Season 3 Episode 1

X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 1

Day of Recovery
Original Air Date: 
Sat 14th September 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson, Boyd Kirkland (story), Cydne Clark, Steve Granat
(writers), Gary Graham (director)

Brief Description: 

The X-Men, realizing that Mystique had been impersonating Xavier for some
time and is holding his somewhere, get into an argument with the
Brotherhood. However, they all have to cooperate as the authorities are
trying to hunt mutants after Magneto exposed them to the world. The New
Mutants hide in the Morlocks tunnels as the X-Men and the Brotherhood break
into Area 51 to release their captured friends. They succeed just barely,
but Cyclops makes Mystique get captured as she refuses to reveal Xavier's
whereabouts. Meanwhile, Wanda and Toad discover that Magneto isn't dead –
Quicksilver rescued him in the last minute. Now everyone has to face a new
world – one that hunts down mutants.

Full Synopsis: 

At the ruins of the blown-up mansion, Cyclops and Mystique are arguing.
Scott yells at her for ruining the mansion, and says that he saw it in the
computer screen. Storm angrily asks Mystique how long she has been
impersonating the professor, and where he is. Everybody part to groups – the
X-Men stand behind Scott and the Brotherhood behind Mystique. Jean tries to
get answers out of Mystique's mind, but Mystique is blocking her somehow.
Cyclops threatens her to stop blocking, but she tells him to back off or
he'll never find Xavier. Their fight is stopped by police sirens. Police
cars and helicopters surround the mutants everywhere. A policeman yells at
them to freeze, to which Bobby answers "no problem", icing himself and the
ground, making the officer slip. Everyone start running around. Cyclops hits
a car's tire with an optic blast. Police cars stop Cannonball, Multiple,
Berzerker, Jubilee, Wolfsbane, Magma and Boom-Boom. Berzerker zaps the cars
and they all run, chased by policemen. One grabs Jamie, but Jamie duplicates
himself and then absorbs the one that got caught. Tabitha throws bombs at
some trees, blocking the officers' way. A SWAT team arrives and chases the
Brotherhood, but Wanda blows off their guns. Storm uses wind to attack the
helicopters. Jean knocks off a few soldiers, but get caught and shoved into
the back of a car. Kurt teleports to the driver seat and starts driving.
Kitty runs after him, phases through the cops trying to block her and hops
into the car. Elsewhere, Ororo rescues Scott and they fly away. Meanwhile,
Kurt rescues Bobby in the car and Jean levitates them above the cars. Scott
uses a communicator to tell everybody to meet that night at Lookout Point.

On television, all channels are talking about mutants, showing scenes from
the battle with the Sentinel and the captured mutants and identifying the
mutants, naming Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey and Evan Daniels.

In a dark street, soldiers are patrolling, looking for the mutants. After
they leave, Berzerker comes out of an alley and signals for the others.
Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma, Multiple, Wolfsbane, Jubilee and Boom-Boom come
out of their hiding places. Ray takes them to a place he knows.

At the Lookout Point, Jean, Kitty, Kurt and Bobby are waiting for the
others. Suddenly, they hear a noise in the bushes and Bobby shoots ice.
Scott and Ororo come out and Bobby apologizes, saying that it seems like
everyone in the country is out hunting mutants. A voice behind them tells
him to get used to it, and they turn around to see Mystique and the
Brotherhood. Scott tells her that they want answers. She tells them that she
had nothing to do with Magneto's plan to expose them. She continues, saying
that it's a new world out there and they're going to need new leadership.
She says that the public reaction proves that Xavier was wrong and that
humans and mutants cannot live together in peace. Jean asks her why she's
there, and Mystique tells her that they're on the same boat – the army took
a member of the Brotherhood too, and she has no idea on where to start
looking. Fury walks in, saying that he does. He introduces himself as a
SHIELD agent, and Scott explains that Logan told him that SHIELD is like a
super CIA. The Brotherhood is ready to attack, but soldiers come out. Fury
orders them to lower their weapons and tells the mutants that he doesn't
want to capture them. Storm asks what does he want, and he hands her a
device, saying that it has a map showing where the others are. Mystique is
skeptical and asks why he is helping them. He answers that he has his
reasons and that although he can't get involved officially, he can at least
point them in the right direction. He wishes them luck and leaves. Lance
isn't sure about whether they should trust them, and Jean says that she
sensed he was telling the truth. Storm starts giving orders, but Mystique
stops her, saying that she'll be in charge. They argue, but Storm gives up
because Mystique is their only chance to find the professor. Mystique says
that their first priority is to find out if Magneto is alive. She sends Toad
to New York to get information, and Scarlet Witch joins him. The rest need
to get transportation for the rescue mission.

In a military base, Jean uses her telekinesis to take a helicopter into
their possession. They fly away with it. Mystique gives Storm flight
directions according to the device. Bobby, looking at a map, says that
that's Nevada.

