X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #28

Issue Date: 
September 2003
Story Title: 
God Loves, Man Kills II - part 4: O Absalom

Chris Claremont (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Salvador Larroca (cover), Scott Hanna (inked), Liquid! (colors), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Stephanie Moore (assistant editor), Mike Raicht (editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Paul carries an unconscious Kitty to the basement of a church, where a mutant-woman named Cybill tries to help her. Kitty awakens and phases through Cybill to escape what she thinks to be a threat. Cybill collapses and dies in Kitty’s arms, apparently because of Kitty’s actions. Paul is scared and asks Kitty to stay away from him. Unknown to them, Stryker is nearby and he attacks Paul, knocking him to the ground. Stryker commands Kitty to restart the town’s system network, which she complies, but only under duress. Shockingly, after a long argument over God’s plan for mutants, Paul reveals that he was only faking being incapacitated and he repels Stryker from the room. On the outskirts of Mt. Haven, Sage and Storm become possessed by some outside force and attack Bishop. While in the forests surrounding the town, Lady Deathstrike and Logan face off, ending with the apparent death of Wolverine. Above all this, Cannonball watches in surveillance and is forced to make the decision of either running for help or helping his teammates.

Full Summary: 

A man named Paul, who seems to be the reverend to an entire city of mutant children, is carrying retired X-Men Kitty Pryde. Kitty has been having severe headaches and it seems that, as of a few minutes ago, those headaches may have caused her to collapse in convulsion. Paul runs frantically to a nearby church, where another mutant named Cybill awaits them. Paul commands Cybill to heal Kitty and the two race off into the back of the building.

After laying Kitty onto a gurney, Cybill, using her powers to witness Kitty’s vitals as holograms, notices that her nervous system is being attacked. Kitty suddenly begins to convulse in extreme pain and screams for someone to stop her pain. Paul stands back with his hands in the air, as if he is being held up, while Cybill requests him to help her. Paul doesn’t come close to Kitty and Cybill is forced to hold Kitty down by herself. Kitty uses her power to phase through Cybill in an effort to try and escape her pain. Shockingly, Kitty phases through a clear wall and on the other side are dead humans with nothing but their skeletons left. Screaming in horror, Kitty lands only inches away from a deteriating cadaver.

Inside the examination room Cybill’s eyes and nose begin to excrete blood. Cybill collapses to the ground and Paul, shocked, asks Kitty what has she done to her? Kitty rises up and tells Paul that she phased through Cybill by mistake, but it doesn’t normally hurt anyone. Kitty causes Cybill to phase into her arms, as she cries of how sorry she is. Paul backs away from Kitty and tells her that she just touched Cybill and she died?! Kitty tells Paul that with all the equipment around them they should be able to save her. Not willing to help, Paul screams at Kitty to get away from him. Kitty begins to convulse in pain once again and begs Paul for his help. Suddenly, a man carrying a gun strikes Paul from behind, knocking the reverend to the ground.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, Cannonball sits in a tree, reporting to his teammates that his has secured his position.

Walking down a trail Sage and Bishop watch as young mutants play soccer. Bishop comments that Mt. Haven isn’t on any known map and Sage points out that, with the kinds of people that live here, it shouldn’t be. Bishop notices something about Sage as she watches the mutants playing: she is smiling? From behind the two X-Treme members, a soccer ball comes towards them. Sage, using her skills, uses a backwards kick to knock the ball back into play. A young mutant that resembles a giant pink bubble floats down and engulfs Sage in her body, commenting on how great Sage’s move was. Bubble floats Sage up into the air and the two work together to play the game.

Together, Sage and Bubble help to win the game and Bubble floats Sage back to the ground, where Sage thanks her for giving her the opportunity to fly. Once on the ground, Bishop tells Sage that her secret will be safe with him and he asks her where her smile has come from? Wiping the smile from her face, Sage tells Bishop that her smile was from a dream and it is time they return to their mission.

Minutes later, Sage and Bishop near an inn named the Whispering Pine. Nearby the inn, the two detectives notice a surveillance truck and they move to investigate it. While walking, the two talk about of how Sage foresees the X-Treme team as the police for mutants, while Xavier’s is a place of teachers. Opening the door to the surveillance truck, the two are witness to a recent murder.

