X-Treme X-Men (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
September 2012
Story Title: 

Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia (Writers), Dennis Crisostomo (Inker), Jessica Kholinne (Colourist), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Julian Totino Tedesco (Cover), Salvador Larroca with Marte Gracia (Varient Cover), Jeannie Schaefer (Editor), Nick Lowe (Group Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Qeusada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

On an alternate world, a device powered by a hundred severed heads of Xavier teleport the population and cities of an exploding planet to a brand new home in another reality. The teleport, though, creates a problem as a portal opens up in the sky. In the 616 universe, Dazzler is on a date with a man named Johnny. Just as they are bonding, however, Cyclops calls her back to Utopia. The X-Club has fixed the ghost box he recently used and he wants to activate it so he can help his friends from the alternate reality. When Dazzler uses her power to charge up the ghost box and open up its portal, dozens of tentacles emerge from it, along with alternate versions of some of the X-Men. Dazzler beats back the tentacles but is grabbed by more from another portal. The newly arrived alternate X-Men go after her through the portal just as it closes. On the other side, they come across the source of the tentacles: a squid-like alternate version of Xavier. It attacks them but Howlett is immune to its attacks and kills it. A benevolent Xavier tells the team that the mass teleport they arranged across dimensions has awoken up ten evil Xaviers in the multiverse and they need to be killed. He then uses his powers to teleport them to the first reality, which looks like an ancient Greek setting, where the team is subsequently met by more alternate versions of X-Men.

Full Summary: 

With a look of concentration on his face, Charles Xavier introduces himself and says that he believes in infinity. A voice calls out to a boy and asks what the holdup is. Kid Nightcrawler is wearing a cerebra helmet and is sitting on a device in the center of a round room. Attached to the device are dozens of glass orbs, each one containing the severed, let living, head of a Charles Xavier.

Kid Nightcrawler apologizes and says he has linked the Xavier heads and has given them a directive. They’re crunching the numbers and should be ready to jump. Xavier continues and says that once you accept infinity you accept the multiverse with its innumerable parallel worlds and “you’s.” He says it’s just science, ask any physicist.

In the streets, the people are running around in fear as buildings start to crumble. Howlett speaks to Kid Nightcrawler over the radio and tells him they are out of time, as the planet is breaking up. Behind him, Armor and Storm are trying to stop a building from falling down and crushing people.

Xavier asks what else but infinity could explain not just the infinitesimal possibility, but also the absolute inevitability, that one days a team of cross-dimensional X-Men – including Captain James Howlett, Emmaline Frost-Summers and Kurt Waggoner – would direct a hundred of his severed heads from their own realities to find an alternate Earth and teleport the entire human population of an exploding planet to a new home?

Kid Nightcrawler is watching over the Xaviers as they make the event happen. Entire cities, buildings and all are teleported to a new reality. Once they arrive, the chaos in the streets stops and the population stops to marvel at their new home. In the chamber, Kid Nightcrawler rejoices that it actually worked but his joy is cut short when all the Xaviers cry out in pain and their glass containers shatter. Using her telepathy, Emmaline explains that they overloaded themselves, as no-one has ever teleported six billion people and hundreds of trillions of tons of architecture all at once before.

One of the Xaviers remains intact and he tells Emmaline that it’s not just that; something has gone wrong or maybe it’s not gone right. In the sky above, a portal starts to appear. Xavier tells Kurt to look to it and then says that in all the universe of infinite possibilities someone was eventually going to usher in the end of everything.

(Meanwhile in our world, San Francisco)

On a street in San Francisco, Dazzler is dressed in her silver stage costume. Holding a microphone, she addresses a small crowd and tells them that she knows it’s hard. Who doesn’t want to jump off this crazy ol’ world most days? But she’s been through it all and she’s still here…she’s Alison Blaire… The Dazzler. And that means she’s here for all of them.

Only it isn’t the real Dazzler but a male impersonator instead. The crowd look on unbelieving as “Dazzler” continues and says he knows what they are going through and he swears today he will never let them go. One of the onlookers, a man in a hoodie, starts to laugh as another man scowls at him. As “Dazzler” starts to sing, the man in the hoodie shouts for him to play Freebird. The man who was scowling at his tells him that isn’t cool. None of them notice a woman walking towards them. She is carrying a guitar case on her back and is hanging her head down low under a cowboy cap.

As she walks past the singing impersonator, she waves her hand and light comes out of it, though it is unseen by the crowd. As the impersonator belts out one of Dazzler’s songs, bright, colorful light suddenly surrounds him to the amazement of the crowd. The crowd suddenly gets into the song and start to dance. The impersonator looks out at the woman and gives her a wink. The woman, the real Dazzler, walks away smiling as a voice calls her shameless. Alison says that she always sticks up for the underdog, particularly when it’s her.

The voice belongs to a young Asian man who also has a guitar strapped to his back. Alison apologizes and says she doesn’t usually show-off on a second date. The man says if he had impersonators and magic powers then he would have done the same thing. Alison corrects him telling him, it’s mutant powers. As the walk up to an ice-cream van, the man tells her not to get all “sciency” on him but she just says that it’s Homo superior 101.