In New York, Toad and Wanda are looking at where the battle with the
Sentinel took place. Some workers are moving the Sentinel pieces, and
Magneto isn't under them. Wanda says that Mystique was right, and Toad tries
to hug her. She stomps on his foot. She says she has to know for sure, and
he has a plan. He pounds on the door of a news van in the street and uses
his tongue to take the guy inside. The two enter the news van and start
checking the monitors for yesterday's news. They watch the scene of Toad and
Nightcrawler escape the Sentinel's shots. Then they continue to the
Sentinel's crashing. It looks like Magneto got squashed. They play again in
slow motion and see Quicksilver saving Magneto in the last second, much to
Wanda's anger.

In the sewers, Ray is leading the New Mutants through the sludge. Suddenly
Caliban shows up in front of them ands asks who they are. Ray explains that
they're mutants like him, and that they're being hunted. Caliban answers
that he knows that they're mutants, since his powers are to sense other
mutants. Ray introduces them, and Caliban leads them through the tunnels.

In Area 51, a soldier walks in and tells the security guard that that the
captain wants to see him. After the guard leaves, the soldier reveals
himself to be Mystique and turns off the sensors. Outside, Kitty phases
Bobby and Jean through the fence. Kurt teleports Scott and Lance. Mystique
tells Storm on the Velocity to be ready, to which Storm replies by telling
her to get everyone out safely.

In the interrogation room, Blob is being released from the goo. Beast, Spyke
and Rogue are held in cells. Wolverine is tied to a table and being
questioned, though he refuses to answer. In the corridor, the six mutants
are carefully running down the hall, with Cyclops in the lead and Iceman is
looking at the map. They split up: Bobby and Kitty turn left, and the others
go straight. Mystique is in the security room, watching them and giving
directions. She tells Bobby which room to go to and says she'll cut the
motion sensors, but she is interrupted by the security guard's return.
Iceman and Shadowcat enter the room she told them to go to. Kitty phases
them through the door, but then notices that the motion sensors are still
on. Bobby creates an ice-bridge above them to the fuse box and cuts a wire,
but then the cutter falls to the motion sensors and all the alarms go off.
Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler and Avalanche run down the hall but get
surrounded with soldiers. Jean and Lance knock them off, and they keep
running until they see Mystique. She orders Kurt to come with her and
release the prisoners while the others will hold the soldiers.

In the interrogation room, the alarms distract the soldiers enough for Spyke
to shoot a spike at Wolverine's chains and release him. Wolverine throws the
table at the soldiers, slices through Spyke's cell and tells him to release
the others while he takes care of the army. Evan uses his spikes to release
Rogue and Beast just as the distraction helps Blob to get out of the goo and
throw something to block the entrance. Logan, Hank and Fred take care of all
the soldiers right when Kurt and Mystique teleport in. Wolverine asks what
Mystique is doing there and Nightcrawler starts explaining but his mother
rushes him, telling Logan that "he'll send you a memo." They all run out and
meet with Jean, Scott and Lance who are taking care of some more soldiers.
They continue to run, but the doors seal in and close their escape. Bobby
and Kitty show up and call them. They lead them to another room and then to
the roof. Blob can't go through the small passage but Kitty phases him
through, leaving only Cyclops and Mystique. Mystique calls for Storm to pick
them up but gets trapped inside as Scott closes the exit on her and asks her
where Xavier is. She doesn't answer, and he leaves her there to be caught.
Lance gets angry, but they have no time to fight as they have to run away.
The Velocity lands and they all go on board and leave right before
helicopters can reach them. Storm uses lightning to take care of the guns
shooting at them.

In the Brotherhood house, police cars are surrounding the house. Toad sneaks
in to steal clothes for Wanda.

In the Lookout Point, the X-Men have gathered. They are all angry and
frustrated and don't know what to do - the Institute's gone, the professor's
missing, they can't go back to school, and it's open season on mutants. They
have to find Xavier and teach the world that they are the good guys.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke, Storm,
Wolverine (all X-Men)
Berzerker, Cannonball, Iceman, Jubilee, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot, Wolfsbane
(all New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Toad (all Brotherhood)

Caliban (Morlocks)
Nick Fury, soldiers (SHIELD)

Construction Workers
Guy at news van

In television screen:
Citizens, the President of the USA, Reporters, Soldiers
Beast, Jean Grey, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke, Wolverine (X-Men)
Blob (Brotherhood)

In monitors in the van:
Nightcrawler (X-Men)
Quicksilver, Toad (Brotherhood)
Magneto (Acolytes)


This episode picks up right where 'Day of Reckoning' ended.

The scene in which Multiple gets away from the cop would have been
impossible in the comics, as there that Jamie who created the duplications
can't be absorbed himself, only absorb the others.

In the comics, Berzerker was a Morlock. The fact that he's the one to take
the New Mutants to the tunnels in this episode is a hint of that.

This is the first appearance of Caliban in the show.

Guest Voice Actors : Jim Byrnes (as Nick Fury) Michael Donovan (as The President) Trevor Devall (as Additional Voices) Andrew Francis (as Iceman) Tony Sampson (as Berzerker) Kelly Sheridan (as The Scarlet Witch) Megan Leitch (as Boom Boom)

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