Season 2 Episode 11

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 11

Shadow Dance
Original Air Date: 
Sat 2nd February 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Boyd Kirkland (writer), Boyd Kirkland (director)

Brief Description: 

Forge comes up with a device to slow down Kurt's teleportation, helping them
to get data about the dimension through which he teleports. To their horror,
they find that the dimension is full of hostile monsters. Unbeknown to them,
the device also caused several dimensional rifts to open. That night,
there's a Girl's Choice Dance in Bayville High. Scott is going with Taryn,
Jean with Duncan, Kitty with Lance, Tabitha with Fred and Todd, Evan and
Pietro with unnamed girls, Rogue with Risty and Kurt with a new girl –
Amanda Sefton. In the middle of the dance, the monsters attack. Forge, the
X-Men and the Brotherhood manage to defeat them. Amanda and Kurt are
trapped, when suddenly she surprises him by telling him to teleport them
away. She later explains that she saw him turning off his image inducer and
teleporting a few month back, and she couldn't stop thinking about him ever

Full Synopsis: 

Morning time at the Institute, Rogue is walking in the hall. Kitty joins her
phasing through the wall, yawning and fixing her hair. Rogue isn't surprised
that Kitty didn't get enough sleep, as she was still on the phone with Lance
at 1:30, and asks her if she asked him to the dance. Kitty says she hasn't
because of what everyone at the Institute would say, and Rogue tells her not
to care about that as she calls the elevator. Kitty asks her if she asked
Scott yet and tells her she better hurry before Jean does it. Rogue reminds
her that the last time she danced with a guy he nearly ended up in a coma,
but Kitty says that Scott knows that so he wouldn't touch her. Rogue says
that that isn't exactly a fun way to dance and they enter the elevator. Jean
runs and asks them to hold the elevator, and gets in. She says she forgot to
set the alarm, and Kitty says she doesn't understand why they have to be at
a test for Kurt anyway. Jean tells them the answer that they apparently
heard before: they work as a team, so it's important to know everything
about each other's strengths and weaknesses. Rogue joins her in the middle
of the sentence, annoyed, and after she leaves the elevator Jean asks Kitty
what's wrong with her. Kitty answers that Rogue is just bummed about the
girl's dance because she can't touch anyone. They leave the elevator too,
and Kitty tries to help Rogue, asking Jean if she's going with Duncan. Jean
answers that he thinks so, but she might have to disappoint him.

They enter the Danger Room, where all the other X-Men and Forge are already
gathered. Forge's equipment is there too, some of it on Kurt, who's standing
next to Scott. Forge explains that with his equipment, Kurt could teleport
to anywhere on the globe. Kurt says that two miles is his limit and he has
to see or know where he's going, but Forge tells him that his machine will
change that. Kurt asks what it does exactly, and Xavier says that Forge
believes that when he teleports, he actually passes through another
dimension, and the device will slow him down while he's there so they can
gather information about it. Forge continues, saying that with that data,
they can improve his abilities. Forge and Scott put the device on Kurt, and
Kurt asks how long he'll be there. Forge answers that only a few seconds,
and then sets some things on the device. Xavier tells Scott to make sure
Kurt's breathing mask is secure, as the sulfurous smoke Kurt leaves when he
teleports indicates the atmosphere may be toxic. Kurt says he's ready, and
Forge tells him to aim for his old lab in the high school - it's farther
than he's gone before and there shouldn't be anyone there to see his
arrival. Xavier tells him to report back when he arrives, and Forge starts
the machine. Kurt teleports and appears in another dimension, with red sky
and cliffs and lava. Two monsters are there too, but he doesn't notice them.
He then appears in Forge's old lab, and happily tells the other that it
worked. He teleports back, but as he does, he opens a rift in the
dimensional walls, and a monster looks out through it.

Later, in Bayville High, a banner tells about the Girls Choice Dance. Kurt,
Scott and Jean are walking, and Kurt tells them that the trip was weird -
like being in a slow motion movie or something, and talk about lakes of fire
and brimstone. Scott says he hopes it'll work for him and that the professor
was really excited. Jean says that she has to run, but before leaving, asks
Scott if they can talk at lunch. Scott agrees and offers outside in the
quad, and she leaves. Kurt tells Scott that he thinks Jean wants to ask him
to the dance, but Scott says that she's going with Duncan. Kurt says he can
sense these things, and Scott asks him if the girl in his math class,
Amanda, is going to ask him out. Kurt says that her friends say she likes
him but she's too shy.

