Season 1 Episode 8

X-Men: Evolution Season 1 Episode 8

Original Air Date: 
Sat 10th February 2001

Rick Ungar (producer), Frank Paur (director), Rick Ungar, Christy Marx, Randy Littlejohn (story), Christy Marx, Randy Littlejohn (writer)

Brief Description: 

Evan is given an extra credit assignment: to create a film about his 'current events'. He starts off by filming Kitty and Rogue and their efforts to audition for the school play. Sabretooth intercepts Evan's camera and learns Wolverine's whereabouts. He then tries to attack Wolverine at the Institute, but is thwarted. Evan, seeking to make amends, lures Sabretooth away, and with the help of Kitty, Rogue, and Wolverine, defeat him. Sabretooth gets dropped in an arctic wasteland, Evan completes his assignment, and Rogue and Kitty both appear in the school play.

Full Synopsis: 

A water tower in Bayville. Sabretooth walks towards the fence surrounding it which has signs reading "No Admittance". He smashes through it and begins climbing the tower.

At the high school the bell rings signalling the end of class. Students exit a classroom but Evan stays behind staring at the red 'D' on the front of his Social Science report. Evan's worried that Professor Xavier is going to ground him. His teacher, Mr. Vandermeer, asks him to talk. He tells Evan he wanted a report on Star Wars the National Space Defense System, not the movie. Evan mentions he likes movies, then asks if he can do anything for extra credit. His teacher hands him a handheld video recorder and tells him to make a film report about his 'current events', on things that matter to him. Evan thanks his teacher and leaves.

Evan is excited about the features on the camera. He looks through an open window and sees that he can zoom in far enough to see the Institute. He sees Logan pulling up to the gate and Logan looking around as if he knows he's being watched. Kurt grabs Evan's arm startling him and causing him to instinctively bristle spikes on his forearm. Kurt explains that his image inducer is malfunctioning and that he'll have to skip Shop class. Evan says he'll tape it for him. Kurt bamfs away while Sabretooth, from his position on the top of the water tower, watches through binoculars and growls.

Evan watches Rogue and Kitty in the school hallway and records them with his video camera. They're arguing over a book that Kitty lent to Kurt who lent it to Rogue. While they're talking Kitty bumps into a boy , Jason, and drops books and papers. Kitty then blushes and giggles as she apologizes while Rogue rolls her eyes. Jason tells her that he's hanging up posters for the school play Dracula, which he's the lead in, and asks Kitty if she's going to audition. She says of course, if he's in it. After Jason leaves Rogue says Kitty is pathetic and Kitty responds by saying that at least she has a chance of making it. Rogue hears the sound of Evan behind a locker and tells him that she better not be on his tape 'or they're gonna be callin' you Spyke-less.' Evan explains that it's for a class and then asks them if they're going to try out. Kitty and Rogue both say they are and they exchange looks before sauntering off in opposite directions.

Sabretooth watches as students exit the school. Evan begins filming himself as he skateboards home from school causing scattered papers and other mayhem as he goes, not realizing that Sabretooth is trailing him over roofs and on trucks. Sabretooth snatches the camera from Evan before he even knows what hit him, and he lands in a heap in an alley trashcan.

Sabretooth, hidden under stairs nearby, rewinds Evan's footage and sees the Institute. Meanwhile Evan has picked himself up. He's mad and he stalks out, spikes ready, looking for who took his camera. He sees the camera on the sidewalk and picks it up, glad that it seems undamaged. Just then Todd shows up. He tells Evan that he heard about his movie and shows off his moves and says Evan should film him. Evan says forget it and skates away, as Sabretooth watches from the roof of a building and chuckles, licking his teeth.

Sunrise at the Institute. The alarm clock in Evan's room wakens him. As he stretches he accidentally shoots off two spikes. One hits the mirror and the other hits a light. He groans and says, 'Not again!' Ororo enters to make sure Evan's up. She asks him about the camera and when Evan explains about the project she tells him that a film from the Evan Daniels' perspective is fine. But she adds as she pulls a spike from the wall, not a film from the Spyke point of view. Evan agrees to let her see the film before he turns it in.

Jean is in a bathroom deciding what to wear. Evan is peeking in with his camera but when Jean spots him she tells him to get the camera out of her face and TKs the door shut, throwing Evan against the hallway wall. Evan grumbles that it wasn't that interesting anyway and goes off seeking action.

