Season 2 Episode 2

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 2

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom
Original Air Date: 
Sat 6th October 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson (writer), Steven E. Gordon (director)

Brief Description: 

In a training session for the New Mutants, Boom-Boom fools around, and
Nightcrawler gets dragged into her jokes too, and they end up almost killing
Kurt accidentally. Professor X grounds them, but Tabitha doesn't accept it
and convinces Kurt to teleport them to the Bayville High Carnival Fund
Raiser. At the same time, Tabitha's father gets to Bayville looking for his
daughter, and asks for her help robbing the money raised in the carnival.
She reluctantly agrees, but the Brotherhood boys steal the money from them,
and the X-Men get into the battle too. The money saved and Tabitha's father
in jail, Tabitha decides she doesn't fit in the Institute and joins the
Brotherhood instead, much to Kurt's disappointment.

Full Synopsis: 

In a training session, Nightcrawler is lying on the side of a cliff by the
mansion. Cyclops comes down and reports that Nightcrawler's unconscious, and
Kurt opens his eyes and tells him to hurry up, because he's starving. Scott
tells him to be quiet and tells Tabitha she should be on her way down there
with the basket. Kurt protests that they put his life in the hands of
Boom-Boom. Up on top of the cliff, the New Mutants and Wolverine are getting
the basket ready. Boom-Boom is listening to music instead of to Cyclops, and
Wolverine tells her she's up. She salutes, grabs the basket and slides down
the rope happily. She stops in front of Kurt and calls him "cutie", and Kurt
asks her if she's insane. Cyclops angrily tells her that Kurt's codename is
Nightcrawler and that he's unconscious, and she bombs the rocks and pushes
Nightcrawler in the basket, joking all along. Kurt tells her he's an injured
victim and not a log and says she is insane, and Scott orders her to get the
victim topside. She yells to Logan to pull them up, calling him "badger",
and Logan tells her it's Wolverine and pulls up as Scott walks up. Kurt
rolls off the basket, falling down, and then teleports back in, saying
Tabitha gets ten points off for forgetting to strap him in. She treats the
whole thing like a big joke and bombs the rocks. The basket swings into the
rock, and Kurt gets hit and falls off. Cyclops hurries to blast the rocks in
the water before Kurt gets smashed, and Wolverine jumps after him to bring
him to surface.

In the Danger Room, Professor X is lecturing to the New Mutants about safety
rules. He tells Kurt and Tabitha that they are both confined to the
Institute every day after school for two weeks, they are prohibited from
using their powers and they'll attend two training sessions a day with
Logan. Boom-Boom protests, but Nightcrawler stops her and says that they

In the Brotherhood house, Toad is eating flies. Quicksilver and Blob look
around and say that it's a cheap dump and everything is falling apart. Toad
says they just need money and hops upstairs past Avalanche to Mystique's
bedroom, but it's locked. He tries breaking it down again and again, until
Blob stops him, saying he'll get hurt. Quicksilver agrees with Blob, saying
that Mystique will be angry when she returns and sees they busted into her
room, but Toad says Mystique isn't coming back. Avalanche leaves to school,
and Toad follows.

In Bayville High, Principal Kelly reminding the students that that night is
the Bayville High Carnival Fund Raiser, and all proceeds will help cover the
cost of rebuilding our gymnasium after last month's fire. In Kelly's office,
Kelly tells his secretary, Dorothy, to collect the earnings and deposit them
in the safe behind the picture every hour during the carnival. A man walks
in and asks to see his daughter, Tabitha Smith. He looks at the picture
hiding the safe as Dorothy looks for Tabitha's file. She finds it and tells
Mr. Smith that Tabitha has a restricted visitor list - she'll have to refer
him to the Xavier Institute. He says he'll check with them and leaves.

In the hall, the bell rings. Tabitha is having trouble opening her locker,
so she bombs the lock. After it explodes, she notices it's not even her
locker and closes it. Kurt, near her, reminds her they're not supposed to
use their powers. She tells him one lecture a day is her limit, and he says
they got off easy. She disagrees - what good is having these powers if you
can't have a little fun once in a while? Before he can reply, she takes a
bite from his burger, takes his book and rushes off to class. Kurt stares
after her and smiles as Evan shows up and tells Kurt he's late, dragging him
to class. Tabitha, running in the hall, is shocked to see her father leaning
on some lockers. She asks him what he's doing there, and he says it's taken
him two long months, but he's finally tracked her down. She tells him to
leave her alone and starts leaving, but he says he just want to talk – her
mother and he are trying to work things out – he's trying to put things
right, but he can't do it without her. Not believing him, she tells him to
try and leaves. He glares after her.

