Season 3 Episode 3

X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 3

Original Air Date: 
Sat 28th September 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Greg Johnson (story), Michael Merton (writer), Frank Paur

Brief Description: 

Rebuilding the mansion from scratch, the X-Men and the New Mutants
temporarily reside in the underground tunnels. They have to face to hatred
and bigotry of the world, and the recent events are taking their toll: Rahne
and Jubilee's parents pulled them out of the school. Xavier informs the
younger X-Men that they got permission to go to school for one day, and then
the school board will vote on whether to let them attend school or not. At
school, all kids either back away from the mutants or bug them. Taryn
ignores Scott and Jean breaks up with Duncan, who gets angry at Scott. Only
Kurt gets away, since the kids don't realize he's the blue furry one, and he
isn't standing by his friends. Kelly, who wants the mutants out, offers the
Brotherhood to return to school and hints Duncan to help them battle the
X-Men at the meeting that night. Despite the fight, Jean's speech convinces
the school board to let them attend school. Meanwhile, Colossus gives
Wolverine a message from Magneto: he is welcomed to join the Acolytes.

Full Synopsis: 

Outside the mansion at night, three figures with Bayville High football
jerseys and Halloween masks appear. In the basement tunnels, the students'
new temporary residence, Kitty is walking to the kitchen in her pajamas,
half asleep. She eats some pizza and drinks some milk. Kurt teleports in and
accuses her of drinking right from the carton. She defends herself, saying
she was going to drink the whole thing. He smiles and tells her that in that
case, she can drink it – the whole half a gallon. She is saved, however,
when she suddenly notices the intruders on the security monitors and
suggests that they go chase them away before the alarms wake everybody up.
They teleport outside, dropping the milk on the floor. The football players
are making graffiti sketches of Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, Shadowcat and
Nightcrawler with the words 'FREAKS' and 'MUTIE' everywhere. Kurt and Kitty
wrestle with them and chase them away, with the kids yelling words of hatred
at them.

Next morning, the construction workers continue their work. Professor X and
Wolverine watch as Jubilee hands her suitcases to her father, enters the car
and drives away. Logan can't believe that parents are pulling their kids out
of the Institute – first Wolfsbane, now Jubilee. Xavier says that if it was
him, he would have done the same thing – he promised the kids that the
children will be safe, and they weren't. Logan blames himself, saying that
he should've sensed Mystique when she was posing as the professor, and
Xavier replies that he should've sensed her in Wanda's hospital room before
she abducted him, but she became too advanced. Logan is still upset and goes
for a ride.

In the basement tunnels, everybody start waking up, as Xavier is heard
telling them that the New Mutants are scheduled for breakfast first and
asking the X-Men to meet him in Sublevel 7. Everybody start leaving their
rooms, each room containing two kids – Rogue and Shadowcat, Cyclops and
Nightcrawler, Spyke and Multiple, Jean and Magma, Iceman and Sunspot. Jamie
bumps into Evan and produces clones, and Rogue comments that it's getting
way too crowded.

In Sub-level 7, Xavier is sitting at the end of a meeting table, and the
young X-Men sit next to it. Xavier informs them that the school board has
agreed to let them all attend classes today, provided no one uses their
powers. That night they'll be voting on whether or not to impose a permanent
mutant ban, so it's important for everyone to be on their best behavior.
Kitty says that she's afraid to go back, as they no longer fit in, but
Xavier tells her that it won't be easy at first, but eventually they will be
accepted, and this time, for all that they are. He shows them a newspaper
headline that reads: '"Monsters" Among Us?'. Evan is angry that they are
still called 'monsters', and Xavier says that despite what they are called,
they are people, and they need to remind that to the world and show them
that there is no reason to be afraid. Kurt, holding the newspaper, realizes
suddenly that they named him 'Identity Unknown'. Kitty explains that it's
because the only pictures they have of him are blue and furry. Kurt says
that it means no one has made the connection that it's him. Scott answers
that they will – especially the people who know where he lives. Kurt sighs,
realizing that Scott is right. Xavier finishes the meeting by telling them
that he'd like them all at tonight's school board meeting, to let them look
them in the faces when they vote so they can see the people behind the

In school, the X-Men's arrival attracts the students' attention immediately.
Some settle for whispering others use a more out-loud approach. Evan gets
angry again, but Scott calms him down. Kitty asks Kurt where Kurt went, and
then she realizes that he is standing with the other students. She is
shocked, but he signals with a face expression that he has to do this. She
walks away. Taryn walks by Scott and ignores him. Duncan comes to Jean and
tells her that this doesn't change anything, that he's willing to overlook
her problem completely and that they can put her mind-reading to good use
during exams. She gets angry, tells him that they're through and pulls Scott
inside. Rogue, Kitty and Evan enter after them. From his car, Principal
Kelly is watching the whole thing. He drives away. Inside, Jean apologizes
to Scott and thanks him.

