Season 1 Episode 10

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 10

Come the Apocalypse
Original Air Date: 
Sat 27th February 1993

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Producer), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Mark Edward Edens (writer)

Brief Description: 

After seeking the alleged treatment for their mutant powers, Warren Worthington and several others are transformed into the four horsemen of Apocalypse. The X-Men engage them in battle after they attack world leaders in Washington. The battle moves to Scotland, where Rogue learns that the “good” Dr. Adler is in fact her villainous foster mother, Mystique. Rogue manages to free Archangel from Apocalypse’s influence, with no small cost to her own psyche. Sadly, Apocalypse escapes still threatening to make his dream a reality!

Full Synopsis: 

On Muir Island, several X-Men sit in a bar having a drink while two mutants squabble at the bar. During the fight it is revealed that both of them are candidates for the alleged treatment on an offer from Dr. Adler. One of the mutants, toss a chair at the table of X-Men, but Jean stops it with her telekinetic powers. Rogue states her remorse for wanting to undergo the treatment, but the Professor tells her that she shouldn’t trouble herself. He points out the different examples of how mutants deal with their powers. Some lash out, while others retreat inward.

In Dr. Adler’s lab, Warren Worthington is now hooked up to the machine. The Doctor cautions him that the procedure may be unpleasant. But Warren states that he just wants to be normal. The Doctor activates the machine, and shifts forms into Mystique. Behind her Apocalypse emerges from the shadows. He orders Mystique to increase the power of the machine and Warren’s screams can be heard from far away.

A little while later, Warren Worthington, minus his wings walks into the bar where the X-Men were sitting. He begins to boast that he has undergone the treatment and that it works. He asks which one of the mutants will be the next to be cured. Almost everyone volunteers. Cyclops steps in and states that there is nothing wrong with them that needs curing.

Warren challenges him and asks him to look him in the eye when he says that. Cyclops readily begins to remove his visor, but the Professor stops him. He states that mutants will have to decide for themselves. On a view screen, Apocalypse watches the scene in the bar. He speaks to someone off camera and states that Mystique gives a very good impression of Warren. Out of the shadows steps Warren Worthington. His wings transformed to razor sharp metal, and his skin turned blue, he states that Warren Worthington is dead.

Three of the mutants in the bar have also undergone the treatment. Apocalypse introduces them as Famine, Pestilence and War. Along with Warren, who is now bearing the moniker of Death, they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Apocalypse proclaims his hatred for the Earth and the human race as his Horsemen wreak havoc around the globe. Pestilence infects people with her diseases. Famine creates starvation blights. War destroys a Military Compound and Death destroys a dam.

The attack culminates in the U.S. When Apocalypse interferes at the World Peace Conference in Washington. The X-Men see what is happening on a news report and the Professor sends them to fight Apocalypse. However, he sends Rogue on a separate mission, back to Muir Island. He states that he recognizes the mutant called Death as the mutant on Muir Island who was claiming to be cured. Meanwhile, the other X-Men engage the horsemen in battle. They eventually manage to force them into retreat. Storm cautions Cyclops that they are getting away, and he states they aren’t getting away, but actually leading them to Apocalypse.

Rogue arrives on Muir Island, and flies into Dr. Adler’s lab through the hole in the roof left by the Horsemen. He states that some of his experiments have unexpected results, and she states that it is his results that she wants to know about. When he refuses to tell her anything, Rogue grabs the Doctor and fastens him to the machine. Dr. Adler soon shifts into Mystique, and she explains everything to Rogue. Rogue lets her go, and states that she should get away, before Apocalypse finds out that she helped the X-Men. Mystique on the other hand reaches under a table and extracts a gun, firing it at Rogue. She hits the machine, and it collapses on top of Rogue. Rogue, angered lifts the wreckage off herself and goes after Mystique, who disappears into a back room. Rogue arrives at Stone Hinge and looks around for Apocalypse. He materializes behind her, and states that she could have been the first of his creations. Rogue attempts to punch him, but he disintegrates and she flies right through him. He reforms and calls her corrupt, and begins to blast her. Her jacket completely disintegrates and she collapses.

Just then, the defeated horsemen arrive, and Archangel bows low to Apocalypse, and asks forgiveness for their failure. Apocalypse dismisses the idea that a team of mutants could have defeated his Horsemen. Behind him, Cyclops states that he begs to differ. Apocalypse orders his horsemen to destroy the X-Men. Storm takes off and tries to dodge an explosion caused by War, Pestilence moves to attack Jean, but she grabs her telekinetically. The battle continues and Death states that it is time he joined the battle. From where she is lying, Rogue says that she has to steal some of his thunder. She removes her gloves and takes off. Warren is just about to blast the X-Men when Rogue comes up behind him, she grabs his face and her skin turns blue. After a while, she can’t hold on anymore, and she spins off into the air the same way she did when she grabbed the Juggernaut.

Immediately after Rogue lets go, Warren expresses his shame for what he has done. He blasts the other Horsemen, stating that there has been enough destruction. Apocalypse revolted that his Horsemen have been defeated, states that they are not worthy, and disappears into the ground. The ground begins to shake, and Apocalypse bursts through the ground. He is now in a ship, and flies off. Warren walks over to Rogue, who is cowering in a corner, he extends a hand and helps her up. He apologizes for what he did, and she states that the darkness is gone from him, and that it is a part of her now. He says that he hopes she is stronger than him, and that she can fight it. He flies off solemnly, stating that he wasn’t strong.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Professor X, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)

Civilians in various parts of the world
Civilians/Mutants in the Bar

Famine,Pestilence/Plague, War, Warren Worthington III/Death/Archangel (All Horsemen)


Voices/Guest: John Colicos (as Apocalypse) Stephen Ouimette (as Angel / Archangel)

The woman chosen in this episode to become Pestilence was featured in episode 3 when the X-Men battled the Morlocks. She is known as Plague and was the woman who attacked Gambit and infected him with a disease.

In the comic books, Warren Worthington was a member of the X-Men. He lost his wings, and after attempting to commit suicide, was teleported away by Apocalypse. Who then implanted some of his own shape-shifting techno-organic cells into his body. Which caused his skin to turn blue and his wings to grow back in metallic form.

Rogue tried to absorb the Juggernaut’s powers in Season 1 Episode #8.

Rogue visited Dr. Adler’s lab in Episode #9.

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