Season 2 Episode 3

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 3

Power Surge
Original Air Date: 
Sat 13th October 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson (story), Doug Molitor (writer), Gary Graham

Brief Description: 

At an assembly at Bayville High, Jean loses control over her telekinesis and
starts hearing random thoughts from other students. That evening, at a party
at Duncan Matthews's house, it happens again. The following day at school,
her telekinesis spirals out of control as well, but Scott, Lance and the
coach, Hank McCoy, keep everyone from getting hurt. Scott and Kitty hurry to
bring Jean back to the Institute after she faints, but even Xavier can't
help her. Her telekinesis goes overboard and everything in the room starts
flying and circling around her, keeping everyone from coming near her. Rogue
comes up with the plan of absorbing Jean to ease her mind, and Nightcrawler
manages to teleport her near Jean so she could do it. After that, Scott
manages to make Jean concentrate on him, and she wakes up, now having her
powers under control.

Full Synopsis: 

At the Bayville High Auditorium, Principal Kelly is giving a speech to the
students, praising the girls' soccer team for their winning season. As he
picks up the biggest trophy from the table, he says that the girls thought
like a team, played like a team, and they respected each other as teammates,
and it's those teammates who unanimously voted their choice for this year's
most valuable player award: Jean Grey! Jean, surprised that she won, goes to
the stage. In the audience, Scott, Kurt, Kitty, Evan and Risty cheer for
her, but Rogue isn't very supporting. Kelly gives Jean the trophy and she
starts thanking everyone, but she suddenly stops as she hears Rogue's
thoughts. She stares at Rogue, and then she begins hearing more voices and
thoughts – first from her fellow X-Men, then from everyone else. She holds
her head, drops the trophy and knocks over the trophies table. The trophy
head breaks. Jean gets back to her senses, pick up the trophy, apologizes
and continues to thank everybody as if nothing happened.

After the assembly, Evan and Kitty are talking as they walk down the stairs.
Lance runs up to Kitty and offers to walk her to Chemistry.

Scott walks up to Jean, who's sitting behind the stage. He comments on how
terrified she seemed during the speech, but she says it was nothing – she
was just a little nervous. Before leaving, she asks if he'll be at Duncan's
party that night. He tries making excuses, but she asks him to be there –
for her.

In chemistry, Lance and Kitty are talking at the back. Kitty laughs at a
joke Lance makes about Blob. The new chemistry teacher enters, introduces
himself as Mr. McCoy and apologizes for being late. He immediately gets the
students liking, including lance and Kitty, as he suggests teaching them how
to make a stink bomb.

In the Institute, Scott is getting ready for Duncan's party. He leaves the
bathroom and runs down the hall, bumping into Kitty as she phases through
the wall. She asks him if he got a remedy for stink bomb aroma, and Scott
suggests isolation and keeps going to the stairway. He falls down on his
butt as Sam shoots past him, chased by Rahne in her wolf form. He yells at
Sam not to run in there or he'll smash through a wall, and continues
outside. There, he slips on some ice Bobby left trying to impress Jubilee
with ice-statues. He tells Bobby to clean up after his ice, gets into his
car and drives away.

In Duncan's house, Duncan throws a soccer ball over Jean and Taryn out the
window. It hits Scott and lands in his car as he arrives. Rogue is still
upset, and is sitting with Risty. They watch as Scott enters and throws the
soccer ball at Duncan. Rogue leaves, and Risty follows. Rogue tells her that
she's pretty much done celebrating Jean's popularity, and Risty says she
thinks Rogue has a crush on Scott. Rogue denies, and they leave.

A little later, Scott and Duncan are playing ping-pong. They both play as if
their lives are depending on the game, sending the ball hard all across the
room and running to hit it, hitting people along the way. Fed up, Jean
eventually stops the ball telekinetically near her, catches it, puts it on
the table and pulls Duncan away to talk to him. Scott walks outside to the
balcony as Jean asks Duncan why he didn't invite Scott and tells him not to
make her choose between him and her friends. Suddenly, Jean starts hearing
all the thoughts of the people around her again. She holds her head, pushes
Duncan and runs to the balcony, making Scott fall off. She manages to hold
him telekinetically, but when Duncan comes out she looses concentration and
Scott falls to the pool.

Jean apologizes to Scott as they enter the mansion, saying it was an
accident. Xavier wheels in and asks what happened, but Jean says it doesn't
worth talking about. Kurt teleports in and also asks what happened, but Jean
says "nothing" and starts walking to her room. Suddenly, Rogue and Risty
come out of a door upstairs, and Kurt hurries to turn on the image-inducer.
Everybody stare at Rogue and Risty, and Rogue comments on their rudeness.
Scott breaks the shock and asks Risty how she's doing, and she notices he's
soaking wet and tells Rogue she knew they shouldn't have left the party.
Kitty phases through the wall behind the girls, with perfume and asks how
she smells now. Risty, seeing no door near Kitty, asks her in shock where
she came from. Before Kitty can come up with an answer, Logan shows up and
takes a fruit with his claws. He hurries back to the hall he came from.

Later, outside, Risty says goodbye to Rogue and drives away. Rogue walks
back in, and Xavier tells her that visits need to be scheduled for obvious
reasons. She says she just won't have any more friends over, and thinks to
herself that he wouldn't treat Jean that way. Jean hears her, and says it's
not true – Xavier doesn't treat them differently. Rogue is angry at her for
getting into her head without permission, and Jean apologizes, saying she
didn't realize she was doing it. Rogue doesn't believe her.

