Season 2 Episode 15

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 15

The HeX Factor
Original Air Date: 
Sat 20th April 2002

Patrick Inness (associate producer), Boyd Kirkland (producer), William Anderson VIII (music), Gary Graham II (director), Greg Johnson (story editor), Rick Ungar, Greg Johnson (story), Cydne Clark, Steve Granat (writer)

Brief Description: 

At a mental asylum, Professor X visits a troubled mutant named Wanda to help her deal with her rage, built up after being forced to live there for the past few years. A doctor takes her to get an X-ray, though in reality, this doctor is actually Mystique in disguise and escapes from the mental asylum. Mystique finally returns to the Brotherhood boarding house, demanding that Boom-Boom leave the house and insults the Brotherhood. When Wanda enters the house, her powers wreak havoc against the Brotherhood at the sight of Pietro. With the help of Agatha Harkness, Wanda is taught how to take control of her abilities. Wanda and Pietro argue about how badly Magneto has treated them. Mystique questions Pietro on his loyalties. When Professor X senses that the Brotherhood is up to no good at the mall, he sends the X-Men to stop their plans. The X-Men are able to withstand each of the Brotherhood members, only to be single-handedly defeated by the Scarlet Witch. The X-Men retreat and Professor X tells them that losing can be a great learning tool.

Full Synopsis: 

The episode opens on an exterior shot of an unnamed mental asylum, focusing on the double door entrance and shifting to the apex of the building. Through a barred door, Professor Xavier and an orderly can be seen. The horizontal bars slide into the walls, allowing the two to advance through the corridor. The orderly places a key card into the slot, thus unlocking the room to a cell. Professor X wheels into the room, looking out the window as the orderly shuts the door. He speaks into his walkie-talkie, telling another security guard to “bring the patient in”. The other orderly concurs with the command.

The orderly turns around, seeing about twenty more orderlies with nightsticks. He commands them to release the patient from the binding chamber, stressing the fact that they should not let her have any mobility for her hands. The chamber opens with a girl with shoulder-length black hair, who is strapped firmly in a straight jacket. Her eyes open and four orderlies walk her out of the chamber with poles attached to her straight jacket. They have a little trouble as the girl is trying her hardest to unravel the restraint. She manages to loosen her left hand from the straightjacket and reaches behind her back, causing the metal buckles to melt. She releases her hands completely, which sends the four orderlies to fly across the room in opposite directions. The girl points her right, index finger at a lighting fixture, which explodes promptly. She squints her blue eyes to blow up the remaining light fixtures and runs to a metal door. The metal melts to allow her to run through the corridor. When three orderlies run towards her to block her path, the girl points her hands out to them, causing the structure of the corridor to collapse. She turns right into the next hallway and violently slams the door open. She stalks towards the Professor with an outstretched hand.

Professor Xavier enters the girl’s mind, trying to calm Wanda down. She cries in pain, holding her head before collapsing in a corner. The head orderlies rush into the cell to see if the Professor is hurt. He tells them that he is all right and that he “will be fine”. The orderlies leave and Professor X wheels over to Wanda, realizing how angry she has been today and that he thought that “[they] have made more progress to control [her] anger.” He asks if she being treated properly at the asylum. Wanda just wants “[him] to get her out”. He tells Wanda that there is room at the institute, though right now might not be the best time. A male doctor crosses the threshold, telling Xavier that he “has to cut Wanda’s session short today” and that she needs to have some MRIs done. Professor X understands and instructs Wanda to be cooperative as she walks off with the doctor.

The doctor and Wanda arrive at the security sector and they are allowed to pass once the doctor shows his identification badge. The two continue down the corridor and pass the radiology room. Wanda becomes very agitated with the situation as they take the stairs to the bottom floor. This becomes evident from her heavy breathing, the random flickering of the lights and the fire hose unraveling from the wall. When they arrive at the ground floor, more lighting fixture explode and the walls begin to crack. The emergency exit doors swing open, revealing an old woman and a black sedan. The woman chants in a different language, holding Wanda’s face head while doing this. This calms the girl down as the doctor looks on, transforming into his true form—Mystique. Mystique holds the car door open for them and she walks back into the asylum, changing into a security guard, stating that she has “other business to attend to”.

At Bayville High School, we are given a bird’s eye view of the front entrance and the bell rings. Kurt is yanking at his locker, obviously having trouble with his combination. He pounds on the locker room when Kitty arrives, immediately noticing the faulty locker. Kitty phases her hand through the locker door to retrieve Kurt’s history textbook, since he is already late for class. He thanks Kitty and tell him that he owes her. Before Kurt can even take two steps, Kitty asks him if he could taste these muffins she made in home economics. Kurt examines the muffin and reluctantly agrees, taking a bite out of it. He has trouble chewing it and Kitty asks him what she needs to do with the muffins to make them taste better. Kurt responds that they need “something to wash away the taste” before walks off to class. He discards the muffin and Kitty looks at the muffin bounce around a bit.