Back underneath the church where Reverend Paul was so recently attacked, Kitty recognizes the attacker as William Stryker. Stryker kicks the head off of one of the cadavers as he walks towards Kitty. He tells her that he was the one following her in the town and it wasn’t just a hallucination. Stryker walks near a computer console and is angered by the realization that the entire defense network for the town is offline. He turns to Kitty and tells her that she is the “gearhead,” so she needs to fix the network. Holding a gun to Paul’s unconscious body, Stryker tells Kitty that her new friend will die if she doesn’t comply with his wishes. He tells her that even monsters have their uses and Kitty exclaims that she is not a monster.

Paul, walking over Cybill’s body, sarcastically states, “yeah right.” Kitty tells Stryker that Cybill’s death was an accident and Stryker tells her that it does not matter. She does as she is asked and she phases into the console. Pulling back a trap door, she views a red growth on the wiring of the system. Kitty stands up to examine more of the room and Stryker tells Kitty not to go out of his site or the Reverend will suffer. Kitty and Stryker talk as she examines the system about how Stryker sees mutants as the devil’s plan to ruin society, because they were not around since the beginning of time like man was. Kitty and Stryker argue over God’s plan until Stryker has enough and demands that Kitty fix the system. Kitty blatantly refuses to comply with Stryker’s demands and he holds a gun to her head and begins to fire. He tells her that if she is no longer any use to him than he will remove her from existence. Standing defiantly with a gun to her head, neither Stryker nor Kitty notice as Paul stands to his feet. Paul tells Stryker that he has heard enough and, quoting scripture, Paul crushes the gun in Stryker’s hand and sends him sailing into a nearby wall.

At that very moment, high above Mt. Haven, Storm listens to Sage as she reports on the abandoned surveillance truck’s ties to the Oyama Heavy Industries. Storm tells Sage that she also would like a report on her sky football game earlier. Sage tells Storm that, if she wants to play, she only needs to find the fliers. Suddenly, Storm sees Bubble approaching her and too late she notices that it isn’t a friendly game she wants but a fight!

A lightning bolt is seen in the air and Bishop worries that something terrible is happening to Storm. Standing behind Bishop, Sage swiftly drops to her knees and knocks Bishops into a spiral. Luckily, Bishop knew what was coming, as he recognized that she was being mind controlled. Bishop maneuvers himself to land on his feet and Sage asks Bishop how he knew? He tells her that the smile was what gave her away. Sage tells Bishop that the smile was real. He tells her that he knew it was, but the real Sage would have never allowed him to see it. Bishop uses his plasma blast to knock Sage unconscious and then looks around to see the neighborhood kids begin to surround him. He warns them to back off, because he feels no need to fight them. Bishop tells the kids that it seems like they want have to fight, because his cavalry has arrived. Storm flies down towards Bishop, who realizes too late that she is not on his side anymore. Storm sends a lightning blast through her hand leaving Bishop to crash into the nearby Inn.

In the forests near the outskirts of Mt. Haven, Wolverine meets his nemesis, Lady Deathstrike. Deathstrike tells Wolverine that she does not wish to fight him, but her neural net has been compromised and her body’s orders are to protect the town at all costs. Deathstrike asks Logan to surrender and he tells her “nope.” The two combatants attack one another with claws drawn. The two match each other’s move for move in what seems like hours of combat. In the end, only one person is surprised, as Deathstrike draws first blood. She tells Logan to surrender to Mt. Haven and he screams, “NO,” as he rushes her. Deathstrike begs Logan to not come closer, because she does not want to kill him. He does not listen, though, and is skewered over and over again, ending in his apparent death!

Still in his position near the outskirts of town and high in a tree, Cannonball notices in his tech-glasses that the entire team has been captured, killed or incapacitated. Cannonball stands to his feet and, talking to himself, decides to stay and figure out how to save his teammates, which would be disregarding his orders to go for help.

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Cannonball, Sage, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Treme X-Men)

Shadowcat (X-Men retired/ally)

Reverend Paul


Mutants of Mount Haven

Lady Deathstrike

William Stryker

Story Notes: 

The surveillance team was killed in X-Treme X-Men #26.

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