Season 2, Episode 1

X-Men: Evolution Season 2, Episode 1

Growing Pains
Original Air Date: 
Sat 29th September 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Cydne Clark, Steve Granat (writer), Frank Paur (director)

Brief Description: 

Nine new students, the New Mutants, join the Institute. Meanwhile, Scott
thinks that they should go public with their secret about mutants, and so
does Lance. At a soccer game, Lance acts and tells the whole school about
mutants, right in front of news cameras, starting a battle between the X-Men
and the Brotherhood. After the battle, Xavier erases the memories of all
eyewitnesses, but isn't sure is he managed to get to the mind of the new
principal, Edward Kelly. As for the camera – a magnetic interference,
possibly Magneto, threw the station out of air. The mutant secret is safe

Full Synopsis: 

A soccer game is taking place between Bayville High and another school. Both
Jean and Taryn are playing. Scott, Kitty, Kurt and Evan are watching in the
audience. Jean gets the ball and scores, earning her team a victory.
Everybody cheer and the X-Men go to congratulate Jean. Scott starts talking
to her, but Duncan interrupts him in the middle and congratulates Jean too.
Scott asks her if she needs a ride home, but she tells him Duncan is giving
her a ride.

On the road, Scott is driving home in traffic. Kitty is sitting next to him
and Kurt is in the back. Kurt and Kitty are arguing about music and ask for
Scott's opinion, but he isn't paying attention to them. Suddenly, a speeding
car passes by them, followed by police cars. He crosses a red light, almost
hitting a school bus, and then almost falls off the road himself right above
the school bus. The X-Men aren't sure whether to help or not, as there are a
lot of news cameras, but decide to help, otherwise people will die. Kurt
teleports the speeding driver out of the car and Scott blasts the car so it
won't hit the bus. Kitty phases them through a wall before anyone can see

In the Institute's yard, many new young mutants are playing around. Rahne
Sinclair morphs into a wolf and catches a Frisbee; Amara Aquilla and
Jubilation Lee are sitting and watching Roberto DaCosta absorbing solar
energy and flying to the air. Jamie Madrox is walking with duplications of
himself; Bobby Drake is creating ice and Sam Guthrie is shooting himself in
a ball game they're playing; Tabitha Smith is creating a small bomb,
startling Ray Crisp, Jubilation and Amara, who in return are shooting fire,
electricity and firework at her. Logan and Xavier are watching them from the
window. They're the new recruits of the Institute, the New Mutants. Xavier
comments that they're a spirited bunch, but good kids. He then expresses his
concerns that it's going to be even more difficult this term to keep a lid
on things and to maintain their anonymity. Ororo walks in and says that they
probably want to hear the news – she turns on the television, and a report
is on about a mysterious red beam that saved the kids in the accident.
Through the window, they see Scott, Kitty and Kurt arriving home. They are
planning to keep the incident a secret, not knowing that the professor is
already aware of it.

Later, in Xavier's office, Scott is telling Professor X about how he
hesitated and how he was so worried about anyone seeing him that he almost
acted too late, even though he thinks helping others and saving lives should
be the most important thing they do with their powers. Xavier answers that
helping others is the right thing to do, but they must also try to remain
anonymous. Scott doesn't understand why they have to hide and thinks they
need to let people know. The professor tells him that many people are simply
not ready to embrace the fact that mutants walk the earth. Scott still isn't
sure about it and leaves the office.

In Scott's room, Scott is talking to his brother on the net with webcams.
Alex shows him a video of himself surfing and winning a contest. He tells
Scott about how next year he might go pro, and Scott says that that must
mean he won't be joining the X-Men for a while. Alex says that it'll have to
wait, as he is still getting used to the whole thing of being a mutant.
Still, he says, he thinks his powers are cool, though the previous day he
almost exposed himself because he doesn't have full control yet. Scott
agrees that it hard to keep all of this a secret.

In the Bayville High Auditorium, all the students are waiting for an
assembly to start. Scott is sitting with his friend Paul and then notices
Jean. He waves at her, but she goes to sit with Duncan. Kurt and Evan are
sitting together, and Kurt sends a paper plane towards the Brotherhood. Fred
and Todd are complaining about life as usual, and Pietro starts taunting
Lance about Kitty. Rogue enters, and a new girl called Risty Wilde
approaches her and asks her how long do these assemblies usually last. Rogue
answers that they last too long, but at least it gets them out of class.
Rogue helps Risty sort out her schedule and offers to show her where her new
class is. Kitty is sitting with her friend Webber Torque, Arcade. Lance goes
to talk to Kitty, but she just brushes him off. The assembly begins, and a
teacher introduces everyone to the school's new principal, Mr. Edward Kelly.
Lance decides to entertain Kitty, and shakes the auditorium a bit, making
Kelly slip. At first Kitty is angry at him, but then she can't hide a smile,
much to his enjoyment. He decides to do another stunt, bigger this time, and
makes the scoreboard fall, almost hitting Kelly. Jean uses her telekinesis
to direct the board away, and this time Kitty really is angry, though Lance
seems to be having trouble figuring out why this one wasn't funny. Kelly
jokingly asks since when is Bayville on a fault line, and all kids laugh. He
then starts his speech and welcomes everybody to the new semester. His
speech is quite good and earns him a good start with the students. During
the speech he says that every one of them has some unique talent, some
special gift, and some ability that makes them stand out from the crowd. That
sentence gets the mutants' attention.