After school, Scott and Jean walk out the main entrance, discussing their current love interests. The two both agree that said love interests aren’t exactly who they want to be with. Scott tries to break the ice about his feelings for Jean but before he can do that, Duncan drives up to the curb and honks his car horn. Jean wants him to ignore Duncan and continue with whatever he needs to tell him. He tries to, though Duncan rudely honks the horn again. Scott gives in and tells Jean to go ahead with Duncan. He suggests that they talk about it later. With that he walks off and Jean finally walks to Duncan’s car, clearly irritated by the car horn. Scott looks back to Jean heading to the convertible.

It is now night at the Brotherhood boarding house and there is a thunderstorm present. Mystique swings the front door open, saying in a sing-song manner, “Guess who’s back”. Fred walks into the foyer, dropping contents from his sandwich. Lance and Todd look to Mystique in shock as does Pietro from the living room. Todd walks up to her, wondering if it’s really her. Mystique grabs him by the shirt and tosses him across the foyer. She berates the boys of trashing her home during her absence. Fred tells her that they’ll clean up eventually and Mystique counters that they need to “grow some backbones” as well. She is upset that the Brotherhood isn’t living up to her expectations, noting that they have never beaten the X-Men and that Lance even tried to join them. Tabitha walks down the stairs, guessing that Mystique is “Mystic”. Mystique corrects her, suggesting that “Bam Bam” move out of her bedroom immediately. Tabitha cups her hands together to create an energy bomb. Pietro snatches the bombs from her hands and throws them to Fred, who hands it to Todd in a hot potato-type manner. He chucks Todd into the living room as the bombs set off. Tabitha decides to leave the boarding house and heads upstairs to pack up her things.

Mystique continues her speech to the boys, telling them that it’s time to beat the X-Men and that they will use their secret weapon. Wanda enters the house with her eyes closed and her head down. Pietro looks to girl, realizing that it is Wanda. Wanda raises her head in shock, wreaking havoc on the entire house by causing pipes to protrude from the ceiling and a lighting fixture to explode. A ski blade nearly impales Pietro’s head but it stabs into a nearby wall. The boys run into the living room for protection. A ceiling fan detaches from the ceiling and embeds itself into a wall. They all hide behind a couch and Todd asks Pietro if Wanda was an ex-girlfriend of his. Pietro denies this, revealing that Wanda is his sister. A coat rack stabs through the couch between Pietro and Toad as Wanda enters the living room with clenched fists.

Lance finally gets behind the couch as Wanda screams for Pietro, suggesting that they should consider family counseling. He tells Pietro to make Wanda stop but Pietro tells him to do it. Lance rises from the back of the couch and concentrates. This causes a fissure in the ceiling to approach. However, she waves her hand to turn the fissure back to Lance, resulting in the ceiling collapse on the four boys. She gets closer to them and Todd jumps on the couch to spit slime at Wanda, who deflects it back at him. The old woman calls for her and begins that chant from earlier to move Wanda towards her and to calm the girl down. The Brotherhood boys look in shock as the woman escorts Wanda from the room. Mystique begins to brag about how that was only a fraction of what Wanda is capable of doing. Pietro jumps over the couch to ask Mystique why she would break Wanda out with powers as dangerous as hers. Mystique responds that is precisely why they need Wanda and that the old woman, now revealed to be Agatha Harkness, will be training Wanda “to focus her anger and turn it into unbeatable power”. Pietro notes that Wanda isn’t fond of him but Mystique reassures to him that she will cooperate. She continues on with how she acquired the data about Wanda from the party at the Xavier Institute a few months earlier under the guise of Risty Wilde. Mystique concludes that Wanda will listen to her because she will provide her with what Wanda wants most—revenge.

Tabitha walks down the stairs with her duffel bag, stating that “too many women” live in the boarding house. From outside, Tabitha yells, “Room’s all yours—Mystique!” Within that pause before calling Mystique’s name, the bedroom explodes and catches on fire.

At the Xavier Institute, Scott is examining the refrigerator for someone to drink. After he pulls out a bottle of water and shuts the door, he sees Kurt hanging upside down. Scott is startled and Kurt teleports behind him, wondering if Kitty was looking for him. Scott confirms this, causing Kurt to panic as he doesn’t want any more of her muffins. Scott takes a drink of water and Kurt continues to complain about the noxious muffins from that morning. Kitty walks in the kitchen with a new batch of muffins. Kurt reluctantly grabs a muffin and as he is about to eat it, Professor Xavier wheels into the kitchen. He tells the three to find Rogue, Evan and Jean so they can have a meeting in the library. Kurt smiles, realizing that he doesn’t have to eat the muffin. With that, he teleports out of the kitchen. The muffin drops and breaks the tile floor. Kitty offers Scott a muffin and Scott backs away in fear.