In the cafeteria, Scott is looking for Jean, but she's sitting with Duncan
Matthews, so he decides to sit with Kurt. He cheers Kurt up about being
grounded, saying there'll be other carnivals, and it's not like he had a
date or anything. Kurt asks Scott if he's taking anyone, and Scott says it's
doubtful, after looking at Jean. Tabitha walks in a gives Kurt his book
back, before snatching his soda. He tells her to go get her own from the
machine, and she goes, after touching his chin. Kurt picks his book, and
sees that Tabitha doodled all over it - she even dots her "i"s with little
explosions. He tells Scott Tabitha's kinda funny, and Scott says she's so
"funny" she nearly killed him that morning.

Lance is at the soda machine, using his powers on it to make it shake,
earning him a free soda. Tabitha walks to him and says he has a nice
technique. She then shows him her technique – bombing the money slot. Soda
cans and coins fly out, and Lance tells Tabitha she'd fit right in with the
Brotherhood. She says she wouldn't want to and walks away, as Lance looks at
the money on the floor.

At the Institute, Xavier tells Mr. Smith that he has no parental rights
there - Tabitha's mother has left explicit instructions regarding his
visitation, so he'll have to leave. Mr. Smith threatens to bring news crews
to the Institute and expose the mutant secret, but Logan threatens to cut
his arms off in return. Smith just asks to talk to his daughter, and just
then Kurt and Tabitha enter.

In the library, Smith is trying to convince Tabitha to hear him out. She
angrily says she already heard him – he wants her to come home and pretend
they're a family again. He answers that they do want her home, soon, but
after things are settled and they get the creditors off their back. She says
all he wants is money, and he defends himself that he just wants enough to
help them get back on their feet, that's all. Tabitha says she doesn't have
any, but he says she can get some. She's angry that she's only a way blast
through walls for him, but he says the money is more for her mother than for
him - she's had it pretty rough. Tabitha agrees, but only if he leaves and
she never sees him again. He accepts and says they'll talk more at the
carnival, before leaving.

In Kurt's room, Kurt is sitting on the balcony, when suddenly Tabitha pops
in front of him and he falls back. She asks him what's up, and he says his
heart rate and asks her how she got there. She says she climbed and asks him
if he wants to go to the carnival – he can teleport them both there and back
before anyone finds out. He's not sure and she tries to convince him they'll
only go on one ride. He says no.

In the carnival, Kurt and Tabitha are riding the Spider Whirl. She asks him
if he wants to go faster, and he asks how. As they go by the control booth,
she drops in a bomb, and the speed rises. The attendant sees what happened
and hurries to pull out the wires, slowing the ride down. It stops, and
everybody get off. Tabitha pulls Kurt away, and they teleport to near the
basketball court, where two boys are playing. Tabitha puts bombs in their
back pockets and they teleport again. When the bombs explode, the boys'
pants fall, and they hurry to pull them back and run away. Tabitha's next
stop is the popcorn stand, where she makes the popcorn blow up. From there
they continue to the funhouse, making all the kids run out. Then they blow
up a guy's leather jacket, and his girlfriend laughs. They're having a great
time, when they find Lance and Fred at a hotdog stand. Tabitha blows up
Fred's food in his face, and Lance tells him that that's the girl he told
him about. They go after Kurt and Tabitha.

Taryn joins Scott at the Ferris Wheel, and he tells her he thought she was
with Jean. She says she was, but three's a crowd. The ride starts, as Jean
and Duncan walk below and Jean sees Taryn with Scott. As they go up, Scott
sees Kurt and Tabitha teleporting.

