Season 2 Episode 13

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 13

A Walk on the Wild Side
Original Air Date: 
Sat 2nd March 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson (story), Cydne Clark, Steve Granat (writers), Frank
Paur (director)

Brief Description: 

Jean is feeling upset that girls are treated as the weaker sex, and gets
into an argument with Scott about it after a training session. Later that
day, Jean, Amara and Tabitha witness a car theft and use their powers to
stop the thieves. They start hanging out together often and decide to make
crime-fighting a regular thing on nights. Along with Kitty and Rogue, they
become the Bayville Sirens, a group of female crime-fighters. When Scott's
suspicions rise, he teams up with Kurt to find out what's going on. They
follow the Sirens one night as they try to stop a big car theft ring, but
don't help them – Scott decides to let the girls handle it on their own.
When the police arrive, Mystique, disguised as a policewoman, manages to
help the Sirens escape, but only after they promise to quit crime-fighting.
Jean accepts, and the Sirens return home. Later, Jean thanks Scott for not
coming to the rescue.

Full Synopsis: 

Morning in the Xavier Institute, Jean Grey is training one of the new
students, Amara Aquilla, codename Magma, is using her powers. Jean tells
Magma to focus her concentration, not let her powers control her, and
maintain her discipline. Magma's mission is to melt together a bunch of
rocks, that Jean positions to create a rock bridge. Amara says that she's
not taking the blame if it doesn't work – she told Jean she's not ready for
it – and then turns to her fire form and melts the rocks. Scott Summers
tells Jean through a communicator that Professor Xavier asked him to remind
her that Amara can't be late for her first day of high school, and Jean says
she got it covered – they're just finishing up the last exercise. Magma
finishes melting the bridge, and Jean says she did well – only one little
crack. Amara is disappointed, thinking the session was a failure, but Jean
tells her that learning how to handle things that go wrong is part of the
training – she just needs to repair it. Amara tries melting a boulder back
into place, but she misses, and it falls towards her and Jean.

Jean uses her telekinesis to stop the boulder in the air, and then suddenly
Cyclops uses an optic blast to blow up the rock, raining dust over the two
girls. Annoyed, Jean asks Scott what he did that for. Scott ignores the fact
that Jean already took care of the boulder by herself and says that it's a
good thing he was there – that's what heroes do: rescue damsels in distress.
Jean and Amara walk away angrily, and a confused Scott asks Jean to tell him
what he did. Jean says he was being a guy, but that only confuses him more.
Jean explains that she was trying to teach Magma how to handle things that
go wrong, which did not include looking for a big, strong man to save you.
Jean and Amara leave, and Scott sighs.

In the Brotherhood house, Tabitha Smith bombs the locked bathroom door and
enters, interrupting Todd Tolansky's shower because she's out of mouthwash.
Toad complains that he's taking one shower a month and he still has no
privacy. As Boom-Boom leaves, she tosses a bomb at him, blowing the
bathroom. Fred Dukes walks upstairs as Tabitha walks down, and she tells him
that Mohawks are so last century. She asks Lance Alvers if there's any gas
is his jeep, and he says yes. Boom-Boom gets into his jeep and drives away,
as he yells that she's stealing his ride.

In Bayville High, Kitty Pryde is showing Amara to her first period class.
Kitty tells Amara to sit by a window – she can watch the track team
sweating. Kitty leaves, and Amara sits by the window, like Kitty suggested.
In the table next to her is her former teammate, Tabitha, listening to
music. Tabitha asks Amara how's life with "the geek squad", and Amara says
it's okay, though she kinda messed up her training this morning – Jean's
been pushing her too fast even though she's not ready. Tabitha tells Amara
to forget Jean and suggests a trip to the mall after school – they'll get in
touch with their shallow teen values. Amara laughs and agrees, saying it
sounds like fun. They then stop talking and pay attention to the window –
the track team is coming.

