Season 1 Episode 1

X-Men: Evolution Season 1 Episode 1

Strategy X
Original Air Date: 
Sat 4th November 2000

Patrick Inness (associate producer), Frank Paur (director), Bob Forward & Greg Johnson (executive story editor), William Anderson VIII (music), Boyd Kirkland & Mike Wolf (producer), Avi Arad & Rick Ungar (story), Greg Johnson (story editor), Bob Forward (writer)

Brief Description: 

At the Bayville High School football game, Cyclops accidentally causes an explosion when he gets into a fight with Jean Grey's love interest, Duncan Matthews. Cyke was helping out Toad, who had been picking wallets. Prof X and Storm introduce Kurt Wagner to his institute for mutants. Wolverine makes his way back to the institute after seeing a headline about the explosion, and Sabretooth follows him. Raven Darkholme, the Bayville High principal, gets Toad to visit the Institute. There he gets into a scuffle with Nightcrawler and the two of them accidentally end up in the Danger Room. Nightcrawler decides to join the X-Men, although Toad does not. Finally, we find out that Principal Darkholme is really Mystique and that she is working for Magneto.

Full Synopsis: 

The scene opens at a football game. The quarterback, Duncan Matthews, gets tackled in front of Jean Grey, who is taking pictures. Duncan asks her if the pictures for the yearbook, to which she responds, "No, this one's for my personal collection."

The scene's focus shifts to Scott Summers who is sitting in the bleachers with a blonde male friend. Scott's playing with a coin and, ostensibly, watching Jean and Duncan as they walk off the field together. One of the other football players points out Todd Tolansky (sp?) saying, "Tolanksy's at it again". Todd is under the bleachers and picking pockets from the people in the crowd. Duncan asks the coach if he and his friends can be excused. The coach looks at the scoreboard and says sure, but to hurry back. Duncan and his friends walk towards the bleachers saying, "This is gonna be great!"

Just then Scott drops his coin and looks down, in time to see a hand picking the wallet out of someone's back pocket. Scott and his friend notice it and he heads for the space under the bleachers.

The ground underneath the underside of the bleachers is strewn with empty wallets. In the middle of picking another pocket Todd is grabbed and thrown to the muddy ground by Duncan. Duncan calls him "Toady Tolansky" and "Frog Face" and starts to bully him. Scott arrives and points out that instead the money can still be returned. Duncan tells Scott to get lost and starts throwing Todd around, but Scott grabs him. Todd escapes by hopping away and Duncan's two friends chase after him, while Duncan trips and lands face forward in the mud. He gets up and turns to Scott and they begin fighting. Jean appears and sees what's going on and calls Scott's name. Distracted, he turns and gets punched by Duncan. His glasses go flying and Duncan goes head over heels as Scott's beams hit him and eventually hit a tank of gas, which explodes. The football team and cheerleaders are seen running away from the explosion.

Firemen are putting out the fire as a fancy car drives up. The back window rolls down and the silhouette of Professor X is seen. Jean Grey retrieves Scott's glasses from underneath a burning piece of wood by TKically moving it. She puts them back on Scott and tells him he should split. A doctor examines Duncan and says he's been hit hard. A police officer looks around and (after some suggestion from Professor X) says the explosion must have been caused by a leak in the propane tank ("of course"). Jean goes to Duncan who is on a stretcher and asks him if he's okay, calling him "poor baby", and Scott watches as he gets wheeled off. Todd says thanks to Scott who brushes him off. Todd squats down and eats a fly. Prof X says to Storm who is driving that things are under control but that they should hurry because they have a train to catch.

Storm and Prof X meet Kurt at the train station. He is completely covered in a dark, grayish robe.

Scene shifts to Logan on his motorcycle. He stops at a market and picks up a newspaper with the headline, "Explosion at High School". Logan pays for that and a bottle of water which we hear him slice open with his claws. He leaves the empty bottle parts and an astonished clerk behind as he exits. Sabretooth crouches on a mountaintop nearby and watches him malevolently.

Jean is in the bathroom primping as Scott waits impatiently. As they head out Prof X calls them in to introduce them to Kurt Wagner. Kurt is still fully covered. He hesitates when Scott extends his hand to be shaken, but at Prof X's prompting extends his blue hand and shakes it, to Jean and Scott's surprise. Prof X alludes to the events from the previous night, and then chastises Scott to be more careful and says that he's at the school to learn control. Jean asks Kurt what his "gift" is and he demonstrates by teleporting.