Nearby, Kitty walks to Lance and tells him that it was fan talking last
night. He agrees, but leaves in a hurry all of a sudden. She chases after
him and asks him to the dance in a rather awkward moment, and he answers
that he'll think about it. She walks away sadly, but then he tells her that
he thought about it and the answer is yes. They're both thrilled, and the
hall shakes a little.

Kurt is in math class, looking at Amanda Sefton. They smile at each other.
The bell rings, and Amanda walks over to Kurt and asks him if he's been
asked to the dance yet. He tells her (after a minute of confusion) that he
hasn't, and she nervously asks him if he wants to go with her. He agrees,
shocked, and she says that she'll call him later and leaves.

In the Institute, Xavier, Logan and Forge are looking at a monitor. They
find out about the monsters living in the other dimension in disbelief.
Xavier says that they might be dangerous to Kurt, and Logan suggests next
time he'll go with him, just in case.

In Bayville High, Scott, Kurt and Evan are having lunch. Kurt is very
excited about Amanda and the dance, wondering what he should wear and saying
that the professor will have to re-program his image inducer. Evan points
out that Amanda might feel two furry fingers, and Kurt panics, thinking he
should cancel the whole thing. Scott calms him down telling him all he has
to do is wear gloves. Kurt says Amanda might find it weird, but Scott says
he can just say he has a rash – just like whenever somebody bothers him
about the glasses he says he has an eye condition. Evan says that Jean is
coming, but just then Taryn sits next to Scott and asks him to the dance.
Jean runs away. In the next table, Rogue and Risty are watching everything.
Risty tells Rogue that she just missed her chance, but Rogue says that it
doesn't matter – she isn't going anyway. Risty suggests they'll go together.
At first Rogue declines, but then she thinks maybe it'll be fine.

In Forge's lab, a monster almost gets out through the rift, but it closes in

In the hall, Taryn is walking with her friends, telling them that she's
going to the dance with Scott. They talk about how lucky she is and how hot
Scott is, just as they see Jean getting into Duncan's car. Taryn says hi,
but she barely pays attention, and Duncan drives away. Taryn's friend says
that Jean's jealous, and Taryn says that it's her own fault – she had plenty
of chances at Scott.

In the Brotherhood house, Fred, Todd, Tabitha and Pietro are teasing Lance
about Kitty. Fred and Todd say that they wouldn't be caught dead at that
dance, but then Tabitha starts teasing them too, saying that that's too bad
because she was going to ask Fred to go. Todd tells her to ask him, but then
Pietro tells them that they're pathetic. Tabitha asks him if he thinks he's
too good for her, and he says that she just won't keep up with him – he can
keep four girls busy dancing at the same time. To demonstrate, he speeds
around the room. Tabitha convinces them all to go, and they cheer and dance.

At the Institute, Xavier is showing the X-Men their findings on the
dimension Nightcrawler teleports through. They all think it's pretty creepy,
and then they spot the monsters. Professor X says that this raises new
concerns, as they don't know if these creatures are hostile, so they need to
run a few more tests. Nightcrawler is scared about going back there, but
Forge tells him that he's been teleporting all his life and nothing's
happened - the only reason they even saw this thing was because the machine
slowed him down. Nightcrawler still doesn't like the idea, even when
Wolverine tells him he's coming too, just in case.

Later, Nightcrawler and Wolverine are all set to go. Forge says that this
time he's slowing them down a little longer, so they can get more video and
date. Nightcrawler agrees, but tells him not to slow them too much. Forge
tells him to make sure they get clear shots of the creatures, and Wolverine
says that a cable is linking them so they wouldn't get separated. The
destination this time is the school gym, and they teleport.

In the other dimension, the creatures attack and try to bite Nightcrawler
and Wolverine. Logan pops his claws, and then a monster jumps on their rope,
pulling them down. Wolverine cuts the rope, and they climb up rocks.
Monsters are after them, but Wolverine beats them. More are on the top and
surround them, and just then they teleport to the gym. Wolverine says that
they seemed pretty hostile, and Nightcrawler says that he isn't teleporting
ever again. Wolverine tells the professor to come pick them up – they're not
teleporting back. Behind Wolverine, a dimensional rift opens.

In the X-Van, Xavier, Forge, Logan and Kurt are heading to the Institute.
Forge tries to talk Kurt out of never teleporting again, but Kurt has his
mind made up, and Xavier says that Kurt doesn't have to teleport. Still,
he's sure that the creatures are no danger when he teleports normally. Forge
apologizes for the whole mess, and Wolverine asks him if he's sure those
monsters won't ever be able to follow Nightcrawler back to the real world.
Forge answers that the only way would be if Kurt's dimensional gates didn't
fully close behind him, and the odds of that are pretty slim, or it probably
would've happened already.