The man says that he doesn’t know all about that… he’s just Johnny Ito, a simple country session musician… but he knows magic when he sees it. Johnny becomes embarrassed and asks if that was corny. As they take a couple of ice-cream cones Alison asks him if she’s blushing. He tells her she is and so she replies that corny works. She points out that he’s now blushing but he brushes it off saying it was a sympathetic reflex like yawning… and he’s still wrapping himself around the fact that she just called it a date.

As they walk across the street, Johnny starts babbling about how they were just hanging out after rehearsals but everyone else left except the two of them and then it happened, two days in a row. Alison interrupts him and tells him she thinks he’s cute when he self-depreciates. He smiles at her and says that accounts for about 28 percent of the cuteness. Alison smiles back and bites her finger nail as she tells him she is about to make some rash decisions. However, before she can go on, her phone starts ringing. When she looks at the display, she sees the call is coming from Utopia, much to her annoyance.


As they walk through the Utopia complex, Dazzler tells Madison Jeffries that it had better be good, as she was about to get lucky. He tells her that he will pretend he didn’t hear that, to which Dazzler quips that it’s “all coming up Dazzler.” Madison says that they have rebuilt the ghost box that teleported Cyclops back from his alternate world adventure. Dazzler comments that she loves the way it trips off his tongue as if that’s totally normal. Madison replies that it actually is, for the X-Men. He continues and says that Cyclops made some friends in that reality and he thinks that they are in trouble.

As they approach one of the research labs, they overhear Cyclops and Danger talking. Cyclops says they don’t have time to fool around; if they need a power source he’s got it covered. Danger tells him his optic blasts aren’t directly convertible but Cyclops interrupts him and says that he has seen the specs and the ghost box requires a massive amount of energy. Just as he starts questioning Dazzler’s powers, she walks in and loudly clears her throat. As Cyclops greets her, she says she heard that Cyclops was running a little low on awesome.

Madison walks over to a device that is holding a ghost box. He starts it up and tells Dazzler that he can create any sound she likes. To his surprise, she gets out her guitar and tells him that she has better control her way. Danger starts to tell her how the system is built but Dazzler just asks where to hit it. Danger simply tells her to hit the little red dot. As she starts playing her guitar, she begins to generate bursts of light around her. She tells Cyclops not to sweat it, as she understands it’s easy to underestimate “the Dazz.” Even she has trouble putting confidence in a former drug-addict disco queen with daddy issues and one hit record to her name. But some days you walk down the street and realize your dopey behind-the-music life may have made a difference to somebody in some way… so it’s all good.

With that Dazzler lets out a blast of light that hits the ghost box. Madison tells her that was perfect and Danger says it is at 100 percent powered.

As the ghost box turns on and starts to open up a portal, Cyclops thanks Dazzler and tells her to stand back. Before he can finish, though, dozens of huge tentacles reach through the portal. Along with the tentacles, Kid Nightcrawler, Xavier, Emmaline and Howlett jump through. Howlett yells to Cyclops to close the portal or the whole world will die. Before he can react, Cyclops is hit by a blast coming from one of the tentacles. Nearby, Madison and Danger are both flung through the air as Dazzler dives for cover.

On the floor Cyclops is bleeding but he recognizes his friends from the other dimension. Dazzler grabs her guitar and starts playing. As she swings her arms around, she lets out daggers of light that hit some of the tentacles, which are in turn sliced apart. Wrapped up in one of the tentacles, Howlett yells to Dazzler to shut it down. Danger agrees with him but starts to malfunction due to her injuries. As Cyclops starts to get up, Dazzler tells him to stay down. She runs towards the portal and tells him not to worry… this b-side rocks. With that, she leaps in the air and lets out a huge blast of light right into the core of the tentacles.

However, some more tentacles wrap around her and pull her through another portal. Kid Nightcrawler yells for the other not to let it get away. Emmaline, picking her fur coat off the floor, asks why… as “away” is good. Howlett tells her that in his world it is considered bad form to let the monster eat the girl. Emmaline replies that she seems fairly well grown and she can take care of herself. Kid Nightcrawler grabs the rest of his team and tells them to get ready. As Emmaline tells them it’s a bad idea, he teleports them through the portal to Dazzler and the source of the tentacles. Dazzler yells for them to wait, as it would just be better to teleport her out instead of everyone else in.

They arrive on the other side of the portal to find themselves in a huge cave. In the middle of the cave is a giant, squid-like creature with a huge, exposed brain which has lots of cables coming out of it. The squid-creature lets them go and they stare at it in shock and disgust. Xavier tells them that it’s what Xavier looks like on this world. With that, the Xavier-squid lets out a psychic blast that causes the team to collapse on the floor in agony. All, that is, except Howlett. Xavier tells him it’s all up to him. With that, Howlett leaps forward at the Xavier-squid and starts slashing at it with his golden claws, spraying blue blood everywhere.

