Season 4, Episode 9

X-Men: Evolution Season 4, Episode 9

Ascension (2)
Original Air Date: 
Sat 25th October 2003

Boyd Kirkland (producer), Doug Murphy (director), Greg Johnson, Boyd Kirkland, Craig Kyle (story), Greg Johnson (writer)

Brief Description: 

Apocalypse had spread his four horsemen (Xavier, Storm, Magneto and Mystique) between the three pyramids and the Sphinx, and he's getting ready to turn the world into mutants. The X-Men, the New Mutants, the Brotherhood
and other allies split to four groups under the commands of Jean, Beast, Shadowcat, and Wolverine to destroy the pyramids and Apocalypse's plan. The horsemen, however, stop them. The pyramids create a grid around the earth,
and the Sentinels fail to destroy it. Rogue, who absorbs Leech’s power, defeats Apocalypse at the last minute with them. The grid is destroyed, and the horsemen are released from Apocalypse's possession. The final scene shows Xavier telling everyone about the future he glimpsed at in Apocalypse's mind.

Full Synopsis: 

Near the Egyptian pyramid, one of the four groups is heading towards the pyramid. The group consists of Jean, Piotr, Amara, Tabitha and Jamie. Wolverine is heard talking to everyone, saying: "Okay teams, this is it..."

In China, Hank, Evan, Bobby and Ray are seen marching towards the pyramid, as Wolverine continues to talk: "Everything you've ever learned about yourselves, your strengths, and your limits - it all comes down to this very
moment. We're the world's last, best hope to stop this madman."

In Mexico, the third group – Kitty, Alex, Wanda, Warren and Roberto – are running (and flying) to the pyramid.

Logan, Scott and Kurt are seen entering the Sphinx. Logan finishes by saying: "So we're going to trash those pyramids any way we can, no matter who we gotta go through to do it."

Back in the Egyptian pyramid, Jean tries to telepathically get through to the possessed Xavier. He responds with a psychic blast, throwing her away. She yells to her team to spread out. They start running, and Magma turns to
flame. She causes some magma to burst from the ground, almost hitting Xavier, who jumps away in time. Boom-Boom hands Colossus a huge bomb she made, and he throws it at the professor, hitting him.

In China again, Spyke is trying to reason with his aunt. Storm, however, isn't listening and shoots lighting at him. Then she tries hail, but Beast rescues him. Iceman creates a huge ice shield to defend them. Berzerker tries attacking with electricity, but Storm responds with lighting, and their attacks disable each other. Ray joins the others under Bobby's ice shield, as Evan is telling them not to hurt her, as she is merely a victim.

Near the Mexican pyramid, Wanda too tries to reach her father. Magneto throws a bunch of Sentinel pieces at her, but Kitty saves her by phasing them both through it. She tells her that this is not her father anymore. Magneto creates a whole Sentinel from the pieces, and it marches towards the heroes.

In the Sphinx, Nightcrawler is leaping from wall to wall down the stairway as Cyclops and Wolverine walk down. Wolverine says that he is not sensing Mystique because Apocalypse increased her powers. Suddenly, a puddle on the floor turns into Mystique, and she grabs Kurt and throws him at Logan. They both slam against a wall. Cyclops attacks with an optic blast and hits, but she heals instantly. She turns into a pack of bats and attacks. Logan and
Kurt dive down as Scott tries to hit the bats.

Not far away, Scott's blasts are noticed by Apocalypse. He is undisturbed, and with a wave of his hand three holograms of the pyramids appear and start to glow.

Again in Mexico, the top of the pyramid starts glowing as Magneto makes the Sentinel attack Wanda. Sunspot saves her in time, though, by catching the Sentinel's claw. Kitty repeats what she said before, reminding Wanda that
she has to battle or they'll lose. Just then, Magneto throws a Sentinel piece at Kitty, hitting her. The Scarlet Witch finally attacks with her hex. Magneto's powers are now disabled, and the Sentinel crashes. Kitty wakes up
and sees the glowing top of the pyramid shooting to the air.

Back in China, the pyramid is also glowing and shoots itself to the air. Beast says that maybe Apocalypse needs the pyramids at higher heights to affect the entire planet.

The Egyptian pyramid is also glowing and shoots to the air. The pyramids split into many little triangles all around the earth, creating a grid. Jean, Magma, Colossus, Boom-Boom and Multiple stares at the ray of light
coming out of the pyramid.