After school, Jean spots Amara with Tabitha in Lance's jeep. Scott shows up,
and Jean says she needs to borrow his car – Amara's with Boom-Boom and she
wants to stop her before she does something stupid. Scott says he'll go get
her, but then realizes just in time that he's making the same mistake as
before. He corrects himself, saying that Jean is capable of doing it
herself. He apologizes for what happened in the morning, and she says she
knows he didn't mean it, but it bugs her to always be treated like the
weaker sex. Duncan Matthews runs to them and tells Jean he's got tickets for
them for the Sadie Hawkins dance next month. Jean angrily reminds Duncan
that girls are supposed to ask guys to that dance, and sarcastically says
that she doesn't know what she'd do if she didn't have guys around to make
her decisions for her. She takes Scott's car keys and heads to his car to
find Amara, leaving a confused Duncan behind her.

In Lance's jeep, Tabitha and Amara witness, to their amazement, two guys
stealing someone's car in the middle of the street. Boom-Boom decides to
stop the thieves and hurries to speed after them. As the car chase
continues, the thieves almost hit a girl and her mother. Luckily, Jean is
nearby in Scott's car, and she manages to stop them with her telekinesis.
The thieves speed off again, and, after seeing Boom-Boom and Magma, Jean
joins the chase. They get into an alley, and Boom-Boom tells Magma to use
her powers. Amara does as told and uses fireballs to melt the stolen car's
back tires and back window. Tabitha then throws a bomb in the car, and the
thieves run out before the bomb explodes. The thieves almost run away, but
then Jean arrives and traps them with cement blocks. Tabitha is excited
about what they just did, but Jean points out that the stolen car got
ruined, and suggests they let the police handle it from now on. The three
girls leave.

In the mansion's kitchen, Scott is watching a news report about the thieves,
saying that the capture of the notorious carjackers was attributed to a
group of mysterious good Samaritans, who disappeared just as police arrived;
the suspects are part of a larger car theft ring operating in Bayville. Jean
whispers to Amara that they should keep this to themselves, and Amara agrees
– it's not like they'll be doing anything like that again. Jean and Amara
leave the kitchen, and Scott starts getting suspicious.

Tabitha, Amara and Jean start hanging out together in a music store and in
the mall, buying themselves sunglasses and leather clothes. Also, after
their success with the thieves, they make crime-fighting a regular thing,
stopping vandalizes and robbers across town. Kitty and Rogue join them, and
the five girls spend all their time together. They get a new crime-fighting
look with leather clothes, sunglasses and new hairdos, and spend their
nights stopping small crimes. As they hang out in the music store, Risty
Wilde watches them.

In the mansion's kitchen, Scott is watching the news again. The reporter
says that in just a few short days, Bayville's crime rate has been literally
cut in half all due to the mysterious group of female crime-fighters
referred to as the Bayville Sirens. Then there's an interview with Chief
Rothman, who says the police doesn't have any clues to the identity of the
Sirens yet, but whoever they may be, the police has no choice but to put a
stop to their vigilante activities. Scott's suspicions rise again.

In Bayville High, Jean, Kitty, Rogue, Amara and Tabitha walk down the hall,
full of newfound self-confidence, and all the heads turn after them. Scott
hears two girls saying that the Sirens are awesome – some people are even
saying they have special powers. He then sees the Sirens walking, and
realizes what's going on. Kurt shows up, and Scott tells him to cancel his
plans for the night – they got a little secret mission to take care of.

In the Brotherhood house, Boom-Boom bombs her way to the bathroom yet again,
interrupting Toad's shower again. She bombs the bathroom again on her way
out. Blob shows up, bald, and complains to Tabitha that he woke up bald this
morning. She says she was wrong – he looked a lot better in the Mohawk – and
walks away. She goes outside and bombs the chain Avalanche put to tie his
jeep to the porch, stealing the jeep again. He yells after her to come back,
but she just drives away.

