X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #34

Issue Date: 
December 2003
Story Title: 
Intifada - part 4: Crossed Swords

Chris Claremont (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Scott Hanna (inked), Liquid! (colors), Rus Wooton (letterer), Stephanie Moore (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Sam awaits the arrival of a close friend of his, Amara Aquilla, at the Los Angeles International Airport. After meeting up, Sam blasts the two of them, via his mutant powers, to the X-Corp Headquarters in Los Angeles. Once there, the two friends meet up with Roberto DaCosta, an old ally of theirs. After a brief reunion, questions are asked regarding recent events with no answer given. After a friendly argument, Roberto requests the presence of Sam at a gala he is throwing later on that night. Elsewhere, Rogue and Bishop watch as the D.A. loses a case against a handful of delinquent mutants involving the D’Ancanto “accident.” Upset, the two mutants meet up with Evangeline Whedon, who agrees to help them with the Marie D’Ancanto “terrorist” trial. At Rogue’s house that night, the team is attacked by Revenant but, thanks to the earlier planning of Rogue, she saves them. After their confrontation, Rogue follows Revenant back to her home base, the X-Corp’s Headquarters. At this point, it is the evening and Roberto’s gala is going full force, but a flying motorcycle and its driver, a woman named Rogue, are bent on answers interrupt it.

Full Summary: 

At gate 17 of the L.A. International Airport, Sam Guthrie meets his former ally and friend, Amara Aquilla (Magma). Amara runs into Sam’s arms and he lifts her off her feet in a warm embrace. Sam tells Amara that it has been ages since he has seen her and asks her how she has been doing lately? She ponders the past and relives, just for a moment, her recent death and resurrection at the Xavier Institute. Her powers flare and Sam asks her to calm down, because she is causing a small earthquake. He tells her that she knows better and she replies that she does, but her memories are so strong of late.

The two allies walk towards their transportation and Amara informs Sam that she has recent her father and informed him of her recent events. She wonders aloud what her father is going to think about her troubles? Sam tells Amara that her father will probably be glad to have her only child alive and well. The two of them walk by the luggage carousel, but Amara passes it by and Sam questions where her bags are? Amara tells Sam that, because of her recent trials, she has chosen to travel lighter these days. Amara asks Sam how he knew she would be at the airport and Sam tells her that once a New Mutant, always a New Mutant. Amara asks Sam why he isn’t teaching at the school with Dani, Rahne and Shan? Sam doesn’t answer her inquiry. Instead, he asks her the same question back. She tells him about the accident a couple of days back that cured her from her coma and gave her the perfect opportunity to escape her hiding place. She tells him that her being a Nova Romanii give her a true stubborn trait and she doesn’t want to let the villains that tried to kill her win, by her hiding forever. Besides, she goes on to say, somebody has to keep Bobby (Roberto DaCosta) straight. Clutching each other’s hands as they ride down an escalator, the two of them laugh and simultaneously say, “It is good to see you.”

The two former New Mutants walk until they reach the pick-up area, where they intend to find a taxi. However, once there, they are struck with the realization that the L.A. airport is bombarded with travelers leaving and their wait will be lengthy. Sam gets a mischievous grin on his face, as Amara realizes, about the same time, what Sam is planning. She tells him that he wouldn’t dare. Sam, continuing to smile, puts his arm around her waist and blasts off into the sky. Once in the air, he tells Amara that he isn’t afraid to show off his powers anymore, since the X-Men have gone public. In the air, Amara screams that she hates flying more than anything, but Sam reassures her that he would never let her go and tells her to relax and enjoy the view. Sam and Amara continue to talk as they blast towards the L.A. division of the X-Corp office, where Amara plans on working for a while. Amara tells Sam of her insecure feelings since the accident and Sam tries to comfort her by telling her that the two of them are making a difference in the world and that safety she wants come from them doing just that.

The two land on the helicopter-landing zone on top of the headquarters and travel down the stairs to meet their one-time ally and friend. Roberto welcomes his two friends with open arms and tries to speak Latin to Amara. She teases him by saying how bad his attempt turned out to be. As he embraces Sam, he tells the two of them that he still gets no respect, but Sam replies that Roberto gets his respect just for the attempt. Sam goes on to say that he would have never even tried such an attempt, since he is a man that has learned his limitations. The meeting is cut short as Amara’s former lover, Empath, enters the room and she becomes angered by his presence with X-Corp. Empath, leaning against the threshold of the door, tells Amara that her reaction was hardly the way to greet an old friend. Amara, clinched-fist, tells Empath that, out of respect for her “true” friends, she will not gut him where he stands! Bobby, stepping between Manuel (Empath) and Amara, tells her that Manuel has joined X-Corp and, whatever past they may have shared, the two of them must find a way to work together for the greater good of mutant-kind.