Todd is called into Raven Darkholme's office. She tells him she needs more info about Scott and "other's like him" and turns into a monster to frighten him.

Kurt is shown to his new room and is amazed that it is all for him. The Prof gives him an image inducer (a watch-like device that makes him look normal) and Storm and Professor X remind Kurt that he -is- "normal", and that the image inducer is just a disguise so that he won't be "persecuted by those who don't understand his gifts." Kurt is excited and then he opens a box and sees his new uniform.

Scott is getting his lunch from his locker when Todd grabs his glasses with his tongue. Todd gives him his glasses back, jumps around demonstrating his powers, and says he wants to talk because they're both "not like other people". Scott says he'll think about it and leaves.

Professor X gets a signal from Cerebro and sees that Todd has been using his powers. Scott calls him and tells him about Todd and asks if he should bring him in. Prof X says "No need" and hangs up. Kurt asks the Professor about Cerebro, and the Professor tells him it detects "special powers". He asks Storm, who is watering her plants with a small raincloud, if she can "audition" someone.

Toad is seen hopping towards Xavier's school's fence in his costume. He hops over the fence and Storm is seen stepping out of the building. She looks around and then flies into the air. Toad sees her pass by over his head and immediately it starts to storm, to his surprise. She chases him, aiming lightning bolts at him.

Nightcrawler is seen walking down the front staircase of the school. He notices the storm and as he nears the front door it blows open and Toad is blown in. They crash into each other and begin taunting each other, leading to Toad chasing Nightcrawler all over the building, destroying things in the process.

Meanwhile Professor X tells Storm that Toad -could- be an Xman, but Storm disagrees. Prof X says that Toad is welcome to join them if he wants, but Toad says the only thing he wants is to beat up on Nightcrawler. He attacks Nightcrawler who is on a chandelier, and as they both fall Nightcrawler accidentally teleports them into the Danger Room.

The Danger Room automatically starts shooting at them. Prof X calls Cyclops and Jean to get into the Danger Room right away. Cyclops and Jean help Nightcrawler and Toad until the Prof can get to the control panel to turn it off. Nightcrawler, a little overconfident once he realizes that the Danger Room is a training area, has to be rescued by Storm.

Toad, freaked out, leaves. Prof X tells Cyke to let him go. Nightcrawler feels he blew it because he put Toad and Cyclops in danger, and feels like he doesn't belong there, and teleports away. Cyke goes to follow him. Toad sees Wolverine on the way out, and the Prof tells Logan to let him go.

Nightcrawler has teleported into the Blackbird's hangar. Cyclops says if he sticks around he'll get to fly it. Nightcrawler says he feels bad because he almost got Cyke killed, but Cyke says to not to do it again and that everyone messes up sometimes. Nightcrawler asks him if he minds the way he looks, and Cyke says that so long as NC doesn't hassle him about his shades they'll call it even. So Nightcrawler decides to join.

At Bayville High the Principal is angry that Toad was in Xavier's school and ran away. She assumes that his mind has been wiped, but he shakes his head no. Still angry, though, she throws him out. Once he's gone she changes into her normal form as Mystique. A deep voice says that she shouldn't have been so hard on him because they "don't want to thin their ranks" as metal objects start flying around the room. Mystique seems intimidated. The silhouette of Magneto is seen outside the window and he says ominously: "Remember, this is only the beginning."

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Magneto, Mystique, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Civilians, firemen, paramedics, policemen, students, teachers
Duncan Matthews

In Mystique's shape-shifting:
Principal Raven Darkholme


The police officer who is at the scene after Cyclops peeks w/out his ruby reds is Scott McNeil ... also Wolverine

When Professor X introduces Scott and Jean to Nightcrawler, there is an 'X' on the ceiling behind Scott.

Introduces Professor X, Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, Mystique, and Toad.

In the comics Toad's name is Mortimer Toynbee, not Todd Tolansky.

The robe that Nightcrawler is seen wearing is reminescent of the fact that in the comics Kurt Wagner lived as a monk in a monastery.

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