In the library, Professor Xavier explains about Wanda’s tortured childhood, stating how the volatile the combination is between her anger and her mutant ability. Jean asks the Professor, “What is the source of her anger?” He replies that it is her father, who had Wanda locked up many years. Rogue suggests that perhaps Wanda ran away but the Professor senses that there was some foul play involved in her escape and that whoever took her plans to use her against the X-Men.

In the backyard of the boarding house, Wanda stands in a ring of green flames that easily come up to her waist. She pants in trepidation though Agatha tells her to calm down, as the intensity of the flame is symbolic of her anger. She further explains that it will “extinguish with serenity” and that though the power of rage is strong, Wanda is stronger than the rage. Memories of her childhood flash in her mind of the orderlies taking her away from her father and brother. Wanda yells out “father” in both the flashback and in the ring of fire, causing the flames to spurt even higher and wider. Agatha puts the flames out with a wave of her hand.

Inside, a crystal hovers above a table between Wanda and Agatha. Agatha tries to get her to concentrate on only happier moments. A glow of multi-colored light appears above them but Wanda keeps referring back to that same memory of being taken away from her family. The crystal drops on the table and Wanda breaks into tears.

Later, Wanda is in the bathroom, cutting her hair. Pietro enters the bathroom, complimenting his twin sister’s new hairstyle. Wanda twirls around in anger, causing the mirror to crack. He tells her to calm down because he only wants to talk to her. He thanks her and admits that he knows how difficult it has been for Wanda for the past several years but Wanda firmly disagrees with him. Pietro continues, stating that he didn’t want her to go, though there weren’t any options with her chaotic powers. Wanda closes her eyes, recalling the same memory from before. As Wanda is taken inside, a view of a younger Pietro and a white-haired adult male stand across the street watching her. Pietro looks sad and the adult waves his hands to open the front doors magnetically. Magneto and Pietro drive off though Magneto looks up to the window one last time at his daughter. Pietro tries to be neutral, telling her that although Magneto shouldn’t have had her committed and insists that Wanda should look at the situation from his point of view. Wanda retorts that “monsters don’t have a point a view” and that Pietro and Magneto are so much alike. She vacates the bathroom and Pietro attempts to follow her before Mystique walks down the hallway to ask him whom he is siding with. Pietro hesitantly replies that he is with Mystique as “Magneto wasn’t much of a father to [him] either”. Mystique tells him that they are almost ready to take on Magneto but they need to run a test that she has arranged.

In the kitchen at the Xavier Institute, Jean and Kurt are washing dishes while the other four X-Men sit at the table doing homework. Professor Xavier enters the room, stating that Cerebro has located Wanda and the Brotherhood at the Bayville Galleria. Evan makes a crack about the Brotherhood breaking in to get “I’m with Stupid” t-shirts. All of them laugh except for Xavier, who tells them to go to the mall to figure out the Brotherhood’s plans. Scott assures to the Professor that they can handle the Brotherhood and they all walk out of the kitchen. Kurt adds that they will do so “without breaking a sweat”, high-fiving Scott.

Bayville Galleria. Shadowcat phases her head through a glass door and looks both ways. She completely phases inside to open the doors. Nightcrawler teleports in behind her and Kitty says that this will be the first trip to the mall without buying any shoes. Scott draws out a plan to place himself, Spyke and Jean to reconnaissance the first floor while Rogue, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat check the balconies. Kurt and Kitty walk down the aisle, looking for the Brotherhood. Shadowcat turns a corner, noticing a suspicious shadow. She charges through the wall and tackles the figure in question, revealing that it is only a mannequin. She looks up, hearing Avalanche’s voice and asks why his team is at the mall after hours. Lance tries to persuade Kitty to leave as they are going to have a big fight on their hands in a minute and he doesn’t want Kitty to get hurt. From a distance, Spyke can be heard telling Blob to leave him alone. Kitty reacts to the scream, trying to run to assist her teammate. Avalanche tries to stop her but Kitty phases through him.

In the electronic store, Spyke tells Blob that he doesn’t want to hurt him, though the Blob is thinking the opposite as he picks up a large television. He throws the television towards him but Evan manages to dodge it, falling into the next aisle. Blob picks up another television and charges towards him. Spyke looks above to the wall he’s leaning on, raising a lever. The lever turns on the televisions in the store and Blob gets a little confused, looking at each of the televisions. Evan shoots his bone spikes through all of televisions, thus blinding the Blob temporarily. Meanwhile, Kurt enters a clothing store and when he is close to the register, Pietro speeds over to him, measuring his arm length, waist and leg length with a tape measure. Quicksilver runs throughout the store continuously, dressing Kurt in random types of wardrobe. He eventually drops the entire inventory on Kurt and gloats about speedy attack. The pile of clothes dips a little bit as Kurt teleports away. He re-materializes on an overhanging lamp and shoves a hat on Pietro, who stumbles into a shoe rack.