Sam and Bobby go out onto the veranda to discuss Manuel and, while outside, Bobby tells Sam that Amara and Manuel are not kids anymore and, despite their problems, they’ll have to work them out. Bobby takes up for Manuel by telling Sam that if everyone had to pay for their past mistakes Sam would have never been allowed to be a New Mutant, so everyone deserves another chance. A smirk comes across Sam’s face and Bobby wonders aloud what his facial expression means. Sam tells Bobby that he is just impressed by the way he seems to be growing up of late. Bobby walks over to a nearby table and pours Sam some tea and he listens to Sam talk about the Marie D’Ancanto incident. Bobby becomes confused and asks if Sam could actually be trying to defend a woman that came so close to killing him only days before? Bobby tells Sam that he hopes the “terrorist” gets what she deserves! Sam replies that each one of them has taken upon themselves the title of “terrorist” on more than one occasion. Bobby tells Sam that Marie hates them and Sam tells Bobby, as he sips from his tea, that the trouble is Marie may have a right.

Bobby tells Sam that he is talking crazy. Sam replies with a story about how his parents fought the coal mining companies for years, because they were trying to steal their lands, and it took a semi-war before it finally came to an end. Bobby, becoming slightly agitated, tells Sam that this isn’t Kentucky and Sam is on the side of the “angels.” Sam replies “absolutely” with and accusing stare. Bobby, now angered, tells Sam that he should not presume on their friendship! Sam asks Bobby a question, he asks Bobby what he might think if there was someone working for X-Corp that might be trying to put both human and mutant relations against one another? Bobby tells Sam that he will check into his inquires at a later date. Changing the subject, Bobby requests the presence of Sam at his gala he is holding that night for the Genoshan Relief Fund Raiser. Watching the two of them, a set of foreboding eyes glows in the foreground. The two friends do not hear its thoughts, but it says that it wants Sam to be its guest as well!

At the courthouse in Valle Soleada, California a judge is in the midst of giving his verdict on the case before him. The defendants are a handful of mutants that ran a young girl by the name of Marie D’Ancanto and the rest of her family of the side of a cliff weeks before, killing three people. The plaintiff is the state, with Rogue and Bishop as the providers of evidence against the young children. The judge thanks Rogue and Bishop for providing the evidence, but regrets to inform them that the case didn’t have sufficient evidence to support the crime and he is forced to allow the defendants to go free. With a “bang” his gavel falls, leaving the gang of mutants to go free and Rogue is left puzzled by the events that just transpired. She leans over to talk to the D.A. and she tells him that the forensics were gold, so there should have been sufficient evidence. The D.A. tells her that the “sources”, meaning Rogue and Bishop, were not credible and he apologizes for their loss.

Quickly removing himself from her presence, he tells her that the case wasn’t worth all the nightmares it gave him! The group of mutant delinquents begins to tease Rogue and they tell her that she is the history, while they are the future. They go on to tease about her missing “sweetie” and how he is probably off in search of a real woman. Later, Bishop has taken Rogue to meet his “favor”, her name is Evangeline Whedon and she introduces herself to Rogue.

The new friends head to a Café, where they can discuss Marie’s case in private. Evangeline and Anna discuss the future of the world populace. Anna argues that she doesn’t want a world where future mutant-children will idolize “punks” like those in the courtroom. She goes on to say that it is up to the grown-up mutants to take charge before the future is overrun with rebel mutants. Bishop tells Evangeline that he has seen that future and they shouldn’t wish that kind of world on anybody!

Storm flies high in the sky over the Ranch in Crawford, Texas. She believes that it is time for her to get some personal relaxation. Storm surrounds herself with clouds, bathes herself in rainwater and dries herself clean with a bolt of lightning. Encasing herself in a prism of ice, Storm floats to the ground and, as she touches earth, the prism falls from her, revealing the woman beneath. Remy walks up behind her and claps his hands in exoneration, telling her that she is a show off. Storm asks Remy if a girl can’t make a proper entrance? Convulsing in agony, Strom stumbles towards Remy, who grabs her just in time. Remy tells Storm that he thinks this display wasn’t in the program, then asks if it is her legs that are causing her such pain? Storm tells Remy that her legs are fine. Remy replies that he hopes so, because the “big guys” bought her proposal. He goes on to say that the world has hope now, but it all depends on her.

