Season 2 Episode 8

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 Episode 8

Original Air Date: 
Sat 1st December 2001

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Cydne Clark, Steve Granat (writers), Steven E. Gordon (director)

Brief Description: 

Avalanche shows up in the Xavier Institute, making a shocking statement – he
wants to be an X-Man. Despite the others' concerns, especially Scott's,
Xavier accepts his offer, as he thinks Lance is genuine about his feeling
for Kitty. Lance befriends the New Mutants quite easily during his training
sessions with them, but Scott keeps giving him a hard time, especially after
he finds his car trashed one morning. On another morning, Lance is again
blamed for the X-Van being trashed, although it was really the fault of
Bobby, Sam, Jubilee and Jamie, who took it for a night joyride. The kids
aren't satisfied with the cars, though, and decide to try something bigger
and faster the next night – the X-Jet. Lance finds out and hurries to warn
Kitty, and together they board the jet just before Bobby flies it away.
Things go horribly wrong when Jubilee accidentally fries the controls and
the radio just as military jets appear, thinking the X-Jet to be hostile.
Kitty manages to save them all in the last second, though, and they return
to the Institute safely. Lance is again blamed, but Bobby, Sam and Jubilee
confess. Scott and Xavier apologize to Lance, but Lance decides the X-Men
isn't for him – he prefers living with the Brotherhood.

Full Synopsis: 

Nighttime at the Xavier Institute, Lance Alvers walks to the front gate and
knocks it down with his powers, entering. An alarm goes off, waking up the
X-Men. The mansion's defenses are also activated, and many weapons hidden in
the yard prepare to fire at Avalanche, as the X-Men are quickly making their
way outside. With his powers, Lance ruins the weapons, just as the X-Men
gather in the entrance, ready for battle. Wolverine asks Avalanche what he's
doing there, and Lance replies, to everybody's shock, that he's come to join
the X-Men. Kitty asks him if he's kidding, but he says he's serious – he
wants to be an X-Man. Logan answers "Yeah, right, and I wanna be the tooth
fairy..." The X-Men laugh, but then Professor X joins them outside and says
they should hear what Lance has to say.

A few minutes later in Charles Xavier's office, Charles, Logan, Scott, Jean
and Kitty are with Lance. They ask him why he wants to join the X-Men and
what he's up to, and he just answers that it was time for a change. To
everyone's amazement, the professor takes that as answer enough, and decides
to give it a try. Lance and Xavier shake hands, and Xavier asks Kitty to
show Lance to one of the guest rooms. She tells Lance to follow her and
phases out, but then comes back and pulls him with her. After Logan and Jean
leave, Scott complains to Xavier that he thinks this is a mistake – Lance
wouldn't do this unless he wanted something. The professor agrees – what
Lance wants is to be near Kitty. He says that he believes Lance is genuine
about his feelings for her and maybe that's a good beginning – they should
give him a chance.

Kitty shows Lance to his new room, and he says it's not bad and unpacks his
bag into a drawer. Before leaving, Kitty tells him she thinks it's cool he
wants to be an X-Man, but this place is no walk in the park and the other
guys aren't gonna cut him any slack. He answers he can handle it – how tough
can it be?

The next day, a training session is taking place, simulating a flight in the
X-Jet. Cyclops is guiding Iceman on piloting it, with Avalanche, Multiple,
Cannonball, Sunspot and Jubilee in the back. Bobby is doing it too fast and
loses control, making the simulator toss everyone around until it stops.
Happy, he runs out to Wolverine and Shadowcat, saying that this time it took
him twice as long to crash and burn. The other students look sick as they
leave the simulator. Logan tells Bobby that that kind of hot-dogging ain't
gonna cut it in a real battle and that he gotta think before he starts
playing cowboy commando. Kitty walks to Lance and asks him if he's okay, and
he says it was a piece of cake – there's nothing to this X-Men stuff. After
she leaves, though, he rushes away to vomit. Professor X enters and asks
Logan if he wasn't too hard on Bobby – after all, Logan has been known for
doing a little hot-dogging himself. Logan answers that he can walk away from
a crash – the others can't. He then tells Kurt, who is sweeping the floor,
that when he's finished, he can mop out the simulator.