On the highway, Logan is riding his motorcycle. In his side mirror, he is
seeing another motorcycle coming closer. It is Colossus, in his human form.
They drive down the road between the cars.

In the Brotherhood house, Todd and Fred are teasing Lance about the fact
that Kitty isn't speaking to him anymore. He gets angry and starts shaking
the house, but then someone knocks on the door. He opens, and finds, to his
surprise, Principal Kelly. Kelly explains that he's here to invite them to
come back to school. At first, they refuse, but when Kelly says that they
won't be bothered, only feared, they change their mind and tell Kelly
they'll be there.

Back in school, Kurt is enjoying the time he has unrecognized, talking
happily to his friends as if nothing happened. Amanda shows up and hugs him,
saying that she's been looking all over for him. She starts asking him about
what happened, but he stops her and drags her around a corner. She asks him
what's going on, and he quietly answers that he's just not ready to be
exposed as a mutant. She asks him what is he talking about, and he answers
that they don't realize he is the fuzzy one. He says that he can't give up
normality yet, and that his friends will be fine even without him standing
by them.

In the yard, Duncan and two of the graffiti 'artists' from before are
fighting Scott. Duncan tells Scott that he's going to make sure he uses his
powers, because then he'll get kicked out of Bayville High. Scott tells him
that he's not worth it and starts walking away, but Duncan hits him again
into the hands of his friends, saying that Scott torpedoed him with Jean and
taking his glasses, forcing Scott to keep his eyes closed. Kurt watches
things from aside, but doesn't help. Scott breaks free from the football
players, and right then Rogue and Kitty show up to stand by Scott. Duncan
drops the glasses, and he and his friend’s retreat. Rogue puts the glasses on
Scott's face, and he thanks her and leaves. A boy approaches Rogue and Kitty
and starts asking them about their powers, but they brush him off and walk
away. Kitty then notices Kurt. He is hoping that she won't come over, and
just then a couple of kids come to him and ask him if he's living at "that
mutant place" too, which he denies. They ask him if he is a friend to the
mutant, and he says that he used to be and rushes off, only to see Kitty and
Rogue. Kitty is angry that he isn't standing by them, and he runs away. From
his office window, Kelly is watching everything. He tells his secretary to
find Duncan Matthews and tell him to come to his office.

On the road, Logan is still chasing Piotr. They head to a farmhouse, where
Piotr shifts to metal form and Colossus costume and throws Wolverine's
motorcycle away. Wolverine pops his claws and charges.

In Principal Kelly's office, Duncan Matthews enters. Kelly tells him that he
saw his fight with Scott Summers, and Duncan tells him that they were just
goofing off. Kelly tells him that he'd be more careful about goofing off
with a mutant if he were Duncan. Duncan says that he's not afraid of Scott,
and Kelly tells him that he ought to be and that he can't have a beef with
just one of them because they stick together. Then, they see through the
window that the Brotherhood just arrived. Kelly tells Duncan that he
actually has something in common with the Brotherhood – they also hate Scott
Summers. Duncan gets the point and gives Kelly an evil grin.

In the farmhouse, Wolverine throws Colossus through the wall and asks him
what this is about. Colossus throws a tractor at him and tells him that he
is to deliver a message. Logan jumps away, slices a tire, throws it at Piotr
and asks him whom the message is from. Piotr answers that it's from Magneto
and shifts back to human form. He gives Logan the message: When he tires of
the public persecution of mutants, then he is invited to join Magneto and
fight. Logan refuses, saying that he has no interest in turning into someone
like Colossus. Colossus sadly says that he has no choice. Wolverine retracts
his claws and asks Colossus what Magneto has on him. Piotr doesn't answer,
and Logan tells him that whatever it is, there's a way out and offers help.
He then offers Colossus to join the X-Men, but Colossus says that he can't.