On the first floor, Jean is looking for Brotherhood members and hears a rumble all of a sudden. The nearby fountain collapses due to Avalanche’s influence and the large boulder roll towards Jean, who manages to move them out of her path through telekinetic means. When it seems that she can’t hold it much longer, Cyclops shoots some optic blasts to crush the boulders into smaller rock fragments. He is distracted when Toad extends his tongue to steal Cyclops’ visor. Scott looks around in panic, blowing a hole in an overview window. Avalanche tries to hit Jean with the boulders but Jean concentrates, sending them back to him. Lance runs away from the rocks. Toad mocks Scott, still having the visor in his possession while hopping around. He lands on second or third floor railing but Rogue’s hand touches his skin to knock him out. She hops and slides to Scott to hand him back the visor. The Blob charges toward Rogue and Cyclops, though Scott manages to blast him into fountain’s base. The water erupts from the landing. The X-Men walk closer to the Blob when suddenly the escalator starts up, carrying Wanda down to them.

Wanda points her hands towards the X-Men, causing the store signs to explode around them. Her influence spread to a nearby piano that is suddenly flung towards them. Cyclops turns to blast it into numerous pieces but Wanda manages to curve his aim into a store on the second floor. The piano lands as the X-Men jump out of the way. Rogue lands into a flower bed and a large flame arises from it, causing her to run off. Meanwhile, Scott’s optic blasts continuously shoot out of control, digging into the floor and hitting some nearby stores. The blast continues it way to Spyke, sending him flying through a department store door. The optic blast moves near a flight stairs next to Jean, who narrowly escapes the collapsing of the structure. She asks Scott why he is firing uncontrollably. Scott is just as perplexed, lacking the ability to control his power. Jean looks over to Wanda and levitates her. Wanda is briefly shocked by the experience but points her hands at Jean, causing her to flying backwards into Nightcrawler. Spyke skateboards towards Wanda, firing his bony projectiles at her. Wanda waves her hand, causing the spikes to bend back towards him. He manages to not get impaled but falls off his skateboard. From a back view of Wanda, Kitty phases through the floor to surprise Wanda. However, Shadowcat is suddenly solid again and is therefore stuck halfway in the floor. Kurt offers to teleport her out and when they materialize, they land upside down in a tree outside, unintentional on Nightcrawler’s part. Wanda screams as he continues to spread more chaos with her explosions. Scott is stilling firing in random location and hits a retaining pillar. Jean tackles him out the way and Scott has regained control of his power again. Jean insists that they have to retreat as Wanda is too powerful for them. Cyclops refuses but Jean tells him that they have lost, so the two run out of the mall.

Wanda and her new teammates arrive, impressed that the Scarlet Witch was able to take on the X-Men single handedly and also of their victory over the X-Men. Quicksilver compliments Wanda on her control of her power and starts to mention that if their father could see what she did, he would be happy. The Scarlet Witch looks to her brother, interrupting him. She tells him that she has disowned Magneto and promises to hurt Magneto for what he’s done to her. She walks away from her teammates towards the other exit.

The X-Men walk out of the mall with Jean trying to comfort Scott, as Wanda was too strong for them. The Professor, next to the X-Van, regretting that he has yet to train them to handle mutants like Wanda. He does, however, tell them that it was necessary for them to lose to Wanda to learn a lesson and build character.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke (all X-Men)

Duncan Matthews
Hospital orderlies
Students of Bayville High
Torque Webber

Avalanche, Blob, Boom-Boom, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Toad, Quicksilver (all Brotherhood)
Agatha Harkness


Boom-Boom leaves the Brotherhood.

Introduces the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness.

This is the first time it is clearly mentioned that both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are the children of Magneto.

The scene where Mystique re-enters the asylum is when she kidnapped Professor X and placed into the Juggernaut’s prison, as revealed in “The Stuff of Heroes”.

Mystique, in the guise of Risty Wilde, obtained the CD about Wanda and the New Mutants in “Fun and Games”.

Torque Webber is seen walking outside in front of the school with black hair, instead of his normal red color.

In “Walk on the Wild Side”, Tabitha cut off Blob's Mohawk, but in this episode, he has it back. And in the next episode, “Day of Reckoning”, it's gone again.

When Mystique comes back to the Brotherhood house, she starts talking to the boys. When Pietro says something, you hear Lance's voice instead of his own.

When Toad steals Cyclops’ visor in the mall it looks like it is still there

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