Amazing Adventures (2nd series)


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Amazing Adventures (2nd series)
Publication Date: 
August 1970 to November 1976
Issue Numbering: 

Title was a throwback to earlier anthology/double-feature series for the first eight issues. Beginning with #9, the title featured just one individual or team.

Series became a solo series for the Beast from #11-17 and is notable for introducing his "furry" form. From #18 until its cancelation with #39, the title featured Marvel's version of the War of the Worlds and introduced the character of Killraven. Although not directly related, the Inhumans earned their own series a few years later.

Annuals / Specials: 


Features stories/characters:
#1-8 - Inhumans & Black Widow
#9-10 - Inhumans
#11-17 - the Beast
#18-39- War of the Worlds / Killraven

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