Season 1 Episode 7

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 7

Slave Island
Original Air Date: 
Sat 13th February 1993

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Producer), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Mark Edward Edens (writer)

Brief Description: 

Storm, Gambit and Jubilee have been captured and are being held slaves on Genosha. Their powers being inhibited by special collars, they are being forced to work for the government and aid them in building their mine. They are aided by a mysterious man named Cable and eventually manage to free the other inmates. Calling upon the sum total of her powers, Storm destroys the mine and the X-Men return home. Only to find the mansion completely obliterated.

Full Synopsis: 

Jubilee wakes up in a cell. Around her neck, she is wearing a yellow and red collar. The cell door swings open and she walks out. Only to find more mutants, wearing similar collars. They are marched outside where they are met by several armored troops. One man, holding a keypad, explains that the collars around their necks inhibit their various mutant powers. They also learn that they have been captured in order to build a dam, and as such, will only be allowed to use their powers to aid in building the dam.

Their collars are turned off and Storm instantly takes to the skies, calling for Gambit and Jubilee to enter into the fray. Jubilee instantly responds, but is stopped by Gambit. Storm destroys the keypad held by the aforementioned trooper while she blasts several other guards. Unfortunately a female guard appears with a second keypad. She reactivates the collars and Storms powers are turned off. She falls into the river and crawls onto the shore. Behind her, a Sentinel emerges out of the water. It lassos her ankle with one of its metal coils and carries her back to the troopers. Once there, Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels, meets her.

Jubilee whispers to Gambit that she thought they had destroyed all the Sentinels. But he assures her that: “…there are always more gators in the bayou!” Trask states that the ‘Leader’ has promised that the mutants will be released once they have completed the dam they will be released. However, if they try to escape they will be killed. The Sentinel is about to kill Storm, when Gambit interjects. He states that Storm did not tell them the whole truth during her interrogation. Storm attempts to stop him, but Gambit reveals to them that Storm can control the weather, and that she will be able to fill up the dam immediately after completion. Trask states that, that would be useful. He decides to keep her alive, and states that she must be put in the box.

The Sentinel tosses Storm into a small metal box and she screams for them to let her go. Back at the mansion, Cyclops slams the phone down on the receiver. He complains about the poor quality of the Genoshan phone lines. Jean however, tells him that he should relax, stating that Storm grew up on the streets of Cairo, and as such, can handle anything Genosha throws at her. Behind them, Wolverine appears in the doorway. Rogue asks him where he’s been. He sneezes, and simply states that he was somewhere cold.

Back on the island, the mutants, including Gambit and Jubilee, continue to work. Trask stands next to Japanese mutant telling him to dry the concrete evenly, as they don’t want it to crack. He refers to the mutant as Sunfire. Jubilee states how worried she is about Storm, when a trooper orders Gambit to go break rocks using his powers. In the distance, there is a huge explosion, and two Sentinels fly towards it. Trask whispers to a trooper that: “It’s him!” An announcement is made over the megaphones that there will be no more work for the day. Jubilee grabs a shard of wire and puts it in her coat pocket. They are marched back to their rooms. That night, there is a power blackout. Jubilee quickly uses her shard of wire to pick the lock to her cell. She speeds to Gambits cell explains that a girl at the orphanage taught her to pick locks. She explains that they were marched past the guard who operates their collars, and that they should join forces to overtake him. Gambit however, states that she should ask the others, as it is her plan. She pitches her plan to the other mutants, but they tell her to go back to their cell. Just then, the power comes back on, and she races back to her cell just in time not to be seen by the security cameras.

The next morning, Gambit’s cell is empty as the mutants are once again marched outside. Sunfire comes up to her and sates that he and the others are with her. She tackles a guard and grabs the keypad; the others spring into action as well. However, Jubilee is unable to unlatch the collars as several Sentinels appear. Jubilee is tossed into a similar box as Storm. Inside, Trask and Henry Gyrich greet a man dressed in a robe. They call him General, but he states that he now carries the moniker of Leader. At his side, is Cameron Hodge, an attorney at law.

Trask walks them through a huge compound where there are large numbers of Sentinels lining the walls. In the center, sits a giant Sentinel, which they refer to as Master Mold. We learn that Master Mold actually creates Sentinels. The Leader inquires about the revolt they had the previous night. Trask states that they allowed it to happen in order to break the mutants’ spirits. He reveals that they were betrayed by one of their own. In the doorway, two guards march a shadowy figure toward them. The traitor is Gambit.

The Leader asks why he betrayed his friends, and he states that they are not his friends, as they do not trust him. The troopers take him outside and put him in a hovercraft. As they drive, Gambit asks if they’d like to see a card trick. He tosses his cards into the air and sucker punches the guards. He jumps out of the craft and lands in front of man dressed in armor and carrying a huge gun. He fires a salvo at the hovercraft and it charges with energy, then it explodes. Gambit asks the man who he is, and he states that he is the wild man of Borneo. Gambit asks for his help to free the enslaved mutants, but the man only tosses him a key, which he retrieved off a guard. Gambit uses it to unlatch his collar.

