Season 4 Episode 5

X-Men: Evolution Season 4 Episode 5

Original Air Date: 
Sat 27th September 2003

Rick Ungar, Avi Arad, Stan Lee (executive producers), Greg Johnson,
Boyd Kirkland (producer), Craig Kyle (co-producer), Greg Johnson, Boyd
Kirkland, Craig Kyle (story), Bob Forward (writer), Doug Murphy (director)

Brief Description: 

The appearance of Apocalypse's second dome around a Chinese pyramid causes
anti-mutant hatred waves across the world, with Duncan Matthews leading the
fight in Bayville. After Spyke blows up his car while rescuing Cannonball
and Magma from him, he takes on the Morlocks. The X-Men and the Morlocks
join forces against Duncan, but the real savior is, eventually, a young
mutant kid called Leech with the power to shut down energy.

Full Synopsis: 

At a house in Bayville, an obviously mutant green-skinned child named Dorian
Leech is watching television. The news report is about the appearance of
Apocalypse's second dome over an ancient pyramid in China. Dorian's mother
shows up and turns off the television. She tells Dorian that she doesn't
want him to watch mutant reports like that, as it always gets him too upset.
Right after she leaves, he turns the television back on. It now shows an
interview with a young man with first-hand mutant experience.

At a diner, people are watching the interview too, and hear the man saying
that mutants do whatever they want whenever they want, so somebody's got to
shut them down or everybody'll be in trouble. A man takes out the trash and
throws it into a dumpster and a combination code lock. After he goes back
inside, Lucid of the Morlocks shows up and uses his x-ray vision to see the
combination code and open the dumpster and starts looking for leftovers. A
car with four man shows up and one of them yells that it's a mutant. They
start chasing Lucid in the car until he reaches a dead end. He tries opening
a manhole, but they drive over it. They get out of the car and prepare to
beat him, but then flaming spikes shoot and land in front of them. Up on the
roof, Spyke is standing. His secondary mutation seems to have gone even
further than last seen, as spikes now cover him almost entirely like armor.
He holds out a flaming spike and tells the men to leave Lucid alone. He
jumps off the roof into the car and starts battling the men with his
newfound power of flaming spikes, winning. The men flee, and Spyke opens the
manhole for Lucid. Lucid apologizes, saying that he was just getting food,
and Spyke says that it's okay and that it wasn't his fault. They leave to
the sewers.

In the sewers, the Morlocks are eating the leftovers. Callisto walks over to
Spyke, who is sitting alone, and tells him that she heard what happened. She
tells him that he's making the 'topsiders' angry, but he answers that
they're already angry and that he's just stopping them from taking it out on
mutants. She says that he's very brave and that some Morlocks will follow
his lead, but what chance have they got if he leads them into a battle? He
answers by asking what chance has they got if he doesn't.

In the mansion, Beast is sitting in the control room and watches the second
dome on a screen. Professor X enters and asks Hank for his findings on the
domes. Hank replies that they're not domes – they're spheres, so there's no
tunneling underneath. Any energy directed against them has multiplied and
repulsed violently. As for the pyramids themselves, they both date back to
3000 BC, roughly the same time as Apocalypse's rule in Ancient Egypt. The
problem right now is that the military is preparing an attack on the dome -
An attack that would have catastrophic consequences, and the media backlash
would not be favorable to mutants.

Outside of the library, Sam and Amara are walking with books, as they have
an assignment to make a report without using the Internet. Across the
street, Duncan Matthews and his friends notice them. Sam drops a book and
while trying to catch it, cannonballs himself into a wall. Amara says that
that'll cost him a month allowance at least. Duncan and his friend show up
in his car and get out, telling Sam that he damaged public property. Sam
defends himself, saying that it was an accident and that he's going to pay
for it. Duncan answers that he will pay – right now. Amara comes to the
rescue by taking their attention with a fireball, threatening to make a hole
in the car. Duncan goes to deal with her, but a flaming spike stops him,
then two others hole his car. Spyke shows up and tells Sam and Amara to go
home. After they leave, he deals with Duncan and his friends. He uses two
more flaming spikes to blow off the car and jumps back to the sewers. Duncan
hurries to call the police.

In Cerebro, Professor X is looking for Spyke. Magma, Cannonball, Wolverine
and Storm are watching him. Sam and Amara tell the others not to be mad at
Evan, as he only protected them. Ororo explains to them that although Evan's
intentions were good, he is ignoring the consequences of his actions. Logan
raises the question of the flaming spikes, and Xavier explains that his
powers are developing in ways none of them expected. Just then, he finds
Spyke in the sewers. Storm volunteers to find him, but the professor says
that someone else has to go. She claims that he's her nephew and that she
should have gone long before this, but Xavier says that a family member
might not be the best choice right now because he's still a rebellious
teenager. He turns to Logan instead, but Logan says that he isn't exactly
the model of restraint himself. Xavier answers that that's exactly why he
feels a word from him would have the most impact on Evan. Logan reluctantly
agrees to try and sweet talk Evan into not smacking down creeps and thugs
who deserve it, but says that they'll be lucky if he doesn't end up joining
him himself. After he leaves, Beast informs Xavier that they have a

In the control room, Professor X enters and asks Hank what's the problem.
Hank explains that the Chinese military has evacuated everyone in the
province so they could drop explosives on the dome. They attack, and the
screen goes blank - the dome is still there, but everything else is leveled
for miles.