Outside, another training session is taking place, again with Cyclops
guiding Avalanche and the New Mutants. This time Spyke is helping him,
operating a machine that throws blades at the mutants. First one up is
Magma, but she fails hitting all blades and Cyclops has to save her by
hitting one. Next is Iceman, who almost succeeds, but his over-confidence
makes him fail yet again, and Cyclops saves him too. Avalanche takes his
turn next, easily winning by ruining the machine itself. The New Mutants
cheer, and so does Shadowcat.

In the Danger Room, yet another training session for the New Mutants and
Avalanche is in progress, with Cyclops, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler in the
control. Cannonball, Multiple and Jubilee succeed crossing the room, but
Berzerker fails. Just as Avalanche is getting to the end, Cyclops makes
fails him from the control. Scott and Kurt high-five, but Kitty isn't very

By the pool, Cyclops is giving another training session. The mission is to
save X-Men from drowning. Wolfsbane is supposed to save Nightcrawler, Iceman
has to save Spyke, Cannonball needs to rescue Shadowcat, and Avalanche's
target is rescuing Rogue. Bobby easily succeeds this time with an
ice-bridge, Rahne morphs and swims in, and Sam flies across. Lance, however,
thinks he was given the wrong victim, and simply tosses a lifesaver at
Rogue, hitting her, before pushing Sam and rescuing Kitty. Kitty is enjoying
it, but Rogue and Sam aren't, as Sam flew to the water. Angry, Rogue pushes
Lance and Kitty back into the pool, after Scott helped her out.

Morning in the garage, Lance is giving Bobby, Jubilee and Sam a ride to
school in his jeep. Scott and Kurt enter, ready to go in Scott's car, but
find that it's been trashed. Scott asks who's been messing with his car,
just as Lance drives away, commenting on the car, to Scott and Kurt's anger.

In Bayville High, Lance is walking down the hallway, when suddenly Fred
grabs him and pushes him in a locker. The Brotherhood surrounds him, and
Tabitha says she heard the craziest thing – somebody said he was living with
the geek squad. Todd tells him Mystique's gonna hand him his left arm when
she gets back, but Lance says she's not coming back – the Brotherhood is
history – they just don't know it yet. Pietro asks him if he's becoming an
X-Man, and he answers he is, to the other's shock and disgust. As he walks
away, Tabitha tells him he's making a mistake – he'll never fit in with
those guys – and they're never going to accept him. Her words worry him, but
he just keeps walking.

That night in the Institute, Lance is just about to go to bed when he
notices some of the New Mutants sneaking away, and decides to follow them.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kitty is having a night snack, as the New Mutants
sneak by the door. She goes under the table for a pencil that fell, and
phases her head up through the table as she hears the students. Just then,
Lance walks by, and sees her head on a plate. He faints.

Bobby, Sam, Jubilee and Jamie take the X-Van for a ride, with Bobby driving.
They're enjoying themselves a lot, and Bobby creates an ice-ramp for them to
jump on. They try hitting various buttons, activating the van's attack
system, but they don't even notice the effects of their actions and just get

Early the next morning, Bobby returns to his room, exhausted from the
night's adventure. He can't sleep, though, as Xavier informs him and the
other New Mutants telepathically that there will be a special early morning
session with Logan, and they must report to the hangar immediately.

In the hangar, Kurt is cleaning the jet – another part of his probation.
Logan, Scott and the New Mutants enter, with the four night-adventurers very
tired after their long night. Logan introduces the kids to the X-Men's pride
and joy: the X-Jet - does Mach 5 at 40,000 ft with every new power thrust,
camouflage, stealth capability the professor can dream up - it'll out-run,
out-fly, and out-fight anything on two wings, and still make a great cup of
coffee. Iceman gawks and stares, incredibly impressed with the great jet. He
walks to it and touches it, and then asks Wolverine if this demo means
they're gonna get to fly the real jet this time. Logan sarcastically answers
that yeah – that'll happen. He suggests they'll try something a little
smaller, like the X-Van, and leads them to the garage. To everyone's shock,
though, the van is completely trashed. Wolverine asks what happened to the
van, and Cyclops says he knows, before glaring at Avalanche.

That night, Bobby, Sam and Jubilee prepare to sneak out again. They refuse
to take Jamie with them this time, though, as he makes too big a crowd –
literally. Sadly, Jamie complains that he never gets to go and goes back to
bed. The others go to Lance's room, and Jubilee wakes him up and asks him if
he wants to go with them on another joyride – he's gonna get the blame
anyway. Lance tells them to forget it – they got him in enough trouble. They
leave, but not before Bobby tells him that it's his loss – this time they're
taking something bigger and faster.

