X-Treme X-Men (2nd series) #11

Issue Date: 
March 2013
Story Title: 
No title

Greg Pak (Writer), Stephen Segovia (Pencils), Dennis Crisostomo (Inks), Jessica Kholinne and Ifansyah Noor (Colors), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Kalman Andrasofoszky (Cover), Jeannie Schaefer (Editor), Jennifer M. Smith (Assistant Editor), Nick Lowe (Group Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Qeusada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

As the flood waters flow into the human hideout, Dazzler fights with the Nazi Xavier. He tells her that he only sided with the Nazis to help defend his nation. After the war was won, he killed the rest of his allies so that he could rule and bring peace to the world. But Atlantis took the opportunity to attack and they used tidal waves to wipe out most of the world. Namor angrily confronted Atlantis but Xavier got there first and killed the Atlanteans. Namor spent the rest of his time hunting Xavier. Back in the hideout, the Nazi Xavier convinces Dazzler and her team to gang up on Namor, who is tearing the hideout apart. They knock him down and Xavier uses a special attack he has been preparing for such an occasion. Dazzler kills Xavier, saving Namor. They make peace and Namor leaves. Later on, the team’s Xavier says that their mission is complete, as they have killed the ten evil Xaviers. As they spend the evening wondering what they will do next, Sage realizes they only killed nine. They confront Xavier and the sorcerer Xavier from the previous world appears. He tells them that two Xaviers meeting is bad but three could mean the end of the world. With that, he resurrects the Nazi Xavier and the team is engulfed by a bright light.

Full Summary: 

(the HMS Albion, the home of the last 500 human survivors of flooded London)

The floodwaters from Namor’s attack gush into the tunnels of the last human stronghold. The team hurriedly gets the civilians out of harm’s way but Dazzler is more concerned with attacking the Nazi Xavier. As she fires beams of light at him, he deflects them with an energy shield. The team’s Xavier yells at her that they need to team up with him but she refuses to help a Nazi.

As he continues to deflect the attacks, he tells her that he understands her sentiment but he’s technically not a Nazi. He’s just the founding leader of the British Union of Fascists. He swore to defend his nation from depression, exploitation, corruption and invasion. He forged the necessary alliances to ensure his people’s safety. He recalls how he had to join forces with the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and Stalin to defeat the war against the mongrel nations that threatened them. A Japanese Captain America fell at the hands of Xavier himself.

Once the war was over, he cleaned his own house by dispatching Hitler and his other allies. The people of the free world cheered him as after all what they wanted was order and safety. And with him in charge, the only thing that could threaten them was an act of God. Unfortunately for Xavier, something akin to an act of God would indeed come for him. Huge tidal waves crashed over the buildings of London and every city around the world. In Tokyo, the drowning of millions was witnessed by Namor Miyamoto, protector of Imperial Japan and son of Atlantis. Namor and Xavier quickly realized who sent the huge waves. The Atlantean High Command had been waiting for the lungmen to weaken themselves with infighting. But they underestimated the affection their estranged Prince Namor had for the surface world. He made his way to Atlantis and tried to confront the leaders but was held back by the guards. The Atlanteans also underestimated Xavier and he travelled to Atlantis too. However, he used a submarine and he wiped out the Atlanteans with ease. Namor should have thanked him but instead he’s spent the last ten years trying to kill him.

Now the team has lead Namor to Xavier’s hiding place and the final extermination of the Aryan race is their fault. Dazzler picks up on the term “Aryan” and declares they are Nazis. Even though she’s disgusted, she gets the team to take the civilians to higher ground. As they head up the stairs, Cyclops’ attention is caught by yelling coming from behind a door. He uses his optic beams and blasts open the door to find a room full of frail-looking black people, who are chained up. They tell him they’re slaves and he angrily blasts their shackles off them and gets them to safety.

As the waters rise, Dazzler yells for Cyclops and the two of them join forces to blast Xavier. But he still manages to deflect their attacks. Xavier tells them they’re in the same boat and, if he wants to save his new friends, then he should focus on Namor.

As the flood waters swirl around him, Namor rips open the earth to find Xavier. He finds instead Hercules, who punches him square in the jaw. He says it’s for playing God and then invites other people to punch him too. Dazzler, Cyclops and Nazi Xavier oblige and hit him at the same time with their powers. Xavier turns to Dazzler and congratulates her. He offers for her to stay on this world and help repopulate it. She angrily tells him to stop talking, otherwise his head won’t be the only thing she cuts off today. Namor suddenly appears, swinging a huge piece of metal at her. Before he can land a hit, Cyclops blasts him backwards. Dazzler thanks him and he asks which one does she wants him to hit now.

Sage suddenly calls up to her. She’s still in the wreckage of the hideout and she informs Dazzler not all the civilians are out yet. The structural integrity of the island if failing and it can’t take another one of Namor’s hits. She orders Dazzler to wrap it up. As Namor charges again, Dazzler and Cyclops blast him once again. Xavier however does something different this time. He zaps Namor with green electricity that emanates from his hands. Namor writhes in agony as Xavier explains that it’s a neurochemical psychic shock specially tailored to his physiology. He had to breed and experiment on thirty Atlantean hybrids before he perfected the technique. Xavier stands over Namor and continues, telling him that he’s been sitting on it for the last three years, wondering on how to get close enough to use it. But, thanks to his new friends, today is the day he dies.

