Season 2 Episode 6

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 6

Original Air Date: 
Sat 3rd November 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson (writer), Steven E. Gordon (director)

Brief Description: 

Scott is visiting his brother Alex in Hawaii, but apparently he didn't
choose the best of times, as a large storm is starting there. Alex goes
surfing and gets lost in sea, and Scott goes looking for him in a boat. They
eventually find each other, but then the boat sinks and they stay afloat
only by a piece of wood, though not before Scott manages to contact Harbor
Patrol. The rescue chopper is hit by a lightning and fails to help them, and
Xavier, Storm and Jean leave in the X-Jet to help. With their powers, Ororo
and Jean rescue the brothers and return them home.

Full Synopsis: 

In Hawaii, a big winter storm is starting, with strong winds. Scott Summers
is on a beach, watching a weather report in his laptop which warns surfers
to stay out of the water, as the north-west winds currently reaching 60
miles an hour. He switches to another window, showing his brother Alex on
his surfboard at sea. He warns Alex that the weather is turning against
them, but Alex says that big storms equal massive breakers, and he's having
a great time. He surfs on a wave, but then he falls off the board. Scott
hurries to run to the water and calls out for his brother, who is nowhere to
be seen.

Scott still can't find Alex, when suddenly Alex manages to make contact
through the computer again. Scott rushes back to his laptop and asks Alex
where he is, and Alex answers that he's got a problem – he's stuck in a rip
tide and it's pulling him out to sea. Scott wants to go call the Harbor
Patrol, but Alex says he'll look like a fool and asks Scott to come and get
him. Scott agrees and steals a speedboat (optic-blasting the door), going to
find his brother. They can't find each other, and Scott suggests Alex uses
his power as a signal. It works for a while and Scott heads in his brother's
direction, but Alex runs out of energy. Finally, Scott decides to call the
Harbor Patrol, but can't contact them. He keeps searching for Alex.

Meanwhile in Bayville, winter has covered everything in snow. Kitty is
talking to Lance on the phone, but stops and says she'll call him back when
she sees Kurt standing near her, with pumped up gigantic muscles. She asks
him what he's done to himself, and he says that he's been working out, but
then his image inducer switches off and he returns to normal. She laughs and
tells him he shouldn't play with his image inducer, but he keeps playing
with it anyway as he walks down the hall. He turns obese just as Evan walks
by, shocked.

In the kitchen, Jean is watching a weather report about the storm in Hawaii,
with Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard spread too thin for the many rescues.
Kurt enters and asks if Hawaii isn't where Scott is, and Jean answers yes,
but she's sure he wasn't dumb enough to go surfing. Alex, on the other hand…
Jean looks at Kurt and screams, as his head is huge. He leaves.

In Hawaii, Scott is struggling with the storm in his boat. He manages to get
the Harbor Patrol, telling them he is about three miles off Fin Ridge Point
searching for his brother, Alex Masters, but then the connection breaks
again. Through the computer, Alex tells Scott he'll try signaling with his
powers again, and Scott sees the signal. He speeds to where the signal came
from, but then a wave drowns Alex, and the computer only shows underwater.
In the sky, a rescue chopper is looking for Scott and Alex, but can't find
them. Scott beeps his horn and calls out for Alex, and Alex manages to get
to surface near the boat. Scott pulls him up and tells him he was starting
to lose hope. The helicopter still can't find them. After dodging a wave,
Scott starts the boat.

Outside the mansion, Jean and Hank are watching the New Mutants having a
snowball fight. Bobby has an advantage with his self-made ice, but Amara,
Ray and Jubilee play with more than just snow. Hank joins in with a huge
snowball. Evan comes out and calls Jean to come inside – there's something
she has to see.

In the library, Evan and Jean enter and see Ororo and Xavier watching the
news. The reporter says that with only a few hours of daylight left, the
search continues for two lost teenage boys, Alex Masters and Scott Summers.
Professor X orders Storm to prep the X-Jet.