Outside Wolverine and Cyclops are just beginning a training routine. They run through a course full of nets and projectiles. Evan appears and skateboards after them, taping Cyclops when he hits the ground, and almost getting killed by spinning blades, which Wolverine manages to deflect. Wolverine, understandably angry, grabs the camera from Spyke and pushes the erase button. When he opens up the viewscreen he sees a video of Sabretooth saying thanks for showing him Wolverine's location. Cyclops explains to Spyke that the two go way back, and that Evan must have shown Sabretooth where they were. Just then an alarm goes off.

Sabretooth rips open the front gate and runs past guns as Xavier watches from a monitor. Logan, Cyclops, and Evan watch Sabretooth emerge from the smoke of a gun which he has destroyed. Xavier telepathically tells Wolverine that he thought Wolverine had prevented Sabretooth from following him. Wolverine says he did, but that Sabretooth had help and gestures at Evan, who is shocked and dismayed.

The rest of the team (minus Xavier) emerges from the front door of the mansion in uniform. Wolverine and Sabretooth begin fighting, but Storm says that the school is not the place for their private war. She directs a strong wind against Sabretooth, but he resists. Cyclops and Jean help and Storm adds lightning, and eventually Sabretooth flees, saying that it isn't over. Wolverine chases him although Storm tells him not to, but he has to give up quickly because Sabretooth's tracks end at a stream of running water.

The Professor and Wolverine are discussing the situation in the Professor's study. Xavier says that Sabretooth won't try coming to the school again because he'll be detected and Wolverine says that instead Sabretooth will want to take one of the students as a hostage. Xavier realizes that all of the students are in danger, which upsets Evan who has been listening in.

Evan stands in the hall and wishes there were some way to fix things. Just then Rogue and Kitty come along arguing. Evan gets an idea and asks the two of them to help him on 'something important'.

Sabretooth, watching from the bushes outside of the Institute, sees the three of them leaving, Rogue with Kitty on a scooter and Evan hitching a ride on his skateboard.

Wolverine descends the Institute's main stairwell. Scott walks by and says he's heading out for a hamburger but Wolverine stops him and says that none of the students are allowed to leave until Sabretooth is caught. But when he asks Scott where the others are Scott tells him that Rogue, Kitty, and Evan are already gone.

In a clearing Evan is recording Rogue and Kitty dancing to a stereo playing music. Evan encourages Rogue to loosen up and suggests that she tap Kitty, just enough to get some of her dance moves. They do so and dance while Evan tapes them. Sabretooth bursts onto the scene, causing Evan to fall backwards. Sabretooth smashes the stereo with his boot, then grabs Evan. Evan quickly grows spikes, and Sabretooth tosses him at Rogue causing both to fall and then moves to grab Kitty. Kitty phases but while she's looking over at Rogue and Evan Sabretooth quickly recovers and backhands her, sending her flying into a tree. Sabretooth begins grappling with Rogue but he grabs her arms so that her hands aren't free, but then Wolverine appears and joins the fray. He only gets to knock him down and pick him up and toss him before Rogue makes contact, causing him to collapse and her to sprout fur, fangs, and long hair. Wolverine yells at the three of them and grounds them. He picks up Sabretooth and the group heads out. When they ask Wolverine what he's going to do with Sabretooth, Wolverine says, 'He'll get a little 'cooling off' period'.

Sabretooth gets tossed into an arctic wilderness. Xavier observes him from the Blackbird as Sabretooth revives, feeling confused, then the Blackbird quickly takes off.

The episode ends with Evan's film. It begins with a shot of Evan skateboarding as he talks about his 'family'. The next shot shows the X-Men doing tai chi, led by Wolverine, and then Evan introduces the X-Men one by one. Kurt and Scott are seen washing Scott's car; Jean is working on a sculpture of the Professor, as he poses; Ororo plays the piano for the others; Rogue and Kitty dancing; and Nightcrawler busting a move on a table. After a few more shots the film ends at the school play, with Rogue and Kitty onstage with "Dracula". Evan concludes that the film is dedicated to his 'new family'.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Toad (Brotherhood)

Civilians, students, teachers
Taryn Fujioka


The clip of Kurt dancing on the table is from episode 6, which, it is assumed, occurred before the time that Evan had the camera.

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