That night at the dance, everybody is having a great time. Lance and Kitty
are dancing together, and so are Scott and Taryn. Evan is dancing with an
unnamed girl. The Brotherhood enters and starts dancing too. Pietro is
indeed with four girls, just like he promised. The music changes to
something slower. Kurt and Amanda are dancing, and he apologizes for the
gloves, saying he must look like a dork. She says he looks very handsome and
that she's glad he came with her, much to his delight. Duncan is not
dancing, to Jean's annoyance, as she has no dancing partner. Scott doesn't
seem too happy dancing with Taryn either. Risty shows up and talks to Jean a
little, but then she spots Rogue and goes to her, taking her to find boys.

In Forge's lab, the rift opens again, and a monster runs out.

Back in the dance, Amanda confesses to Kurt that she knows that he doesn't
always look like this. He thinks she's joking, but she explains that she saw
the real him and that ever since she found out, she can't stop thinking
about him. He tells her that he's not sure what she's talking about, and she
says that she'll wait until he's ready to show her.

In the Institute's Control Room, Xavier, Logan and Forge are moving the
equipment. Forge says that he isn't giving up – there has to be a way to
make this work. Xavier tells him that they appreciate his help but for now,
they need to let Kurt recover - he just hopes they haven't impaired his
ability to teleport permanently. Logan says that he thinks it'll be a long
time before Kurt's ready again, and suddenly they see something shocking in
the Danger Room – a dimensional rift opens, and a monster comes out.

In Bayville High, Blob and Toad are in the hall, exhausted from Tabitha's
dancing. Suddenly, the monster appears, to their terror. Boom-Boom gets out
of the gym looking for them, and gets scared too by the monster. Inside, a
rift opens between Kitty and Lance, and monsters come out. Everybody start
screaming and running around. A monster jumps at Kitty, but she just phases
through. Another heads to Principal Kelly. Rogue pulls Risty away. Scott
blasts a monster heading to him and Taryn. Jean saves Duncan and his friends
from another one with telekinesis. Lance makes a crack in the floor to stop
another one. One attacks Kurt and Amanda, and they're trapped. To his shock,
she tells him to make them disappear, as she's seen him do it before. In the
last second, he teleports them to the hall and tells her that they obviously
got a lot to talk about, but first she has to get out of there. Outside,
Logan and Forge arrive in the X-Van with the machine and run inside. A
monster attacks Rogue and Risty in a hall, and Rogue tries to touch it, but
Risty, not knowing she's a mutant, sprays him with a fire-extinguisher. They
run, and just then Forge shows up and zaps the monster with his machine.
Cyclops, Jean, Shadowcat, Spyke and Avalanche show up too, and Cyclops says
that that's two monsters down, and Wolverine is checking the rest of the
school. Forge points out that there's probably another open portal in his
lab, so they have to hurry and get it closed or they'll keep coming.
Everybody start running to the lab, and Rogue tells Risty that she'll
explain to her later. On the way, they find Blob, Toad and Boom-Boom with
another monster, and Forge zaps it. They all keep running to the lab, except
for Avalanche, Toad, Blob and Boom-Boom who stay behind.

In the street, Amanda explains to Kurt that a few months earlier she saw him
arguing with Rogue. A flashback shows Kurt turning off the image inducer and
teleporting away, with the X-Men not noticing Amanda hiding nearby. She says
that she already liked him then, but she doesn't think he even knew who she
was. At first, she thought what he did must be some kind of trick or
something, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. She hasn't told anyone –
what she knew was that she just had to get to know him. She asks him to show
her himself again, but he says she probably won't like it up close. She
convinces him, and he turns off the image inducer and asks what she thinks.
She respond by saying that blue is her favorite color, and they laugh,
before teleporting to the ice-cream shop.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat,
Spyke, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Avalanche, Blob, Boom-Boom, Quicksilver, Toad (all Brotherhood)
Monsters of the other dimension

Duncan Matthews
Amanda Sefton
Principal Edward Kelly
Risty Wilde
Taryn Fujioka

In flashback:
Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue (X-Men)
Amanda Sefton
School kid


This is the first appearance of Amanda Sefton in the show.

In the comics, Amanda Sefton was a cover identity for Jimaine Szardos,
Kurt's adopted sister and old lover, and a powerful sorceress that went by
the codenames Daytripper and later Magik and was a member of Excalibur.

In the scene where Scott and Kurt are talking about Amanda, Kurt crosses his
index and middle fingers, something that isn't supposed to be able to do,
since these fingers are just an illusion of the image inducer.

Risty actually does know about the X-Men, as she is really just Mystique in

The flashback is from 'Shadowed Past'.

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