Season 3 Episode 7

X-Men: Evolution Season 3 Episode 7

The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Original Air Date: 
Sat 9th November 2002

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Boyd Kirkland
(producer), Steve Granat, Cydne Clark (writer), Gary Graham (director)

Brief Description: 

Magneto, trying to solve the problem of his daughter, hires a new addition
to his team – Mastermind. He then sends Pyro to lure her to a trap and
kidnaps her, with Toad following them to the hideout. Wanting to save his
loved one, Toad decides to get Nightcrawler's help. He crashes a dinner at
the Seftons, revealing Kurt's true form to Amanda's parents takes the
image-inducer and convinces Kurt to help him. Together, they rescue Wanda,
but not before Mastermind alters her memories, getting her to stop being
angry at Magneto. With the image-inducer, Toad even manages to get a kiss
out of her.

Full Synopsis: 

In Venice, Italy, a man in a brown coat walks past a bridge. A policeman is
walking on the other side and, when he looks at the man, he sees a happy man
with a kid. An old man passes by, and the man in the coat makes him see a
woman. He runs around the corner and backs up against a light pole, when it
starts to shake. The man calls Magneto's name and then starts running again.
Metal things block him all around and he's trapped, as Magneto floats down.
The man tries to use his powers on Magneto, but Magneto says "Your illusions
don't work on me, Mastermind. I see you as you are." Mastermind asks him
what he wants, and Magneto answers that he got a job for him.

On a bridge is New York, the traffic is jammed. Wanda Maximoff is sitting in
the back of a taxi, when suddenly an explosion is heard and the bridge's
towers are on fire. Everybody screams and runs out of their cars as the fire
forms horses and a gas truck in front of the taxi catches fire. Wanda slowly
gets out of the taxi and looks at the flames, when she notices Pyro.

In Bayville High, Kurt and Amanda are walking home. Amanda tells Kurt that
her parents want to meet him so he's invited to dinner, but he's worried
because his image-inducer has been acting up lately. She tells him that she
wants them to meet the real him anyway and turns off his image-inducer. Kurt
hurries to hide before someone sees him. Toad is sitting across the road and
watches them. Kurt turns his image-inducer back on and tells Amanda that
he'll come but he's just not ready to show up at her house looking like him.
Suddenly, they hear an explosion and see smoke – something's on fire.
Elsewhere, on the road, Scott and Jean also spot the smoke from Scott's car
and head to the bridge.

On the bridge, Scarlet Witch fires a hex bolt at Pyro and he falls. He
manages to grab the cables and throw something at Wanda that reads
"Ararose". He then fires at a gas truck, blowing it up and throwing Wanda
over the bridge, clinging to it. The cables start breaking and cars fall
over the bridge, as Wanda calmly avoids them. Cyclops and Jean arrive and
start moving the debris away from people and cars. Storm arrives too, and
uses her rain to put out the flames. Jean helps Wanda to climb back up and
tells her that she thinks Pyro's gone. Cyclops joins them and asks Scarlet
Witch if Pyro was after her. Wanda answers that he was delivering a message
from her father, Magneto - he wants her to stop looking for him and for his
errand boy, her brother. Confused, Jean tells her that Pietro is not hiding
– he's back with the Brotherhood. Wanda is shocked.

In the Brotherhood house, Pietro is watching television. Fred serves him
lunch, but Pietro yells at him that it's not what he asked. Fred apologizes
and goes to do it again. The reception of the television gets messed up, so
Pietro yells at Toad who is on the roof to reposition the antenna, which he
does, almost falling in the process. Lance walks in after finishing fixing
his car for Pietro's dates that night. Pietro tells him to look more
presentable and then asks him to move the armchair. Annoyed, Avalanche uses
his power to throw the armchair by Quicksilver out the window, making Toad
fall off the roof, and tells him that he's through taking orders from him.
Toad and Blob join the protest. Quicksilver reminds his teammates that if
they want to join the Acolytes, they'll have to work as a team, and that
requires leadership. His expression changes, though, when he sees his sister
walking to the house. Scared, he tells the others not to tell her he's
there, but Lance just walks upstairs. Toad happily hops to the front door
and welcomes his "babycakes" back, but Wanda walks past him and just asks
where her brother is. Toad answers that he's hiding in the closet, and
Scarlet Witch shoots a hex bolt at it, blowing off the door. She asks him
where Magneto is, and Quicksilver answers that he only contacts him when he
needs him. Wanda asks about "Ararose" that Pyro threw at her on the bridge,
and Toad says that it must be Mount Ararose, the local ski resort. He offers
to go skiing with her, but she shoves him away and leaves. He hops after her
and asks what he has to be to win her love, and she answers "someone else",
before shooting him to the kitchen. He thinks about her answer, and decides
that that's not impossible.

