Season 1, Episode 12

X-Men: Evolution Season 1, Episode 12

The Cauldron (1)
Original Air Date: 
Sat 5th May 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Simon Furman (writer), Gary Graham (director)

Brief Description: 

After ten years of thinking his brother dead in a plane crash, Scott finds
out through Cerebro that his younger brother, Alex Summers, is very much
alive in Hawaii and developing mutant powers. He leaves to meet with him,
but Alex is noticed also by Magneto, and in the perfect timing for him: the
beginning of his plan to gather the strongest mutants on his sanctuary,
Asteroid M. As far as Professor X and the Summers brothers are concerned,
Magneto already decided they're powerful enough and brings them to Asteroid
M. The others, however, need to prove themselves. First, Toad is sent to
battle Jean, a battle Jean wins. Then, other battles take place. Storm beats
Mystique, Rogue beats Toad, Blob beats Shadowcat, Avalanche beats
Nightcrawler, Quicksilver beats Spyke and Sabretooth and Wolverine are still
battling. The winners are taken to the asteroid, where Magneto locks Storm,
Jean and Rogue. Cyclops, however, to Xavier's horror doesn't need locking.

Full Synopsis: 

Scott and Jean are driving in Scott's car to the Institute. He takes off,
and Jean tries to call him and tell him he forgot his homework but he can't
hear her. Then, she hears a noise in the woods and goes to investigate,
finding Toad waiting for her, attacking with a branch. She tries to make him
stop, but he won't so she fights back and throws him into a well. She runs
to check on him, but suddenly a metal sphere shows up behind her from the
sky and opens. It opens up and metal arms pull her in. It closes and floats
back into the air. Toad pops up and yells at it that it should have been

On a beach in Hawaii, a boy named Alex in at sea with his surfboard. His
friends are on the beach, thinking on whether to join him or not and
eventually decide that he probably wants to be alone. Alex tries to relax on
the surfboard, but his rest is disturbed by a hungry shark, flipping the
board. Alex dives and put his hands in front of his head protectively, when
suddenly he manifests a mutant power – his hands shoot an energy beam at the
shark. The shark won't give up and tries again, but Alex got the idea and
shoots again, driving the shark away. He surfaces and looks at his glowing
hands in amazement.

In the new Cerebro, Wolverine enters and asks Professor X if Cerebro is
already online. Xavier answers that it already pinpointed the emergence of a
new mutant only partially developed, by the name of Alex Masters, formerly
known as Alex Summers, Scott's brother. Logan is puzzled, as he was sure
that Scott was the only one of his family who survived a plane crash when he
was little, and Xavier replies that he thought so too, and so does Scott. He
then orders Logan to have Scott meet them in the hangar – they're flying to
Hawaii. As Logan leaves, Xavier tells him to be prepared for trouble, as
he's sure they're not the only ones who have interest in Alex.

In Hawaii, Alex reached the shore and can't understand what's happening.
Suddenly, Magneto appears and tells him that he can help him relief the pain
that his newfound power is causing him and to give him answers. At first
Alex is skeptical, but then he is convinced that Magneto is there to give
him sanctuary.

Near the X-Jet, Professor X is telling the stunned Cyclops that his little
brother, Alex, is still alive after all. Scott is hysterical, blaming
himself for just accepting his death instead of trying to find him. Xavier
comforts him that it's not his fault, and tells him that Alex is living with
his foster parents in Hawaii. Scott rushes into the jet, and after Xavier
follows him, they leave. Shadowcat, Rogue, Spyke and Nightcrawler show up
right then and are disappointed that they didn't get to go to Hawaii too,
but Kitty says that she can understand why Scott wouldn't want to have a
crowd when he meets his brother after ten years and Kurt suggests another
plan- they'll take a road trip to another beach. The four of them leave in
the X-Van (with Kurt driving), as Rogue couldn't find Jean, but left her a
note. A cat sees them leave and then reveals to be Mystique. She tells
Avalanche on the radio that they're moving, and he answers that not for

In Hawaii, the jet lands in a cove, and got one hour before the tide forces
them to leave. Scott and Logan get out looking for Alex, but only finding
his surfboard and footprints that disappear in the middle. Logan's senses
tell him that the footprints belong to Magneto, and Scott asks him who's
Magneto. Logan tells him that he's about to find out and, indeed, Magneto
attacks the jet, with Xavier inside. The jet takes off and Logan jumps onto
it, and before Scott can realize what's going on, Alex shows up. They have a
reunion and laugh together, when suddenly Alex mentions Magneto's name.
Scott immediately asks him what is he talking about and tells him that
Magneto just kidnapped his professor, but Alex tells him Magneto only wants
to show them all something. Scott asks who "them" is, and Alex explains –
mutants. He then tells Scott about his powers, and how Magneto told him all
about mutants. Alex starts talking about how great Magneto is and leads his
brother into a metal sphere that'll take them to Magneto. Scott isn't sure,
but decides to go to keep an eye on Alex and to find Professor X.