Tabitha and her father spot each other, and Tabitha tells Kurt to meet her
inside the arcade. He says they have to go back – it's been two hours – and
she promises they'll go back in five minutes. Lance and Fred spot Tabitha
again and follow as she meets her father. He tells her he has big plans for
tonight – the proceeds – the vault in the office, she'll blow it, he'll
clean it out. She refuses at first, but after he promises he'll be gone
within the hour if she'll help him, she reluctantly agrees. Lance and Fred,
who heard the whole thing, plan on taking the money to themselves. Kurt sees
Tabitha and her father and runs to Scott and Taryn, telling Scott Tabitha's
in trouble. He asks who else is there, and Scott says he thinks just Jean
and Evan. Scott says goodbye to Taryn, and the boys rush off.

Tabitha blows the lock on the door to Kelly's office, and she and her father
enter. Smith reveals the safe behind the picture and tells Boom-Boom to blow
it off. She does, and they run out through the halls with the money.
Suddenly, Toad hops in front of them, takes the money and hops away. They
chase him to the gymnasium, where Avalanche and Blob are waiting. Boom-Boom
gives up and starts walking away, but her father grabs her arm and orders
her to use her powers to get it back. Just then, Cyclops blasts his way in,
followed by Jean and Spyke, and Nightcrawler teleports. Avalanche shakes the
already-ruined gymnasium as Toad tries escaping with the money, but Jean
uses her telekinesis to fling Toad in the air and get the money to Cyclops.
Blob jumps at Cyclops and the money flies off as Cyclops blasts Blob. Spyke
pins the money bag to the backboard of the basketball hoop with a spike, and
Nightcrawler teleports to get it. Avalanche knocks Nightcrawler over, and
the money lands in front of Smith, who grabs it and runs out. Cyclops wants
to run after him to get the money back, but Boom-Boom stops him and goes
instead. She runs after him to the roof, where Smith's leg gets stuck in the
floor and the money lands out of his reach. Tabitha tells him to take her
hand, but he tells her to just keep the others away, as all he wants is the
money. He tries reaching it as he slowly falls through the crumbling roof,
and she begs him to forget the money and take her hand. She cries, and for a
second he almost agrees, but then he keeps trying. The roof breaks and they
both fall, but Nightcrawler teleports them back inside. Once realizing he's
okay, Smith hits Kurt and runs away, followed by Tabitha, straight to the
policemen who are surrounding the exit.

Tabitha walks out of the police station and asks the awaiting Xavier and
Kurt what's going to happen to her father. Professor X answers that they
officers are detaining him - in addition to the charges for coercing her,
he's got several outstanding warrants. Tabitha says she'll go pick up her
stuff and leave the Institute. Kurt tells her that she doesn't have to go,
but she says she does – it's just not a good fit – not right now. Xavier
says she can come back to them if she needs them, and she walks away.

In the Brotherhood house, Lance goes to open the door, and finds Tabitha
with a bag. She enters and, to the shocked eyes of the Brotherhood boys,
says she needs a place to crash and asks if they got any rooms. Without
waiting for an answer, she goes to Mystique's locked room. None of the boys
dare to try and stop her, as she blows up the door. She finds a huge clean
room and says that it'll do, before shutting the door in shocked boys'

In Kurt's room, Scott joins Kurt on the balcony and asks him how bad the
damage is. Kurt answers that he has to wash all their uniforms, wax the
X-Jet, and clean out the Danger Room every day for a month after Logan's
sessions. Scott asks that if that's really why he's sad, and Kurt says he
just doesn't understand why Tabitha left. Scott says that once when she sees
what it's like out there, the Institute will look awfully good to her, but
Kurt says that something tells him she knows exactly what it's like out

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Shadowcat, Spyke, Wolverine
Berzerker, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Iceman, Jubilee, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot,
Wolfsbane (all New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Civilians, carnival workers, policemen, students, teachers
Dorothy (Kelly's secretary)
Duncan Matthews
Mr. Smith (Tabitha's father)
Principal Edward Kelly
Taryn Fujioka


The Bayville High gymnasium was burned in a fire caused by the Brotherhood
during "Growing Pains".

Mystique's whereabouts are unknown after the explosion of Asteroid M at the
end of "The Cauldron (2)". It is later revealed that she was using the cover
identity of Risty Wilde to be close to Rogue the whole time she was absent.

Just before Kurt runs to Scott and Taryn in the carnival, Arcade walks past
them. This is his second cameo in the show, the first being in "Growing

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