As the rest of the team start to recover, Dazzler asks how he did that. Howlett replies that he has an adamantine-laced skull that protects him from psychic attacks. Howlett introduces himself to her as James Howlett, Former Governor General of dominion of Canada and Viceroy of her Majesty’s expedition to Shangri-la. She replies and says she’s Alison Blaire but everyone calls her the Dazzler. Emmaline says that they don’t on her world. As Dazzler starts to ask what they call her, Emmaline cuts her off and tells her not in polite company.

Kid Nightcrawler turns to Dazzler and explains that she is Emmaline Frost-Summers of the Albion X-Society. He then whispers that actually she isn’t that polite. He then introduces himself as Kurt Waggoner of PS 1214, Brooklyn of the United States of California. He tells Dazzler that he has her album, or rather the album of the Dazzler from his world. He says he has never heard anyone play the accordion the way she does.
The Xavier head in a jar then comes forward and introduces himself. Dazzler jokes that he must be from the no-body world. He tells her it’s a long story, so he’ll cut to the chase.

A hundred other Xaviers and he just saved the entire human population of a dying planet in the largest trans-dimensional teleportation ever attempted. Kurt chips in and says it was awesome, they even moved the cats too. Dazzler tells him that was impressive but she didn’t think the Xavier on her world had that kind of power. Xavier tells her that neither did they… alone. He goes on and tells her he can concentrate enough information to create a miniature black hole, warp space and time and trans-dimensionally teleport a handful of people at a time. Only by combining all their powers could they transport so many… and that’s what caused the problem. They broke something in the multiverse… or rather created something.

Howlett says he is losing track of the cut-to-the-chase part. Xavier tells them he has a mission for them. Across the multiverse, ten different Xaviers a thousand times more powerful than the squid-Xavier have been awakened. They must find them and kill them before they destroy all of creation.

Dazzler tells him there are about a jillion problems with that plan. She says that firstly X-Men don’t kill, a fact which Howlett can’t quite believe. And secondly, assuming everything else about the story is true, how do they know that he isn’t the first evil Xavier? Emmaline says that he is telling the truth, to which Dazzler says that maybe she is an evil Xavier too. Emmaline tells Dazzler that maybe she is as well. Dazzler says that maybe she is so don’t mess with her. Kurt stands in the middle of the group and asks what they are fighting for, as they all know they are going to do this. When Emmaline asks why that is, Kurt replies that it’s because they are X-Men.

As Xavier tells them to prepare for the first jump, Dazzler tries to object but it’s too late. The team starts to move through time and space. As they do so, they see an image of a man sitting on the stairs outside a house whilst playing a guitar. Dazzler recognizes the man as Johnny and calls out to him but Xavier tells her he can’t hear. Dazzler thinks they are going to her world but Xavier corrects her and says they are just on transit and that her psyche is reaching him through the cracks. He says he would appreciate it if she would stop but she tells him the heart wants what the heart wants. As she stares at him she says she was supposed to meet him at eight and he’s getting stood up as they speak. Just then a woman approaches Johnny and hugs him much to Dazzler’s alarm. She reaches out to him but the image disappears as the team reaches their destination.

They arrive in a courtyard that styled in a similar fashion to the ancient Greek or Roman times. Large columns made of stone hold up buildings, which in turn are decorated with carved scenes and statues. Dazzler curses as they arrive and Howlett asks what’s wrong. As she starts to tell him it’s nothing, a voice yells out and calls them blasphemers. The voice belongs to a guard dressed in ancient Roman-style armor. He orders the other guards to kill them, and with that they let out a flurry of arrows at the team. Dazzler creates a shield made of light above them to deflect the arrows.

Kurt points out they have swords too as the guards charge them. Howlett engages the guards and shatters their swords with his claws. Dazzler looks towards the guards and asks how hard this can be. Just as she says that, another voice calls out and orders them to kneel. The team look up to see this world’s version of Angel, Storm, Iceman, Namor, Sabretooth and Thor looking down at them. They are dressed in a similar fashion to the guards, except their armor looks much more ornate and is gold. Angel continues his orders for them to kneel down and pay homage to the gods of the temple they so foolishly desecrate. In reply to Dazzler’s earlier question, Kurt simply says “that hard.”

Characters Involved: 

Dazzler, Cyclops (all X-Men)

Madison Jeffries, Danger (all X-Club)

Kid Nightcrawler, James Howlett, Emmaline Frost-Summers, Armor, Storm, numerous Xavier heads (all X-men on alternate world)

Inhabitants of exploding world


Johnny Ito

Dazzler impersonator

Crowd of people listening to Dazzler impersonator

Storm, Iceman, Sabretooth, Angel, Namor, Thor (residents of ancient Greek world)


Story Notes: 

Emmaline first appeared in Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes #1 special. Kid Nightcrawler and Howlett first appeared in Astonishing X-Men. They all come from different realities but were brought together by an evil counterpart of Charles Xavier, who intended on using their energies as a power source for his world. The evil Xavier was ultimately defeated by 616 Cyclops and the remaining alternate X-Men stayed on the world to help repair it. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #44-47]

A Ghost Box is a device used to open up portals between dimensions.

This issue takes place before the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover.

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