In Apocalypse's control room, there is a hologram of the grid and three Sentinels flying. Then the Sentinels are seen flying in space. On a SHIELD plane, Nick Fury is watching the scene. A soldier shows up and reports that
the last three Sentinels are pursuing the pyramids, as ordered. Fury nods and knocks on the door. It opens and he walks in. Rogue is clearly seen inside. The Sentinels start firing at one of the pyramid pieces. They manage
to break through its force field.

Back in China, Bobby shoots ice at Storm. She falls to the ground, frozen solid. Evan runs to her as Hank and Bobby goes to the pyramid. Hank uses a communicator to inform the others that it is not over – destructing the bases of the pyramids will destroy the grid. Jean and Kitty respond through the communicators. Spyke, hearing this, starts shooting flaming spikes at the base of the pyramid. Storm releases herself with lighting, and then uses
wind to blow Beast, Spyke and Berzerker away.

In Mexico, Sunspot jumps right through Magneto's Sentinel, grabs a piece of it and throws it at him. Magneto uses his powers to turn the piece and throw it at Sunspot, who falls to the ground and returns to his human-looking
form. Still, it was a diversion as Shadowcat phases Havok behind Magneto through the ground, and he blasts the pyramid. He breaks a piece of it, but then the Sentinel appears.

In Egypt, Boom-Boom and Multiple found a new way of attack: An entire army of Jamie is throwing Tabitha's bombs at Xavier, distracting him from Colossus who runs to the base of the pyramid and starts breaking it. Xavier
uses a psychic blast to blow off Multiple, and then does the same to Colossus, who faints. Magma tries to attack with her fire, but he uses a force field and then knocks her out as well. Jean, in the meanwhile, puts a cerebral headgear on her head and floats towards the professor. He tries attacking, but she manages to block his attack and make one of her own, hitting Xavier. They start an astral fight.

Again in the Sphinx, Wolverine, Cyclops and Nightcrawler are still escaping the bats. Kurt teleports them behind a door and they quickly shut it. They start looking around, and Kurt teleports again, behind another door. When
he does not come back, Scott and Logan get worried. The reason is that he teleported into Apocalypse's control room, and Apocalypse knocked him out. Wolverine orders Cyclops to blast the door, but Mystique already finished
him off. She morphs her arms into blades and charges.

In space, the Sentinels manage to destroy a piece of the grid. They move on and destroy another piece. Apocalypse, seeing it in the holograms, sends a holographic image of himself to Mexico and sends Magneto to space. Shadowcat, Scarlet Witch, Havok, Sunspot and Angel are all fainted, but then Wanda awakes. She tries to wake up Kitty, but Kitty won't wake up. Magneto, in the meanwhile, destroys the Sentinels. Back in Mexico, Wanda tries to
destroy the pyramid, but she's too weak. Right then, Magneto returns and picks up Sentinel pieces. She begs him for mercy, but he throws the pieces at her. In the last second, she is rescued by Quicksilver. She is shocked to see her brother, but he says he thought she could use a hand. He is not alone Toad, Blob, and Avalanche show up as well, with a ruined jet behind them. Lance rushes to Kitty's side and Toad helps Wanda. Suddenly, Magneto uses his powers to move the jet that brought them there and throws it at them, but Blob manages to stop it. Pietro tells Lance to attack, and he sends a tremor in Magneto's direction. Magneto is buried under a pile of rocks.

Apocalypse finally succeeds in starting the process. Lights shoot out of his body into the hologram of the grid. A black void is created around the earth. Storms rage all around the world. Apocalypse is apparently going through a lot of pain. In the other room, Mystique and Wolverine are still battling. Logan slashes her chest with his claws, but it heals instantly, just like before. She hits him and throws him down a hole.

By the Egyptian pyramid, Xavier and Jean are still in the astral battle. They are both tired and breathing heavily. He attacks, but she blocks it. Xavier's astral form returns to his body and he falls down. Jean does the same, but suddenly he attacks again.

In Mexico, Magneto attacks the Brotherhood and frees himself with a piece of the jet.

In China, Storm fires lighting at Beast, Iceman and Berzerker. Hank and Bobby are blown away, but Ray powers up and fires back at her. She falls to the ground. He tries to attack again, but she creates rain and he is short-circuited and faints. Beast uses the communicator to tell Wolverine that they won't make it.