At Amanda's house, Kurt arrives, very nervous. Amanda opens the door and
introduces him to her parents. He gives Mrs. Sefton flowers (after
accidentally giving them to Mr. Sefton), and she goes to put them in water.
Mr. Sefton leaves too to get some drinks, and Amanda calms Kurt down, saying
that everything will be fine. Just as he finally relaxes, though, his
image-inducer stops working, and just as Mr. Sefton is coming out of the
kitchen. Not knowing what to do, Kurt teleports to the kitchen, where Mrs.
Sefton is putting the flowers in a vase, and their backs are turned. He
manages to get the hologram just before she turns to see him, and she's
startled, saying she didn't hear him come in. He nervously says he has soft
shoes, and she leaves with the vase to the living room just as the
image-inducer stops working again. He tries to get it on, but then he hears
Mr. Sefton coming in so he teleports back to the living room by Amanda. Her
mother is looking at the vase and doesn't notice him until he manages to
turn the hologram on in the last second. Shocked, she drops the flowers, but
he catches them. She can't understand how he got there so fast, and Amanda
says he's on the track team. Mr. Sefton returns and offers that they'll get
on to the dinning room.

A little later, outside, Toad is sneaking to the house. Inside, Kurt, Amanda
and her mother are doing the dishes. Kurt compliments Mrs. Sefton on the
food, and she says it is very nice of him to help with the dishes. Amanda
starts talking about how considerate Kurt is, how good his grades are and
how nice his friends are. Just then, when it seems the evening is going
perfectly, Toad hops through the window, lands in front of Kurt and snags
his image-inducer. Kurt succeeds to takes it back when Mrs. Sefton is turned
around. Mr. Sefton enters, asking what's going on, and Toad spits slime on
his face. Nightcrawler and Toad start rolling on the ground as Amanda tries
to help. Kurt apologizes to the Seftons, and Toad kicks him, takes the
image-inducer and hops on the chandelier. The chandelier falls on a piano
and Kurt manages to catch the image-inducer and put it on just as the
Seftons enter after Mr. Sefton got the slime off his face. Toad throws Kurt
on the table with the flowers, and Amanda yells to Kurt to grab her
grandmother's vase, which he succeeds to do, before tossing it to Amanda.
Kurt and Todd continue to fight, knocking over the table with all the
dishes. The Seftons start collecting their things before they get broken
too. Finally, Kurt manages to throw Toad out through the window (breaking it
in the process) and stands speechless in front of the Seftons, but then Toad
sends his tongue and snatches the image-inducer, revealing Kurt's true form
to the Seftons. They stare at him, stunned. Amanda just asks who's up for

On Mount Ararose, Wanda is in a gondola going up the mountain. A guy sits
next to her and starts talking to, but she isn't very interested. When he
calls her "babycakes" and reveals his stinking teeth, though, she realizes
it's really Toad and sends him flying out the gondola. Later, she gets out
in the ski resort and her scarf flies in the wind. A man starts hopping
around to catch it, again revealing himself to be Toad. She fires him to the
snow. Later, she looks for the Acolytes, and indeed spots Pyro getting on a
ski lift. She gets on it too. Next to her sits a handsome man who introduces
himself as Eric, and she seems quite attracted to him, but then she spots Pyro skiing and jumps after him. Eric jumps after her and falls, again
revealing himself as Toad. Wanda skis after Pyro until he enters some sort
of a metal structure. A metal sphere then flies in front of her and sprays
her with gas, making her fall unconscious. Toad arrives and watches as an
unseen person carries Wanda.

In Kurt's room, Kurt is at his desk, depressed and mad over the dinner
fiasco at the Seftons, looking at a picture of him and Amanda. Toad hops in
through the window, and Nightcrawler immediately starts yelling at him for
ruining his life and demands his image-inducer back. When Todd only answers
"I'm sensing some hostility here", Kurt tries jumping on him in fury, but
Todd hops out of the way. They start rolling on the floor and fighting,
until Toad gets Nightcrawler in a headlock and asks for a favor. In rage,
Nightcrawler tosses him and they start battling again, but again Todd has
the upper hand and he tells Kurt he doesn't have the inducer, but he can get
it back – all he needs is a little help.