Later, Xavier asks Jean if she's having trouble with her telepathy. She
starts asking him if he used his powers to find out, and says he didn't have
to probe her mind to find out. Jean says she's just tired, excusing it that
it was a long soccer season and tomorrow she got track and field tryouts and
Scott and Duncan have been going at it. Xavier says that perhaps it is
fatigue, or it could be that her powers are growing. He asks her to let him
help her control it – that's why he's there, that's why she's there. She
says she can handle it – all she needs is a good night sleep. He accepts it,
and she leaves.

The following day at Bayville High, the track and field tryouts are taking
place. Hank McCoy, who's also the coach, blows his whistle, and the runners
start running. Scott and Duncan are throwing javelins, and Scott's javelin
hits a little farther. Later, at the pole vault, Duncan leads. Later,
they're running. Duncan elbows Scott, and his glasses fall off and he gets
off track, covering his eyes. Hank, who saw the whole thing, tells Duncan to
hit the showers – he's off the team. He picks up Scott's glasses, tells him
to keep his eyes closed, and puts them on him. Scott then notices Jean is
lying on the ground, holding her head, after hearing thoughts around her
again. Her javelin suddenly floats up, and spins around towards the girls,
including Kitty. Lance, watching, makes a small earthquake, and the girls
fall and the javelin flies above them and sticks in a wall. Jean's still
having a headache, and four balls shoot themselves to the air. Hank catches
two of them, and Scott dodges another one and blasts the fourth off course
before it hits Duncan. The ball flies into Principal Kelly's office,
breaking his window and his table. Scott runs to Jean, who's still holding
her head, and asks her what's wrong. She asks for help – she can't stop it –
and then faints in his arms.

Scott, Kitty and Jean are driving to the mansion. Kitty hurries to phase
through the door, call the professor and open the door for Scott, who's
carrying Jean. Scott, Xavier and Logan hurry to the examination room, and
Scott puts Jean on the table. Jean's telekinesis spirals out of control, and
things start flying around the room. Xavier asks Scott to leave, and he
does, reluctantly. Xavier enters Jean's mind and sees flashes of Rogue,
Scott and Duncan. He tries telling her he can help her, but his image fades.
More flashes of the last two days appear. Back in the real world, Xavier is
slammed against the wall. Everything in the room flies in circles around
Jean, and Jean's body levitates too. Scott runs in, despite Logan telling
him to wait. A telekinetic blast shoots from Jean.

In another room, Kurt, Kitty, Evan and Rogue are waiting. Xavier, Scott and
Logan enter, Xavier and Scott a little injured. As the mansion shakes from
Jean's telekinesis, Kitty asks if Jean's alright. Xavier answers she's not -
her powers are evolving too rapidly for her to control. Scott wants to get
back up as the mansion shakes again, but Logan says he can't even get close
to her - they need a plan. Rogue suggests draining Jean to ease her mind,
but Xavier says it's too much for Rogue to handle - there's so much chaos in
Jean's mind - what she needs is something to focus on. Scott says that if
Rogue can clear Jean's thoughts, then maybe he can get Jean to focus on him.
With no other choice, Xavier agrees.

The X-Men rush into the examination room, avoiding the flying objects.
Cyclops blasts them, Spyke pins them to the walls, Shadowcat phases through
them and Wolverine simply hits them. Nightcrawler teleports Rogue near Jean
and, with some effort, she manages to touch her before being swept away
telekinetically. Cyclops approaches Jean and tries to make her focus on his
voice. Jean speaks through Rogue's mouth, asking Scott where he is and
asking for help. Scott turns to Rogue and tells her to focus on him, but she
says she can't – she's losing him. He tells her not to tell him what she
can't do – he knows her better than anyone ever has or ever will – she can
do it. Everything drops, including Jean. She opens her eyes, and Scott runs
to her happily. Rogue sadly watches him run from her to Jean.

Later, Rogue watches Jean from her window. Scott tells her Jean's got it
under control and the professor will be working with her every day to keep
it that way. He then asks her what made her risk so much to save Jean, and
she answers that she and Jean are worlds apart – galaxies – but then she
realized something – Jean would have done the same for her. Scott says they
all would have.

Scott walks to Jean outside with a bouquet of roses, and says it's for her.
She thanks him and says they're beautiful, but he says unfortunately they
came with a card, signed by Duncan. He sits with her and asks her how much
of last night she remembers, and she answers it's pretty much a blank and
she's glad, too. He agrees, saying she'd rather not even think about the
whole thing. She gets up and says that that's what she likes about him - he
knows her better than anyone ever has or ever will. She walks away, and he

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Wolverine (all X-Men)
Cannonball, Iceman, Jubilee, Wolfsbane (New Mutants)

Avalanche (Brotherhood)

Hank McCoy

Civilians, students
Duncan Matthews
Principal Edward Kelly
Risty Wilde
Taryn Fujioka


This is the first appearance of Hank McCoy.

When Hank first enters the classroom, he quotes the line "The time has come,
the Walrus said, to talk of many things." That line is from "Through the
Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll, the sequel to the classic book "Alice's
Adventures in Wonderland". The quote can also be found in the Walt Disney
movie "Alice in Wonderland", from 1951.

Rogue tells Risty that Ororo is visiting her sister in New York. In the
comics, Storm doesn't have a sister, but in Evolution, her sister is Vivian
Daniels, Evan's mother.

Risty, in fact, knows about the X-Men and their powers, as she is really the
missing Mystique in disguise.

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