Logan, injured badly himself, tells Hank not to give up, as they got one play left. Then, Mystique attacks him in the form of a pack of cobras.

Outside, the SHIELD plane appears. Rogue opens the door. Behind her are Cannonball, Leech, Fury, and Leech's mother. Leech is scared, but Rogue calms him down and tells him that she is only going to borrow his powers. He
agrees, and she touches him. Fury nods, and Sam fires himself and Rogue into the air.

Inside, Logan pushed the cobras away and tries to run to the door past the unconscious Cyclops, but Mystique turns into a panther and jumps at him. An energy wave hits her, however, and she falls to the floor in normal form. It
was Rogue, using Dorian's power. Logan slashes through the door and hurries her inside. He wants to follow, but Mystique stops him. In the control room, Rogue is standing next to her foster brother's unconscious body. She uses
her power on Apocalypse, stopping his plan as he groans.

In Mexico, the light coming out of the pyramid shuts down. Magneto falls to the ground in the last second before hitting the Brotherhood, and they're saved.

The same thing happens to Storm in China and the strange markings on her body come off.

In Egypt, Xavier falls to the ground. Jean catches him with her telekinesis and rushes to him.

In the Sphinx, Mystique falls and Logan catches her. Apocalypse grabs Rogue's arm, but she breaks free and shuts the Eye of Ages on him. He tries to get out but Wolverine jumps on top and orders Rogue to turn the power back on. She does, and the Eye of Ages powers up. Logan and Rogue rush out, and the Eye of Ages disappears with Apocalypse. Logan helps Nightcrawler and Cyclops up, and everyone leaves the Sphinx. Mystique shows up behind Kurt and Rogue and tries to excuse her actions, but they don't want to listen.

In Mexico, Pietro and Wanda help their father up. Lance is helping Kitty. Fred is carrying Warren. Todd, Alex and Roberto are walking after them.

In China, Evan is sitting next to Ororo. Bobby, Hank and Ray are watching them.

In Egypt, Tabitha puts one arm around Piotr and the other around Amara, and together with Jamie they walk back to the jet. Jean uses telekinesis to carry Professor X, and he thanks her.

Outside the mansion, Xavier is sitting in front of everybody and thanks them. Then he reveals that he glimpsed into the mind of Apocalypse, and saw the future. He starts a speech about what would happen, as flashes of the
future are shown:

First, he says many challenges await them, as an image of anti-mutant protesters in front of the White House appears.

Then, he says that he saw enemies turn into friends, and a picture of Magneto moving a ball around magnetically is shown. Rahne jumps, catches it, and slides down an ice-slide Bobby created. Sam, Roberto, Amara, Jamie and
Jubilee are there too.

Next, he says he saw the dearest of friends becomes the most terrible of enemies. The image is of Jean turning into the Phoenix.

He says he saw the X-Men grow, as the picture shows older versions of Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Shadowcat, Rogue and X23 in new uniforms.

He then says he saw some people never change. The image shows older versions of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, Avalanche, Pyro and Blob as SHIELD agents. Then there's a picture of many Sentinels flying, including a Nimrod.

The last picture is a group picture of all X-Men, New Mutants and their allies. By order, from left to right, top to bottom, there are Angel, Wolfsbane, Berzerker, Magma, Iceman, Multiple, Cannonball, Jubilee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Spyke, Cyclops, Jean, Rogue, Gambit, Sunspot, Havok, Boom-Boom, Storm, Professor X, Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Beast.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Wolverine (all
Berzerker, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Iceman, Magma, Multiple, Sunspot (all New
Angel, Colossus, Gambit, Havok, Jubilee, Leech, Wolfsbane, X23 (other
Nick Fury, soldier (SHIELD)
Spyke (Morlocks)

Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad (all Brotherhood)
Magneto, Mystique, Professor X, Storm (Four Horsemen)

Mrs. Leech


The future bits that Xavier talks about are hints of things that happened in
the comics: There, Magneto indeed joins the X-Men for a period of time and
tries Xavier's way as leader of the New Mutants, but later returns to his
old ways; Phoenix is not the real Jean, but a clone created by the Phoenix
Force; Rogue does absorbs the ability to fly, though it happens before she
joined the X-Men; The Brotherhood worked for the government, but not as
SHIELD agents but as Freedom Force; Nimrod is a future advanced Sentinel.

Guest Voice-Actors : David Kaye (as Apocalypse)

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