Season 3 Episode 4

X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 4

The Stuff of Villains
Original Air Date: 
Sat 5th October 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Adam Beechen (writer), Gary Graham (director)

Brief Description: 

Wanda uses Caliban's help to find her twin brother, Pietro, and uses her
powers to get him captured by the police. Magneto, wanting to rescue his
son, sends one of his Acolytes, Gambit, to recruit the leaderless
Brotherhood in Mystique's absence. Gambit tells Avalanche, Toad and Blob
that they can join the Acolytes if they can prove themselves by releasing
their former teammate, Quicksilver. The Brotherhood isn't sure about helping
a traitor, but leave anyway, with Rogue and Shadowcat following them. The
Brotherhood frees Pietro, who runs away, and then Rogue and Kitty help
prevent a disaster. The Brotherhood escapes as well. Gambit tells the
Brotherhood that the rescue was a fiasco, and that Magneto is sending
Quicksilver to lead them. Lance, Todd and Fred have no choice but to
reaccept the traitor, as they don't want to mess with Magneto.

Full Synopsis: 

In a street, Wanda is walking. Three men start bugging her, but she uses her
powers to brush them off. She keeps walking and meets with Caliban. He asks
her why did she ask to meet him, and she answers that she heard he has the
power to sense other mutants. He asks who is she looking for, and she
answers that it's her father, Magneto. Hearing this, he refuses to assist
and walks away. She stops him and asks him why he is refusing. He answers
that Magneto cannot be located, he is too advanced. She tells him that in
that case, she'll settle for her brother, Pietro.

At the institute, the mansion is in the process of being rebuilt, and it is
almost done. Evan and Kurt show up in an elevator from the ground and leave
for school. Evan complains about how all his friends abandoned him when they
found out he was a mutant, and Kurt answers that they weren't real friends
anyway. Evan says that if that's true, why is he wearing his image inducer?
Kurt sighs and says that he's right – in his blue fur and tail, nobody will
come near him. He teleports away.

On the roof, Roberto absorbs solar energy and turns to his black Sunspot
form. He goes to the Cerebro room, where Beast and Storm are standing. He
jumps down to join the other New Mutants and they start cleaning with
team-work. Berzerker uses electricity to unstuck a piece of debris, Sunspot
throws is up, Iceman freezes it, Cannonball breaks it into many pieces,
Jamie(s) sweep it to a pile, Magma melts it to a square, Storm winds it up
and Beast catches it. He leaves Cerebro. Scott yells that if anyone needs a
ride to school, he's leaving now. Jean, Amara and Kitty run after him, still
getting organized, and they all leave to school.

In Pietro's room in the Brotherhood house, Toad is wearing the Quicksilver
uniform, which is too big for him. Lance and Blob are there too and tell him
to take it off. Toad tells Avalanche that nobody put him in charge, and
Lance answers that if Mystique comes back and finds this mess she'll kick
them out. Fred claims that Pietro is a traitor and there's no point cleaning
his room, so Lance shakes the room, knocking out Todd and Fred. Toad
stumbles into Wanda's empty room. Lance goes after him and tears the suit
off him. He then leaves in disgust, telling Todd to go put some clothes on.

Somewhere in the street, Wanda gets off a bus and enters a diner where
Pietro is sitting. She demands to know where their father is. He tries
running, but she stops him with her powers. She orders the customers to
leave, and they do. He swears to her that can't find Magneto – Magneto finds
him. She says that in that case she'll make him come to him and she'll be
waiting for him. She throws him into a freezer and then throws the freezer
to the cops outside. They capture him.

In Principal Kelly's office, Kelly is telling Lance that he and the other
mutants are expelled. Lance doesn't understand, but Kelly orders him to
leave, which he does, but not before shaking the room and making a mess.
Outside, Lance encounters Gambit. He tries to fight, but Remy simply tells
him to meet with him in the Brotherhood house. Avalanche refuses and walks

In the schoolyard, the students are still bugging mutants. While the girls
giggle at Rogue, the boys don't settle for that and are threatening Spyke,
saying that they'll "pluck the spikes outta him one at a time." In his
anger, Evan makes spike come out of his body, and the boys run away, saying
that Kelly will kick him out for this. Rogue hurries him to retract them,
but he can't. She tells him to concentrate, and he slowly retracts them. She
rushes off to deal with the boys before they tell Kelly, but there's no
need: Gambit already took care of them, scaring them to drop it. Rogue asks
him what he's doing there, and he says he's "just passing by" and walks
away. Kitty rushes to Rogue, and asks if that was one of the Acolytes. Rogue
confirms, and Kitty wants to go tell Scott. Rogue pulls her the other way,
saying that there's no time and that they better follow him.

In the Brotherhood house, Toad is wearing Pietro's uniform again while
Blob's idea of cleaning is shoving all of the junk into a closet. The closet
opens, however, when Avalanche walks in and says that one of the Acolytes is
coming. Toad asks which one, and he gets his answer when a charged card hops
through the door. They all dive to escape, and then Gambit enters. They try
fighting him, but he warns them that he'll blow off the room if they won't
listen. They agree and say that it's his show. He corrects them – it's
Magneto's show. He tells them that Magneto wants them to free Pietro, and
that they better no blow it. They leave in the jeep, and Rogue and Kitty
follow them by phasing in and out of cars.

The Brotherhood is waiting for the military car holding Pietro to show up.
Avalanche tells the others that the upside here is that he wants to get his
hands on Pietro. Lance makes some rocks fall, blocking the military cars and
crushing some of them. The major notices the mutants and asks for support.
Toad snatches his communicator with his tongue, as Quicksilver watches.
Rogue and Kitty show up to see Blob moving towards Pietro's truck. Rogue
saves the major from a falling jeep in the last second, and he asks "Aren't
you with them?" to which she answers "Don't insult me." She then goes to
Lance and absorbs him. Blob tries to move Pietro's truck but it almost falls
off the cliff. Kitty saves him in the last second, and he just runs away.
Wanda is watching the whole thing from afar, and says "Another day, Pietro.
This is not over." The Brotherhood runs away, and Rogue fails to stop them
with Lance's power. The army points guns at the girls, but the major turns
out to be a good guy who knows that some mutants are bad and some are good,
and that they are the good ones. Kitty and Rogue walk away to call Scott to
pick them up.

Back in the Brotherhood house, Gambit enters and tells the trio that this
was a disaster, and that they're not joining the Acolytes yet. They'll have
other chances, but they need better leadership. Lance thinks Gambit is
talking about himself, but he's talking about Pietro – Magneto wants him to
lead them. The Brotherhood is all ready to squash him instead, but Pietro
makes it clear that if they mess with him, they mess with his father. He
starts ordering them around as Gambit leaves.

In the mansion, Kitty and Rogue defend themselves to the professor and
Scott. Xavier says that he applauds them for taking the initiative, but they
can't deal with every problem that pops up. Scott then tells them that Kelly
is giving them detention for skipping school, and Kitty walks away angrily.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Spyke, Storm (all X-Men)
Berzerker, Cannonball, Iceman, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot (all New Mutants)

Avalanche, Blob, Scarlet Witch, Toad (all Brotherhood)
Gambit, Quicksilver (Acolytes)

Caliban (Morlocks)
Principal Edward Kelly

Construction workers
Major Cowl and other soldiers


Unlike his first appearance, in this episode Gambit's eyes are like in the
comics – black with red pupils.

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