In Hawaii, the weather is getting even worse, and the waves are huge. Scott
and Alex are speeding to shore, but then they run out of fuel. Alex says
that he thought he heard a chopper out there, but Scott says that that was
their engine cutting out and orders Alex to check the holds for a gas can. A
huge wave comes towards them, and Scott uses an optic blast to break the
wave. Up in the sky, the helicopter pilot thinks the beam to be some kind of
flare and heads towards it.

Nearby, Professor X, Storm and Jean arrive in the X-Jet.

Alex finds a gas can, but just then a giant wave turns the boat over and
Scott sinks. He manages to swim back up, though, and Alex drags him to the
piece of wood he's holding, helping them to stay afloat. The boat sinks, and
Alex tells Scott he stinks at rescues. Scott blames Alex for surfing at this
weather, and the waves start drifting them around. Alex says that it just
figures that just when the two of them were getting to know each other and
finally connect this happens, but Scott tells him it's not over yet. Alex
says that he just filed to have my last name changed back to "Summers", and
Scott says they'll get out of it – for all they know, a rescue chopper could
be there any minute. Just then, his prediction comes true and the chopper
arrives. A rope comes down to them, and Scott gives it to Alex, saying that
he should go first. Alex starts going up, but just then lightning hits the
chopper, and the pilot declares an emergency – total system failure. The
chopper falls down, and Scott blasts it so it won't crush Alex. Scott tells
Alex to take the harness off, but Alex doesn't get it in time, and sinks
down with the helicopter. Scott dives after him and helps him out, and they
surface not far from the pilot and co-pilot. The pilot uses his watch to
call a cutter to lock on their position, but they can't see Scott and Alex.

In the X-Jet, Storm says that the chopper went down, and there's no word on
Scott or Alex. Xavier says that they're closing in on its last coordinates.
Jean sees two tornados and asks what they are, and Storm explains that
they're funnel clouds - they shouldn't be a problem unless they touch down
in the water.

Alex is very tired, and Scott tells him they have to stay alert and hold on
a little longer – for all they know, a rescue chopper could be here any
minute. It doesn't work this time, though, as no chopper is seen.

A Coast Guard ship has picked up the chopper's pilot and co-pilot, and the
pilot says that the two boys are still out somewhere. A wave comes down on
the ship. Nearby in the jet, Storm picks up on Scott and Alex and Xavier
says they better move quickly.

The funnel clouds touch the water, and Scott and Alex are pulled in. The
X-Jet arrives, and Storm creates a hole in the funnel. Jean telekinetically
lifts the brothers out of the water and into the jet, and the jet takes off.
Ororo asks if they're alright, and Jean says they'll be fine. Alex thanks
Scott for keeping him alive, and Scott says he's sure Alex will return the
favor someday. Xavier says he'll contact Search & Rescue and let them know
the boys are safe.

Outside the mansion, the mutant snowball fight has melted the winter
wonderland. Hank says he can see now that teaching mutants will require
entirely different skills, and goes inside.

Outside the infirmary, Kurt asks Xavier if Scott's up for visitors. Xavier
says he is - Jean's in there with him now. Before Kurt enters, Xavier hands
him his repaired image-inducer, and Kurt thanks him and promises he won't
mess with it again. Kurt puts the image inducer on.

In the infirmary, Jean is feeding Scott. Scott wonders if Alex is getting
this kind of attention at his house, and Jean says that after seeing how his
parents greeted him, she wouldn't doubt it. Kurt enters and welcomes Scott
back, and Scott says "thanks, ma'am." Kurt doesn't understand what that's
supposed to mean and looks in the mirror, and sees that his image inducer is
showing a female hologram. Xavier wheels in and says he's sorry, he couldn't
resist. They all laugh.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Storm (all X-Men)
Berzerker, Iceman, Jubilee, Magma (New Mutants)


Civilians, Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol crews, weathermen

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