In the jet, Magneto explains to Xavier that he is taking steps to ensure
their survival to protect them from humankind. He then notices Wolverine,
and tells him that he has complete control over him, as adamantium is a
metal. He tosses Wolverine to the ocean, and he swims to an island.

In the Institute, Ororo returns to find the mansion empty, besides a cat at
the entrance. After they enter the cat shifts to Mystique and Storm shoots a
lightning at her, knocking her down the stairs.

On the road, Rogue is enjoying the ocean breeze, as she has to stay all
covered up because of her power. Kurt tells her that she should "try being
blue and furry", and fails to notice the road breaking ahead of them. Kitty
yells at him to look at the road, and he manages to stay in control of the
van, though then more trouble comes in Lance, Pietro and Todd in the
Brotherhood jeep. Lance drives into the van and makes the road break some
more, so Evan decides to fight back and shoots spikes at the jeep. Just at
the right moment, Lance creates an avalanche of rocks, forcing the van into
a dirt road and straight into Fred's stomach. The jeep is right after them.

Wolverine reaches the island exhausted, but has no time to rest – Sabretooth
is there. Logan says that he probably wasn't dropped there by accident, and
Sabretooth confirms, before charging.

The jet flies towards a metal asteroid and Magneto welcomes Xavier to his
sanctuary – Asteroid M. Xavier asks what's this about, and all other battles
are seen with Magneto's answer as voiceover. Magneto explains that this is
about rebirth. In the mansion, Mystique and Storm are throwing each other on
the walls. Magneto explains that he created a trial, for both Xavier's
students and his own recruits. On the island, Sabretooth attacks Wolverine
but misses. Magneto says that in each battle one shall win and one shall
lose and only those who emerge victorious shall take their place on Asteroid
M. On the beach, Blob throws the X-Men out of the van and Avalanche buries
them in the sand. Magneto says that once gathered in this place of solitude,
they can then fully realize their mutant abilities safe from those who might
mistreat them. Xavier begs Magneto not to do this, as they can introduce
themselves to mankind as friends and not enemies, but Magneto replies that
while Xavier is an idealist, he is realist and knows that it's a dark future
ahead and they must be prepared.

On the beach, Toad looks at the sand burying the X-Men and comments on how
fast that was. It isn't over, though, as Nightcrawler and Rogue teleport up
and Shadowcat and Spyke phase up. Nightcrawler charges at Avalanche and
Rogue at Toad, as Quicksilver attacks his old rival Spyke and Blob trips
Shadowcat and jumps on her. Kitty phases up, but faints. Kurt teleports onto
some rocks, but Avalanche makes them fall and Kurt doesn't manage to get
away in time. Pietro is too fast for Evan and he can't hit his enemy, until
he gets buried in sand. Rogue turns to be the only winning X-Man as she
quite easily escapes Toad and almost absorbs him, but Lance stops her and
tells her that it doesn't matter – it's over. Four metal spheres pick the
winners up.

In the mansion, Mystique manages to surprise Storm, but Ororo quickly
recovers. Mystique is angry that she even has to prove herself to Magneto,
but then Storm creates fog and surprises her, winning at last. A metal
sphere shows up and takes her.

On the island, Wolverine and Sabretooth keep attacking each other. Wolverine
demands to know where Magneto took Xavier, and Sabretooth answers that he is
in sanctuary, while the rest of them have to fight for their right to get

On asteroid M, the spheres arrive. Magneto urges Xavier to side with him,
and Xavier asks what'll happen to those who won't come willingly. Magneto
shows him Storm, Jean and Rogue in some sort of tanks. Xavier says that he
abducted them, and Magneto answers that a certain amount or persuasion may
still be needed but for every unbeliever, there is a new convert. The Lance,
Pietro, Fred, Alex and Scott enter, the brothers wearing matching uniforms.
Xavier is shocked to see one of his most loyal students siding with Magneto.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Havok \ Alex Summers

Avalanche, Blob, Magneto, Mystique, Quicksilver, Toad (all Brotherhood)



This is the first appearance of Havok.

Cerebro was destroyed by Juggernaut during 'Survival of the Fittest'. This
new Cerebro looks very much like the movie one – a huge round room with a

At the beginning of Storm and Mystique's battle, Storm's mouth moves but
Mystique's voice speaks.

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