Bishop, Evangeline, and Sage’s Dream

At Rogue’s house, Bishop and Evangeline sit on the living room floor, going over files and files of documents relating to the sales of the housed in the area. Sage casually walks in, telling Bishop that she may be able to help. Sage quickly kicks Bishop up against the wall and pulls a knife from a concealed location and slices Evangeline’s throat. Bishop, still lying against the wall, asks Sage if Bogan is still controlling her. She tells him that it is not Bogan, that she has her own agenda. Sage tells Bishop that you can take the girl out of the Hellfire, but you can’t take the Hellfire out of the girl. With that said, she raises the knife in the air preparing to strike…

Back in the Present

Outside the beach house, it is in the middle of the night and Revenant stands on the beach, smiling. Behind her, a figure emerges from the ocean. It is Rogue, wearing a wetsuit. She plunges a drop kick into the neck of the unsuspecting Revenant and Rogue states that moments like this she really loves her life. Revenant quickly recovers from Rogue’s assault and teases Rogue about her recent loss of power. Rogue attacks Revenant and tells her that at moments like this she relishes the opportunity to truly go all “Bishop” on her prey. Rogue goes on to say that Bishop is a hero and, as she puts Revenant in a sleeper hold, she goes on to say that if she would like she’ll let the Mystique in her soul free and then Revenant will really see what Rogue can do.

A shadowy figure behind Rogue calls her a river rat and, as metal blades rip around Rogue’s body like a ribbon, he tells her that it just isn’t her day. He goes on to say that his manacles will rip her to shreds as they unwind and he sends her sailing through the air away from the almost defeated Revenant. Manacle walks up to Revenant and tells her that, as his chains unwind, they will rip Rogue up into hamburger meat. Revenant stumbles to her feet and tells him that he had no right to take away her pleasure. Manacle laughs and tells Revenant that he just saved her life and, if this is what Rogue is like without her powers, imagine how she was with them!

Rogue stumbles near her house’s deck and hides behind it, watching as Manacle gloats. She talks to herself and tells him that he caught her by surprise and he is going to rue the day he didn’t finish her off. She places her hand to the gapping holes in her neck and watches the blood pour into her hands. Rogue stumbles to the nearby motorcycles and calls into the house via a communications device. Sage reports that Evangeline and Bishop are just now recovering. Bishop holds his head and tells her that he needs just a couple of minutes and continues to mutter that it was just a nightmare. Hopping onto her bike, Rogue tells Bishop that they don’t have a couple of minutes, because the bad guys are rolling.

Rogue follows after Manacle and Revenant and she reports to Sage that the villains share the same garage as Jarod Malloy, X-Corp’s Headquarters! Rogue reports that she doesn’t know Roberto DaCosta that much but, at this point, he isn’t looking all that great. Sage reports that Bobby is Sam’s friend and should be respected as such. Rogue points out that Mystique is her foster-mother, so relationships don’t seem to matter. Rogue goes on to say that she will always love Mystique, but they are adversaries and if Roberto has chosen a different path then Sam is fixing to have to make a hard decision.

Near Rogue’s location, Roberto is holding his gala for the Genoshan Relief Fund. Amara and Sam walk near the pool area, where the gala’s festivities are taking place, and Sam wonders how Bobby is able to mingle with so many people that hate him, because of who he is, a mutant? Amara tells Sam that she feels uncomfortable being there and Sam replies that he has the same feelings. He wonders aloud if it is Empath that is controlling their emotions. Amara tells him that Manuel knows better than to try and fool her again. Sam replies that Manuel cannot help the way he feels for her. Amara requests for Sam to change the subject, as the two heroes’ attention is diverted by the sound of a roaring motorcycle. The cycle seems to be jumping the guardrail and security around the complex converges on the pool. The assailant is Rogue and, as she hops off her fallen bike, she tells Roberto that she has questions for him and X-Corp and she will not leave till they are all answered!

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Cannonball, Sage, Storm, (all X-Treme X-Men)

Empath & Sunspot (X-Corp L.A. Divisions)

Gambit (X-Treme X-Men ally)

Lila Cheney (X-Treme X-Men ally)

Magma (former New Mutant)

Rogue (X-Treme X-Men ally)

California Lawyers and Judge

Evangeline Whedon

L.A. Airport Citizens

Mutants of Valle Soleada



Other mutants in gang

Bishop, Evangeline, and Sage’s Dream


Evangeline Whedon


Story Notes: 

Manacle appeared in Uncanny X-Men #383 as an employee of Ransome Sole

Evangeline Whedon's first appearance was in X-Treme X-Men #21

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