Outside the mansion, Cyclops and Nightcrawler are waiting for the Sirens.
Before long, the girls show up, enter Lance's jeep with Tabitha and leave.
The boys follow, but after a while Jean notices them and alerts the others.
Boom-Boom speeds up, and so does Cyclops. Luck is on the girls' side,
though, as a train crosses their path. Shadowcat is able to phase them
through, but Cyclops has to stop and loses the girls.

The girls change to their Sirens outfits at their usual place, and just as
they finish they witness a car theft. Boom-Boom hurries after the stolen
car, and the car owner hurries to call the police and tell them his car has
been stolen, and the Sirens are already on the case.

The Sirens lose the car, but then Jean realizes that the thief went into the
nearby warehouse. They look inside, and see that the place is full of people
tearing apart stolen cars for parts – it's the base for the car theft ring.
Before they can do anything, the thieves find them and surround them – it
was a trap, meant to stop the Sirens from catching more thieves. The thieves
didn't count on the Sirens being able to fight back, though, and a battle
begins, with the mutants having the upper hand thanks to their powers.
Boom-Boom goes overboard and bombs everything around, causing an explosion.

Outside, Cyclops and Nightcrawler are still looking for the Sirens, when
they hear the explosion. They hurry to the flaming warehouse and teleport
inside, unseen by the Sirens. Kurt wants to help, but Scott stops him,
saying they better let the girls handle this one. The Sirens capture all
carjackers, but fail to see an oil car that got into the fire. Cyclops
blasts a car out of the way before it explodes, and tells Nightcrawler to
forget he did that.

The police finally arrive at the scene, and a policewoman enters, telling
the Sirens that the building is surrounded – there's no way out. Magma says
that they're the good guys, but the policewoman says that they're vigilantes
who take the law into their own hands and they're under arrest. Boom-Boom
prepares to battle, but Jean stops her, saying they're not going to fight
the police. The policewoman tells the Sirens they did a good job with the
carjackers, and that she's gonna let them go, even though she'll probably
lose her job over it – but only if they promise to stop what they've been
doing, now. Jean accepts the deal, and the policewoman shows them a stairway
that leads to a sub-basement which should take them down to the city sewers.
The Sirens leave, and Cyclops and Nightcrawler teleport outside as well.
More officers enter, and the policewoman says that the warehouse is clean –
no sign of the Sirens. Chief Rothman says they'll get them next time. The
policewoman walks away, and morphs to her true form – Mystique.

In the Institute, Scott and Jean share a cookie. Scott asks Jean what she's
been up to lately, and she tells him they know he was following them. She
thanks him for not coming to the rescue and says they took the whole girl
power thing a little too far. Scott says he's sorry they had to quit, and
Jean says it felt great to help people with their powers – she hopes someday
they can do it out in the open and be appreciated for it. He agrees, and
they toast to someday.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat (all X-Men)
Magma (New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Boom-Boom, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Civilians, policemen, reporter, students, thieves
Duncan Matthews

In Mystique's shape-shifting:
Risty Wilde


This is the first episode that puts a spotlight on Magma – the only one of
the New Mutants that was still not properly introduced. Up until now, all of
her appearances were cameos.

Duncan and Jean are talking about the Girls' Choice Dance that takes place
during "Shadow Dance", although that episode was aired before this episode.

Currently, the X-Men and the Brotherhood don't know Mystique's whereabouts
or if she's even alive – she's been considered missing since "The Cauldron
(2)". It was revealed in "Fun and Games" that she's using the cover identity
of Risty Wilde to be around Rogue. This is her second appearance only this
season in her true form. She will return to the Brotherhood in "The HeX
Factor" with a new follower: Quicksilver's sister, the Scarlet Witch.

Boom-Boom left the New Mutants and joined the Brotherhood during "Bada-Bing,
Bada-Boom" because she wasn't happy with the strict rules.

Toad says he only takes one shower a month, but he is seen taking two
showers this episode.

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