Later, outside, Scott is standing by his car. He asks a girl if she has seen
Jean, and she replies that she didn't. Lance tries apologizing to Kitty, but
she is still mad and walks away. He grabs her arm, and Scott tells him to
leave her alone. Lance tells him to stay out of this, but Scott refuses.
Lance challenges him to use his optic blasts, but Scot knows he shouldn't
use them in public and goes to his car with Kitty. Lance tells the rest of
the Brotherhood that he's had it with keeping their powers a secret, and
offers them to take Kelly's advice and go public with their "unique

In the pre-game rally, the cheerleaders perform, and then the announcer
announces Taryn Fujioka and Jean Grey's entrance to the field. In the
audience, Evan is pushing Xavier's wheelchair; Kitty and Scott are sitting
together; and Kurt and Rogue are leaning on the railing. They all cheer at
Jean. A camera crew is preparing to film the game. Principal Kelly presents
the school's mascot, the Bayville Hawk, with flaming wings. Firework shoot,
the referee whistles, and the game begin. Suddenly, Todd snatches the
announcer's microphone and hands it to Lance, who asks for the audience's
attention as Pietro aims the spotlight on him and the others, and then joins
them. He introduces himself both by real name and by codename, then his
friends by their codenames, and then tells the audience that their mutants
and explains what mutants are. He then says that all students of the Xavier
Institute, including Scott Summers and Jean Grey, are mutants as well.
Everybody is shocked, and then Avalanche cracks the soccer field, dropping
Taryn and another girl into the crack. Jean saves them without her
telekinesis. Quicksilver then attacks Kelly, blowing him into the air.
Xavier sends a telepathic call for Storm to come. Blob grabs the mascot,
ready to shatter it, but Cyclops sends an optic blast, throwing it out of
his hands, causing a fire in the gymnasium. Cyclops and Avalanche start
fighting in front of the camera, but Spyke and Shadowcat ruin the camera and
take the tape. Jean saves Kelly and tosses Quicksilver into Blob. Rogue
absorbs Blob just as the bleachers collapse on her, and Shadowcat helps her
out. Nightcrawler and Toad start struggling. Shadowcat rushes to help kids
out of the burning gymnasium, but then the mascot almost crushes her.
Avalanche stops his fight with Cyclops and runs to save her, but gets hit
himself. Shadowcat phases him away. Storm arrives flying and puts out all
the fires with rain. Everybody is exhausted from the battle, but now the
secret is out. Xavier says that he has no choice but to erase everybody's
memories of what happened, despite Storm's objections that it's too much for
him. He starts erasing all memories, with Kelly being the last one, but just
then, he faints.

In the Institute, Xavier wakes up with Ororo, Logan and Scott at his side.
Storm tells him that he made it – the witnesses think that the hawk's
exploding fireworks caused all the damage, and a magnetic interference shut
the television station off the air, which might mean that Magneto is still
alive. Xavier says that his concern now is Principal Kelly – he was in his
mind when he passed out, and he doesn't know if he finished the job or not.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Berzerker, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Iceman, Jubilee, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot,
Wolfsbane (all New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Citizens, policemen, school kids, teachers
Duncan Matthews
Principal Edward Kelly
Risty Wilde
Taryn Fujioka
Webber Torque \ Arcade

On computer screen:


This is the first appearance of the New Mutants, Principal Kelly and Arcade.

In the comics, the New Mutants founders were Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane,
Mirage and Karma. Out of these five, only the first three appear here.
Mirage makes an appearance in the fourth season, and Karma doesn't appear in
the show. Out of the others that do appear here, only Magma and Boom-Boom
were members of the New Mutants. Iceman was a founding X-Men member,
Berzerker was a Morlock, Jubilee was a member of Generation X and later the
X-Men, and Multiple was Moira MacTaggert's lab assistant and later a member
of X-Factor.

Berzerker's real name was never revealed in comics.

Risty Wilde is, as later revealed, is a cover identity for Mystique. The
previous season, Mystique used the cover identity of Raven Darkholme, the
school's principal.

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