In a SHIELD prison cell, Bolivar Trask is kept. Nick Fury enters and tells
Trask to come with him – he's been ordered to release Trask so he can
reinstate his Sentinel program as a weapon against the mutant domes.

In the sewers, both Caliban and Callisto sense Wolverine. Callisto calls
Façade, and he merges into the wall. He gets out behind Wolverine, but
Wolverine senses him in time and tells him to keep it peaceful – he just
wants to talk. Façade merges away, and Spyke appears. He tells Logan that he
was expecting his aunt, but Logan answers that since he's a big boy now, he
gets him. He tells Evan that his actions lately made Charles "deeply
concerned." Evan asks if he thinks his actions are wrong, and Logan admits
that in his place, at his age, he'd be doing exactly the same thing – but
he's not in his place, he's part of the big picture now. Evan says that the
Morlocks don't get to live in a mansion - they need a guardian and that's
him. He then runs away.

In a grocery store, Spyke is walking with a basket of food, tired of eating
garbage and leftovers. Dorian Leech and his mother are also in the store,
and Dorian suddenly gets another headache and tells his mother that there's
going to be trouble. Indeed, there is trouble, as the cashier refuses to
give service to Evan because he's bothering the other customers. Spyke
angrily throws the basket on the floor and starts leaving, but a woman stops
him, telling him to take Dorian with him. Mrs. Leech defends her son, saying
that he's only sick, not a mutant, but the customers know better and start
harassing him, almost knocking a few shelves on him. Spyke saves him and
throws the shelves, to the horror of the bigoted customers. Evan uses
flaming spikes to create a hole in the wall for the Leeches to escape
through, and then takes back his food, leaves money and exits.

In television, there's a report about the dome, and many citizens are
interviewed about their anti-mutant opinions, including Duncan Matthews.
Duncan tells about how Spyke destroyed his car and how Bayville is just not
safe anymore. Also shown on the screen are protestors outside of the
Institute and the Brotherhood house.

Duncan Matthews decided to take manners into his own hands, and goes to the
streets with his friends and electric guns, bombing the sewers through the
manholes, trying to harm the Morlocks and Spyke. Leech is looking at the
bombed manholes from his window, but his mother hurries to close the window
and tell Dorian to stay away from it, as someone might see him. He is
terrified that he may really be a mutant, but she tells him not to even
think that. In the sewers, the bombs almost hit Spyke and the Morlocks.
Spyke angrily jumps out to the street and tries battling the kids, but he
didn't know they got guns, and they chase him in their cars to an abandoned
building. A news helicopter films the whole thing, and Dorian is watching it
on television. He gets another headache and shouts, and all electrical
appliances shut down. His mother hears him from the kitchen and rushes to
him, and the television turns on again.

Outside the Institute, the protestors are still protesting. Inside, Cyclops
informs Professor X that Spyke is in trouble. The Velocity leaves, to the
screams of the protestors.

In the abandoned building, Spyke very cleverly defeat his chasers, and lands
on the street. Suddenly, Cybelle, Callisto, Torpid and Façade show up from
the sewers, and Callisto tells him that since he stood up for them, they'll
stand up for him. Just then, Duncan and his friends show up and start
shooting at them. An optic blast hits the floor near Duncan – the Velocity
arrived, carrying Scott, Jean, Logan and Ororo. Duncan starts firing back,
but Cyclops shoots at the shots, destroying them in the air. The Velocity
lands and the four of them get out and charge at Duncan, along with the
Morlocks. Wolverine, Storm, Cybelle, Façade, Torpid and Callisto take out
the kids one by one, while Jean confronts Duncan. He fires at her, but her
force field saves her. She attacks with a psychic blast, sending him flying
in the air. Police helicopters appear, and so does Dorian Leech. Duncan
fires at Leech, but Spyke saves him. Leech gets another headache, and
suddenly all the lights in the city go out, Spyke returns to his former look
before his secondary mutation, the guns stop working, Jean falls from the
air, Scott's visor short-circuits and the Velocity lands. Dorian falls, but
Spyke catches him. His mother shows up, worried, and asks him what he is
doing there. He tells her that it's okay and that the headaches are gone.
Scott takes off his visor, opens his eyes, and to his amazement – nothing
happens. It turns out that Leech's power is to suppress the energy around
him, including mutant powers. Policemen arrive and arrest Duncan and his
friends, and the Leeches start to leave. Spyke apologizes about everything,
but Mrs. Leech is angry that now her son has been exposed as a mutant.
Dorian turns the power back on, including Spyke's spikes, and they leave.
Storm asks Spyke to come back to the Institute, but he tells her that they
don't need him as much as the Morlocks do. She tells him she's proud of him,
and he returns to the sewers.

Outside the Leeches' apartment, Professor Xavier approaches them and tells
them that there is a place where they can find help and that The Xavier
Institute for Gifted Children will welcome Dorian when she feel he's ready.
He hands Mrs. Leech a business card and wheels away.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Cannonball, Magma (New Mutants)

Callisto, Cybelle, Façade, Lucid, Spyke, Torpid (Morlocks)
Dorian Leech
Nick Fury (SHIELD)

Bolivar Trask
Duncan Matthews and his friend
Mrs. Leech, Dorian's mother
Police officers

In television:
Duncan Matthews


This is the first appearance of Leech.

In the comics, Leech was a Morlock, and his real name was never revealed.

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