Season 1 Episode 6

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 6

Cold Vengeance
Original Air Date: 
Sat 6th February 1993

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Producer), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Michael Edens (writer)

Brief Description: 

In an attempt to clear his head, Wolverine has traveled to Canada. Once there however, Sabretooth meets him, eager for revenge after what happened at Xavier’s. After a fight with Sabretooth, Wolverine is almost mortally wounded, however, a tribe of Inuit’s rescue him. They nurse him back to health, and Wolverine soon becomes a member of the tribe. Much to the dismay of Kiyowak, one of the younger members of the tribe. Finally, the fight between them is put to rest as Wolverine sends Sabretooth hurtling into a glacial cavern. Meanwhile, at the Mansion, Gambit has informed the X-Men of a rumor that he has heard. Stating that a small island nation called Genosha is welcoming mutants to its borders. Cyclops dispatches Gambit, Storm and Jubilee to go and check it out. Once there, they find that the rumor was false and are captured by the Government.

Full Synopsis: 

In the mansion Scott and Jean are in Wolverine’s room, Scott is extremely angry with Wolverine for just leaving without telling anyone and accuses him of being a deserter. Jean tries to defend him, because she realizes that he left because of her.

Canada, the entire landscape is covered in snow, but there, in the distance, a solitary figure is skiing. He comes to an abrupt halt, and we see that it is Wolverine. He takes a deep breath and states to himself: “There’s no place like home!” He begins to ski again. A little while later, he stops and picks up a strange scent. Just as he realizes whom the scent belongs to Sabretooth appears behind him. He accuses Wolverine of going soft, as he would never have been able to get this close to Wolverine undetected ten years ago. The two of them begin to fight, and Wolverine is in the process of winning, when a slab of ice crumbles beneath them. Sabretooth is able to grab a hold, but Wolverine falls into the icy waters below.

Sabretooth takes a moment to gloat about his revenge, when he notices Wolverine in the distance, holding on to a chunk of floating ice. He hurls a block of ice at him, and states that even Wolverine’s healing factor won’t keep him alive in the Arctic. Back at the Mansion, Cyclops and Gambit are yelling at one another. Gambit charges his cards and waves them at Cyclops menacingly, when the Professor enters the room. He asks what started this and Cyclops says that he thinks it is dangerous for Gambit to be spreading unfounded rumors. Gambit quickly jumps to his own defense and states that it is not a rumor, as he knows someone who was there. He tells them that the Genoshans are welcoming mutants to their borders.

The Professor states that they have to be sure before they jump to any conclusions. He asks Cyclops to select three X-Men to go and check it out. He selects Storm and Gambit, and after being nagged by her, he agrees that Jubilee can go as well. Before leaving, the Professor tells Cyclops to lighten up a little.

Back in Canada, Sabretooth is packing his snowmobile when he hears a motorboat. He runs toward the cliff face and sees them rescuing Wolverine. They people who have rescued Wolverine are Inuits. One of the younger members of the tribe named Kiyowak, states that they should take Wolverine to the missionary station. As there would be a reward, perhaps even enough for a new snow mobile. But he is dismissed by one of the elders. They take him back to their village where they tend to his wounds. He wakes up and finds and old man sitting by him. The man introduces himself as Puyeta and tells Wolverine to rest. But Wolverine gets up and gets dressed; Puyeta states that no one can recover from the ice so quickly. Wolverine is about to tell him he is a mutant, when he realizes that they don’t know what mutants are.

Wolverine quickly integrates himself into the tribe, helping them to fish etc. much to the dismay of Kiyowak. Who used to be the favorite among the tribe, a position now being held by Wolverine. One night, Wolverine and the others are engaging in a tribal ritual. As they do, no one notices Kiyowak running away. He walks into the snow and is attacked by Sabretooth. At first he believes him to be a snow demon, and tells him everything he knows when questioned about Wolverine. Sabretooth reveals to him that he is not a snow demon but a mutant. He also reveals that Wolverine is a mutant.

In Genosha, Storm, Gambit and Jubilee have arrived. They check into a hotel and Gambit notices a sign that states: “Ask about our mutant discount” But Storm tells him to put it away. Unbeknownst to them, the clerk is watching footage of Storm using her mutant powers. He states that he has the perfect rooms for them, and gives them their keys. As soon as they are gone he picks up the phone and states that he has some new arrivals that he thinks the person on the other line will like.

Back in Canada, Kiyowak has returned to the tribe, he challenges Wolverine and he accepts. He and Wolverine paddle out to sea, and Wolverine questions Kiyowak about where they are going. He senses that Kiyowak is lying and pops his claws. Revealing to Kiyowak that he is in fact a mutant. Just then, they hear an explosion coming form the village. They paddle back, and find the village in ashes. All of the people have been kidnapped. Kiyowak states that he didn’t know this was going to happen, he thought he was leading Wolverine into a trap. Wolverine reaches into his rucksack and extracts his X-Men uniform.

They find the people of the village tied to an ice-bridge with detonators surrounding them. Sabretooth attacks Wolverine, he holds up a detonator and states that Wolverine will have to go through him to get to the people. Wolverine states that he does not want to fight Sabretooth anymore, but Sabretooth is unwilling to accept the idea of peace. He and Wolverine begin to fight again, he hurls Wolverine over a ledge and is about to hit him with an ice boulder when Kiyowak comes up from behind and attacks Sabretooth. Who easily gets rid of him. However, it gives Wolverine the time he needs to climb back up, and he in turn manages to defeat Sabretooth. Kiyowak and Wolverine move quickly to cut the village people loose and they throw the detonators over the cliff. Wolverine states that he would like to help the people rebuild their village, but Puyeta states that they will be moving into the city.

In Genosha, Storm, Gambit and Jubilee return to their room. Storm states that the Genoshans acceptance of mutants appears to be genuine. As she is unpacking, steel curtains drop in front of the windows in Jubilee’s room. The bungalow begins to fill with gas, and Gambit uses one of his cards to create a way out. Outside, soldiers, tanks, armored troops and even helicopters meet them.

Gambit instantly charges one of his cards, but Storm stops him. She states that they can’t endanger human life. But he does not listen. As the soldiers begin to fire at them, Storm and Jubilee are forced to defend themselves. Using their individual catalogue of powers, they soon defeat a most of the soldiers. However, out of nowhere, a Sentinel appears. It ensnares them in its coils and carries them off.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)




The X-Men supposedly destroyed the Sentinels in the first 2 episodes of the series, “Night of the Sentinels”

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