In Magneto's hideout, Wanda is ties to a chair. Magneto approaches her and
tells her that leaving her in that hospital was one of the most difficult
things he ever had to do. She's not interested in his excuses and says that
he never cared about her, only about himself. He tells her that he was
hoping they could start building a new relationship, but she makes it clear
that that's not going to happen. With that declaration made, Magneto's face
changes back from the one of a loving father to the evil man he is. His
Acolytes watch as he tells her that her single minded quest to eliminate him
has become a serious liability, and since he can't secure her cooperation
voluntarily, he will do it by other means. Mastermind enters, and Magneto
explains to his daughter that he'll delve into her memories and alter them -
hopefully, her mind won't be too damaged by the process. Wanda is shocked as
Mastermind walks to her and enters her mind. In Wanda's mind, the memory of
little her being dragged away in front of her father and brother's eyes is
replaced with one of her father leading her and her brother to a
Merry-Go-Round for family quality time; a memory of her eating in her cell
is replaced with one of a picnic with her father; the memory of the Sentinel
battle is replaced with one of her and her father watching a fireworks show.

Outside, Nightcrawler and Toad arrive. Toad tells Kurt that all he has to do
is teleport them in, and he'll rescue Wanda. Kurt agrees, as long as the
minute they get out they'll go get the image-inducer. Toad confesses that he
really had it in his pocket the whole time, and Kurt gets angry again and
starts leaving with the inducer. Toad convinces him to stay, saying that he
just wants a chance to look good for Wanda like Kurt does for Amanda. Kurt
is still mad, but sees the similarity and agrees reluctantly. Toad takes the
inducer and puts it back on, activating the Eric hologram. Kurt teleports
them inside, and they hurry into a room when Pyro and Gambit are coming. In
the room, though, Colossus is stacking crates. He almost finds them, but
they teleport to where Wanda is kept. Mastermind telepathically tells
Magneto that they have intruders. "Eric" spits slime at him and tries to
release Wanda. Magneto and the Acolytes are coming near, and Nightcrawler
hurries Toad up. He still can't release her, so Kurt teleports her out of
the chair, hands her to him and teleports the three of them out just as
Magneto enters. He asks Mastermind if he finished his job, and Mastermind
answers he did. Hearing that, Magneto tells the Acolytes to let them escape.

In a nearby lodge, Kurt and "Eric" are still waiting for Wanda to wake up.
When she does, she sees Eric's face and they kiss. The image-inducer
short-circuits and Wanda, disgusted, shoves Toad away and demands Kurt to
get her out of there. Kurt tells her that he put his life on the line for
her, and she sighs and thanks Toad, who is about to cry. He destroys the
moment, though, when he eats a bug flying. Wanda storms out.

In the park, Kurt and Amanda are walking arm in arm. She tells him that she
doesn't care what her parents think – they don't know him like she does.
They can forbid all they want, but she's not giving up on them and she hopes
he won't either.

At the Brotherhood house, Toad is confused as Wanda tells him that she's not
mad at her father anymore – she knows she was once, but she just can't seem
to remember why, it's all a blur. Todd realizes that he did something to her
head and starts explaining to her, but Pietro runs in and speeds him to the
kitchen, telling him that she's a lot happier with all those memories gone,
which means she'll stop looking for Magneto, which means she'll stick around
there near him. Todd agrees that he has a point and promises to keep his
mouth shut.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm (X-Men)

Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad (all Brotherhood)
Colossus, Gambit, Magneto, Mastermind, Pyro (all Acolytes)

Amanda Sefton
Mr. and Mrs. Sefton

In memory flashes:
Scarlet Witch


This is the first appearance of Mastermind.

This is the first appearance of Amanda's parents.

In the comics, Amanda's mother is a powerful sorceress named Margali Szardos
who also happens to be Kurt's adoptive mother. Her father was never shown.

The last flashback in Wanda's mind is from 'Day of Reckoning (2)'.

In the scene where Toad and Nightcrawler arrive at Mt. Ararose, the
image-inducer dates the story April 14.

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