(Narrative with images of Cable) Hodge inquires about the man the Leader is so afraid of. Trask tells him that the man is called Cable. They believe him to be mutant, but they are not sure. He goes on to explain his history with the Leader and why he is now fighting against the army he once served in. Strom and Jubilee are still cased in their boxes. Jubilee complains about the heat, when they hear a loud explosion outside. The doors to their cells explode, and the head of a Sentinel falls in front of them. It is Gambit. Storm crawls out of the cell, and Gambit helps her up. She buries her head in his shoulder, stating that she knew he would save them. Jubilee yells at him, asking why he didn’t tell her he was only pretending. Gambit picks her up and hoists her over his shoulder. They start running as the Sentinels pursue them. Gambit charges a card and blows a hole in the wall, allowing them to escape. They run into the jungle, and Gambit asks Jubilee how she could’ve sweat so much and yet not have lost any weight.
Gambit uses the key he got from Cable to unlock Jubilee and Storm’s collars.

In the office, the leader and Gyrich are negotioating. Gyrich asks the Leader where the collars come from, and whether or not he can get them in large numbers. The Leader tells him that they were desinged by a professor in scotland. Gyrich explains that they will soon have over a hundred Sentinels, and the Leader tells him that this makes him a hard man to refuse. Suddenly, a blast is fired and the table explodes. It is Cable. At the dam, the mutants see an explosion on the horizon, and the troopers watching over them tell them to go back to their cells.

In the sky behind them, dark clouds gather remarkably fast, and huge bolts of lightning zigzag across the sky. It attracts the attention of several armed troops standing around. Storm flies toward them blasting one of the guards with her lightning. Gambit grabs a handful of bolts, charges them and hurls them at a Sentinel, staggering it and causing it to fall. A trooper cocks his gun at Gambit, but he is hit from behind by Jubilee. She grabs his controls and turns off the collars. The newly freed mutants begin to run riot against the guards. Sunfire melts a Sentinel, Thunderbird topples several Sentinels with his punches while Feral takes out a guard. In the air, Northstar and Aurora fly about in circles, dodging blasts as they go. They high-five one another, creating a blinding flash before swooping down and grabbing the troopers weapons. Blob grabs a trooper and is about to drop him over the edge of the dam, when Storm swoops in and tells him to stop. He drops him anyway and Storm summons a gust of wind to catch him and carry him back up. Walking up to the other mutants, Jubilee asks for their help in destroying the dam. Sunfire refuses, stating that they followed her once before into disaster. Blob grabs the key as he walks past her. She calls after them, stating that they could at least thank them for what they did. Turning their attention back to the dam, Gambit states that none of them have the power to take down the dam. Storm agrees, however, raising her hands above her head, she states that a power greater than their lies hidden in the clouds. Storm clouds gather above them and it begins to rain.

In the crypt, where Master Mold resides, Gyrich and Trask are arguing. Gyrich states that the entire operation has been compromised. Trask chases after him stating that he is not going to be left behind. Cable runs the length of the crypt as well, blasting Sentinels as he goes. The charged sentinels tell him to halt before blowing up. Master Mold creates a smaller, only partially completed Sentinel. This Sentinel is much more agile, and instantly begins to chase after cable. Cable charges into the office followed closely by the Sentinel. He blasts a section of the ceiling above the Sentinel and it collapses on top o him. Outside, Storm stands with her hands raised above her head, charging up the storm. Jubilee tries to reason with her, stating that she is still not up to full strength. Gambit interrupts her, telling her that they have to let her be. Alone now, Storm summons the full power of the Storm. From the heavens, a lightning bolt erupts, it connects with the dam, crumbling it and allowing the water to flow through. Storm collapses, and the floor beneath her crumbles as well. She falls, but is caught by Rogue. As she flies Storm to safety, she states that she has been working too hard. In the distance, the Blackbird hovers to the ground.

Nearby, the Leader and Cameron Hodge sit in a limousine driving over a bridge that connects to the forest. The Leader asks if Hodge has ever been to Switzerland. Just then, a shot is fired and the limousine charges up, ready to explode. The occupants jump out just as it explodes. Cable grabs the leader and holds him over the edge of the bridge. He sates that he thought the Leader was going to bring Democracy to Genosha, and that he doesn’t mind being wrong, just as long as he is able to rectify his mistake. Hodge orders him to drop his plasma rifle, holding a gun of his own. The Leader orders him to blast cable, but before he has the chance, the huge tidal wave from the dam washes over them. Cable laughs as the water crashes over them. In the crypt, Master Mold tries to get up and walk away, but finds that he is still plugged in. He too is washed away by the wave.

In the blackbird, Storm sits up. Jean tells her that everything is going to be alright, as Storm tells her that she had a dream that she was in a very small place. Jubilee apologizes to Gambit, stating that she should have known he’d never really be a traitor. But Gambit asks her how she can be so sure, and states that perhaps she has been fooled again. Cyclops tells Rogue that he isn’t getting anything from the mansion, only static. Wolverine picks his teeth with his claws and asks if Cyclops can land the Blackbird by himself. Cyclops, sounding upset says that he is getting a vision of the school. Rogue states that it can’t be, through the clouds, we see that the entire mansion has been completely destroyed.

Featured Characters: 

Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)

Bolivar Trask
Henry peter Gyrich
The Leader
Cameron Hodge
Master Mold
Sunfire, Feral, Blob, Thunderbird, Aurora, Northstar, Mystique, Domino, (All captives on the island)


First appearance of Sunfire. Though in the comics, both Sunfire and Thunderbird joined the team in the now classic Giant Sized #1 along with Storm and Wolverine

First appearance of Master Mold

First appearance of Cable. Though it is not revealed in this episode, Cable is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic.

During this episode, Master Mold creates what might be an early incarnation of Nimrod.

We last saw the conspirators who created the Sentinels during the Night of the Sentinels story arc. (Episodes 1 and 2)

Lawrence Bayne guests in this episode as the voice of Cable.

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