A few minutes later, the three teen mutants are in the hangar, looking at
the jet in awe. Jubilee asks the boys if they're sure about this, and Bobby
answers yeah – let's do it.

Back in Lance's room, Lance suddenly realizes what Bobby meant by "bigger
and faster" – the X-Jet! He hurries to Kitty's room, wakes her up and drags
her away, without explaining.

Bobby sits in the pilot seat in the jet, and Sam is co-pilot. Sam says that
he's not sure about this, but Bobby says they can't stop now – they're
rolling. Lance and Kitty get to the hanger, above the rolling jet, and Lance
grabs Kitty and jumps down, telling her to phase them in, which she does.
The jet rubs the wall on its way down the tunnel, and Sam yells to Bobby to
get the hangar doors open. Bobby can't find the switch, but Jubilee finds it
just in time, and they leave the mansion, enjoying the flight. Jubilee opens
a hatch and fires fireworks outside through it, laughing. In the back, Kitty
and Lance are tossed around, and Kitty gets angry. She phases them both to
the cockpit, and the kids realize they're busted. In her confusion, Jubilee
loses control and her fireworks blow the controls. They start picking speed,
and Bobby can't slow down. Kitty tries contacting the Institute, but the
radio is fried.

Two jets show up in the sky, and one of the pilots contacts the mutants,
telling them they're traveling in restricted air space and orders them to
identify themselves. Lance, fed up with Bobby's piloting skills, runs to the
controls, wanting to use the P.A. system. Instead, though, he accidentally
fires at the jets. They dodge it and respond by firing two heat-seekers, but
Jubilee fires more fireworks and confuses them, saving the X-Jet. Sam tries
fixing the jet by connecting wires with chewing gum, but it doesn't work,
and Bobby informs the others that the propulsion's cut. Jubilee asks if
that's a bad thing, and Bobby says that that depends on how she feels about
emergency landings. The jet drops rapidly and Lance vomits, but Bobby
creates an ice-slide, throwing the jet back to the air. More trouble comes,
though, when the other two jets return with reinforcement, and a jet fires
at the mutants. Lance uses his powers to break a cliff and block the jets'
way, but it doesn't stop the missiles. Kitty orders Bobby to head into a
mesa, and with immense concentration manages to phase the X-Jet through it,
losing the missiles. The jets' pilots, stunned, agree to say that they never
saw that. Kitty falls into Lance's arms, and Bobby heads back to the

Later in the hangar, Professor X, Wolverine and Cyclops are staring at the
wrecked X-Jet in disbelief. Scott immediately accuses Lance of taking
another joyride. Kitty tries to defend him, but Avalanche stops her and
takes the blame on himself. Just then, though, Iceman, Cannonball and
Jubilee enter and confess that they did it – Lance was just trying to stop
them – they took the X-Van, too, and Scott's car. Xavier says that luckily,
there's been no official mention of the incident - the military must believe
it was a UFO sighting, so they're, no doubt, covering it up. Kurt enter, all
ready to do his last task of waxing the jet, but is horrified to see the jet
is all messed up. Xavier tells him it's alright – his probation is over –
the kids', though, is just beginning and they can start by cleaning up the
X-Jet. The three kids walk to the jet, as Cyclops tells Avalanche they all
owe him an apology. Lance isn't interested, and walks away. Professor X
apologizes as well and says that it's been a challenging transition for them
all, and Shadowcat asks him to stay, but he refuses, saying that living with
the Brotherhood's a piece of cake compared to them –they're way too high
maintenance. Xavier keeps the invitation open if Lance ever changes his
mind, and Kitty kisses Lance before walking in. He looks after her, in love,
but decides to leave back to the Brotherhood anyway.

Featured Characters: 

Avalanche, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat,
Spyke, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Berzerker, Cannonball, Iceman, Jubilee, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot, Wolfsbane
(all New Mutants)

Blob, Boom-Boom, Quicksilver, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Military pilots


Up until now, all appearances of the New Mutants were cameos, and most of
them haven't even had their names mentioned in the show. This is the first
episode that puts a spotlight on some of them as main characters.

The reason Kurt is in probation is because of the events of "Bada-Bing
Bada-Boom", when he and Tabitha broke the rules and went to the school

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