “mutant messiah” and wanted her to find him. Shakti agreed to do it and even left the X-Men for the job.

Included in this issue are some sketches about the X-Nation characters made by the issue’s penciler, and an afterword from the writer, explaining what this comic will be all about.

Halo City was build by Doom as well, after the events in X-Men 2099 #25. He offered the X-Men to become its protectorates and they accepted the offer.

Clarion and Nostromo arrived in Halo City in X-Men 2099 #30. The rest of the group were introduced in the A.D. Genesis special, where it was established that they all had a chance to become a mutant-messiah.

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