As Namor lies on the floor in pain, he wearily asks how Dazzler can side with the murderer. She decides to tell him a little secret… on this world, murderers are all she sees. Sage finally makes it out the hideout and she tells Dazzler the civilians are all clear. She mutters “finally” and then impales Xavier through the chest with a spear of light and he collapses on the floor. Cyclops asks if Dazzler’s alright and she tells him yes. Interjecting, Xavier asks how she did it, as he would have picked up any thoughts of attacking. Another Dazzler suddenly appears as the Dazzler that just stabbed Xavier fades away. She says she kept her distance and used a solid light construct to do the dirty work. He smiles and says she would make a magnificent consort.

With that, Namor uses his spear and slices Xavier’s head off. Dazzler tells Namor that was her move and says there’s no need to fight, as she knows what he has been through. She holds out a hand to him and tells him he’s welcome to stay and celebrate or mourn. Looking saddened, he asks if she thinks she knows. Until she loses everything and everyone, even herself, she knows nothing. With that, he leaves the small island.


On the small island, the team and the survivors enjoy the peace. The bodiless Xavier addresses the team and thanks them as their mission is complete. Sage questions what he means and he tells them that the ten evil Xaviers are dead and they healed the multiverse. So tonight, they celebrate and reflect and in the morning he will send them wherever they want to go.

A little while later, Dazzler sits on a rock overlooking the ocean as the sun sets. Cyclops comes up to her and asks if she has a minute. She notes he called her Alison and he replies that it’s better late than never. He stutters as he asks where she wants to go in the morning. She replies she doesn’t know and seems resigned with her world. But with everything they’ve done, she’s not who she used to be. He tells her he knows how she feels. They stare at each other for a few seconds and then passionately kiss.

They walk back to the rest of the team, who are sitting around a campfire. Sage seems concerned with the ten evil Xaviers part. The rest of the team reel off the different Xaviers that they have killed and Sage realizes that they have only killed nine, much to Dazzler’s horror.

(on the other side of the island)

The bodiless Xavier approaches the corpse of the Nazi Xavier. Dazzler and her team run towards him. Xavier asks what she’s doing there. He tells her he tried to buy her some time to leave her behind. She’s become a leader, ready to embrace reality and make the hardest choices. But in the end, she didn’t go far enough. She should have killed him.

Xavier suddenly manifests the sorcerer Xavier from the previous world. He erupts out of him in a swirl of green energy. The sorcerer Xavier holds the team’s Xavier in his hand as he grins menacingly. The team’s Xavier continues and says he told them before if two Xaviers get together it would be disastrous. But three would bring the end of the world. With that, the sorcerer Xavier laughs again and the corpse of the Nazi Xavier comes back to life as the green energy swirls around it. Dazzler screams as a bright light engulfs them.

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Dazzler, Hercules, Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, Sage, Xavier (all X-Men)

“Nazi” Xavier

Human civilians


Sorcerer Xavier

(in Xavier’s flashback)



Adolph Hitler

Benito Mussolini

Hideki Tojo

Joseph Stalin

Captain America

(in team’s flashback)

Squid Xavier

Steampunk Xavier

Cowboy Xavier

Dinosaur Xavier

Acanti Skywhale Xavier

616 Xavier

Unicorn/Demon Xavier

Sorcerer Xavier

Nazi Xavier

Story Notes: 

It would appear Japan was the dominant force in this reality, as both Namor and Captain America appear to be of Japanese descent.

The Aryan race was believed by the Nazis to be superior to other races of humans. This “master race” was generally thought to contain physical traits associated with Nordic people such as fair hair, light skin color and blue eyes.

Xavier commented that he didn’t pick up on the fact that Dazzler was thinking of attacking when it was in fact her hologram that did it. Really, he should have realized Dazzler was using a hologram, given that it wouldn’t have had any brainwaves whatsoever.

This isn’t the first time Dazzler has used a solid light construct of someone. During the Eve of Destruction crossover, she switched places with Xavier, who was being crucified. She managed to fool Magneto by encasing herself in a hologram of Xavier.

This team has now witnessed the deaths of nine Xaviers:

Squid Xavier – Issue #1

Steampunk Xavier – Issue #3

Cowboy Xavier – Issue #5

Dinosaur Xavier – Unseen between issues #5 and 8.

Acanti Skywhale Xavier – Issue #7.1

616 Xavier – Avengers vs X-Men #11

Unicorn/Demon Xavier – Issue #9

Sorcerer Xavier – Issue #10

Nazi Xavier – Issue #11

This would infer that 616 Xavier was one of the ten evil Xaviers that the team had to kill. The circumstances surrounding his death and the fact that the team was not present brings this into question, though. Dazzler and Co. only ended up back in the 616 universe as they were chasing the Acanti Xavier. The team’s Xavier was continuing the mission with a different team.

Sorcerer Xavier corrupted the team’s Xavier last issue.

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