At Bayville High, the Brotherhood starts scaring all of the students,
striking terror. In the gymnasium, the girls are playing basketball. Jean
sinks the ball and her group cheers. The other group accuses her of using
her powers, which she denies, but the coach replaces her anyway. Jean
notices Principal Kelly taking trophies out of the trophy case, and goes to
ask him why. He tells her that he is taking all trophies won by teams
involving mutants to check if they were won fairly. He says that he finally
understands the disasters that shook Bayville High, and calls mutant a
menace. She says that they're not all menace, and he says he agrees – some
are cheats. He asks for her MVP trophy back, and she gets angry. He says
that a bad temper is a dangerous combination with her kind of powers, and
she answers that she has control of her emotions. He says he has a
responsibility to keep the normal students out of harm's way and walks away.

That evening, in the auditorium, Jean and Xavier are sitting and waiting for
the others. Xavier asks Jean to speak, and she hopes that the other will
arrive, as she doesn't want to go through this alone. He calms her down,
saying he's sure they'll be there. Kurt is leaning on the wall in the back,
watching them. Outside, Scott, Kitty, Rogue and Evan arrive. Before they get
in, Duncan shows up in his car and gets out, telling Scott that they have
some unfinished business. He tells the others to go inside, but Evan says
that they won't move. Duncan says that he figured as much, and whistles. The
Brotherhood shows up, evening the numbers: four vs. four. Scott reminds the
X-Men to not use their powers, and Kitty tries to make Lance stop. Lance
makes the parking lot shake as Duncan tackles Scott. Inside, Jean is
speaking on the stage. She introduces herself and starts her speech as
Xavier proudly watches her. The scenes start switching between the battle
outside and the meeting inside, with Jean's speech as a voiceover. Evan is
thrown at Kitty who slams into a car. Rogue attacks Toad, who jumps away.
Jean talks to the parents' hearts, saying that they love their children for
who they are, not for what they can or can't do. Blob tosses a car at Rogue,
but she jumps away. Jean tells the parents that their own children can
develop mutant powers as they grow older, and people will hate them. Scott
and Duncan are having a fist-fight. Jean ends her speech by saying a safe
world for these future mutants must start with this vote - by allowing
mutants to attend public school. Avalanche makes everything shake again, and
the people inside start screaming and running outside. Kelly point and yells
to everyone to see how mutants are not only dangerous, but uncontrollable.
Xavier comes to him and tells him to take another look - despite the
overwhelming urge to use their powers, his students are exhibiting
self-control. Scott saves Duncan from a flying car. Jean and Kurt are
watching from inside, and Jean says that they have to do something. Lance
tosses a car at two parents, and Kurt teleports them away. Jean stops
another car from hitting another parent. Kitty saves Kelly by phasing them
through another flying car. Spyke uses his spikes to stop a falling light
pole. The Brotherhood escapes, and Kitty offers Kurt to turn off the image
inducer and show everyone his true form, but he declines, preferring to take
things one step at a time.

Back at the mansion, Logan gets back and sees everyone upset. He asks what's
wrong and Scott answers that they dug their own graves last night. In
Sublevel 7, Xavier tells the students how proud he is of them, and that the
school board decided to let them attend the school. The students are not all
that thrilled, knowing that it won't be an easy time, and Xavier gives a
small speech to cheer them up.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke,
Wolverine (all X-Men)
Iceman, Jubilee, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot (New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Toad (Brotherhood)
Colossus (Acolytes)

Amanda Sefton
Dorothy, Kelly's secretary
Duncan Matthews
Mr. Lee, Jubilee's father
Principal Edward Kelly
School kids, parents and teachers
Taryn Fujioka

In newspaper pictures:
Beast, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler (X-Men)


With the exception of a short cameo in the last episode, this is the last
appearance of Jubilee and the last mention of Wolfsbane in the show.

In the comics, Colossus was mainly an X-Man, and was an Acolyte willingly
for a short period of time only, after his sister's death. In the show, it
seems from this episode that Magneto is forcing Piotr to serve him. In the
last episode, Piotr will help the X-Men, and a future bit will show him as
an X-Man.

The X-Men are seen wearing new clothes, different from the ones they wore
during the previous season. In the last scene, though, they have their old
clothes back.

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