Season 1 Episode 8

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 8

The Unstoppable Juggernaut
Original Air Date: 
Sat 6th March 1993

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Producer), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Julianne Klemm (writer)

Brief Description: 

After returning home from Genosha, The X-men find the mansion in ruins, with no sign of Professor X. They begin to hunt for the culprit and mistakenly think that Colossus, a young Russian mutant, is responsible. However, Wolverine soon finds out that it is in fact the Professor’s half-brother who caused the damage. They engage him in battle, and Jean Grey uses her telepathic abilities to wipe the Juggernauts mind.

Full Synopsis: 

The X-Men are flying back to the mansion. Cyclops is trying to contact the mansion, but there is no answer. As they approach the school, they find it completely destroyed. Storm, Rogue, Wolverine and Jean Grey leap out of the plane and begin to use their powers to clear the rubble. Jean attempts to contact the Professor telepathically, but she gets no response. Cyclops and Jubilee discover a message left by the Professor before the mansion was destroyed. Outside, Wolverine finds a set of footprints twice the size of a normal human’s. Cyclops tells him not to go off on his own, but Wolverine ignores him.

Storm, Rogue and Jubilee go after him. They discuss Wolverine’s behavior, and Jubilee states that she thinks it is because he is worried about the Professor. While driving, they spot his jeep. Storm elects that they split up so that they might find him faster. Agreeing, Jubilee walks onto a construction site, where several workers are standing around idly. She asks a foreman about them, and he tells her that their work is being done for them. Inside the building they are meant to destroy, there is a bright flash. A moment later, it collapses.

Seconds later a man seemingly made of metal comes out of the building. He reverts back to human form and is paid by the foreman. The stranger speaks in a heavy Russian accent and as Jubilee notices he seems to cause stryfe between the workers. The other workers complain and state that they won’t work for a mutant lover. They attack the Russian stranger, who reverts back into his metal form. They try to ram him with a truck but it has no effect on him. Seeing the Russians strength the workers run away in fear. The mutant inquiring about what he has done wrong is surprisingly attacked by Wolverine from behind. Wolverine accuses him of destroying the mansion, but the mutant denies it. Wolverine sniffing the young mutant notices that he is telling the truth and agrees with Colossus about his innocents. Tossing Logan from him, the mutant is attacked anew by Jubilee. He grabs her, and she is unable to use her powers on him, he identifies himself as Colossus and walks away confused about why everyone seems to be against him.

Jubilee wishes to go after him, but Wolverine states that he is not responsible. Jubilee asks how he knows, and Wolverine states that Colossus is not what he smelled at the mansion. Interrupting the two X-Men, Rogue contacts Jubilee and states that she and Wolverine should join them at the bank. They reach the bank just in time to see Colossus being carried away by the police. He yells that he was trying to stop the robber. Wolverine tells Storm and Rogue that he is not the person they are looking for. Storm states that someone should talk to him, as he has seen the real culprit they are looking for. Rogue is more than happy to oblige, as she finds Colossus attractive.

Wolverine and Jubilee stay behind, and begin to track the real robber. At the prison, Storm tells Rogue to make it quick, she is talking about the guard at the front desk. Rogue removes her glove and flirts with the guard. He touches her hand and is instantly knocked out. They run past him, and come to a metal door, which leads to the cells. Storm uses a bolt of lightning to take out a security camera, and Rogue yanks the door open. They run down the hall, and we hear a familiar voice speaking in Russian to Colossus. Storm and Rogue offer to free Colossus, as they know he is not the one they are looking for. He is skeptical, as he does not know them, but from behind them a familiar voice assures Colossus that they might be trusted. They recognize the voice and turn around; shockingly they recognize their old ally, the Beast. Storm and Rogue offer to free him as well, but h6e declines. He tells them to come back during regular visiting hours and to thank Jean for the cookies she baked him.

Rogue rips off Colossus’ cell door and they make a run for it. Colossus bashes a hole in the wall, while Storm uses a tornado to take care of the guards pursuing them. Once outside, she creates a wind cold enough to freeze the hole in the wall used for their escape. Wolverine contacts them, and states that they have tracked the offender to a bank in town. Inside the bank, a man dressed from head to toe in orange armor, breaks through the vault door. He helps himself to the money inside and walks out, carrying the huge bags of money. Wolverine recognizes him as The Juggernaut. The police attempt to stop him, but he easily rips through their cruisers using his amazing strength. Wolverine, continuing to pursue the Juggernaut slices the bags of money and Jubilee begins carrying it back to the bank. Meanwhile, Wolverine engages the Juggernaut in battle. Juggernaut tosses him against a wall and he collapses in pain. Jubilee, standing on top of a building, blasts her sparklers causing little more than an irritation to the unstoppable behemoth. Trying a second time she blasts the ground beneath the Juggernauts feet. Angered by her nuisance, he grabs the base of the building she is standing on and pulls it out of the ground causing her to fall towards the ground below. While the Juggernaut is preoccupied Rogue grabs him, easily tossing him away.

Coming to their allies’ aid Storm and Colossus join the battle. During their confrontation Colossus asks the Juggernaut how he could let a fellow mutant take the blame for his actions. But the Juggernaut states that he is not a mutant, and that his powers are magical. Cyclops blasts him from behind. Storm creates a tornado and uses it to lift a building off the ground and drop it on the Juggernaut. Jubilee asks if Storm killed him, but Storm tells her that nothing they know of can kill him. Jean tells them that she is unable to attack his mind, as his helmet is designed to shield him from telepathy. Cyclops states that he has an idea, but it will take all of them.

A little while later, the Juggernaut has dug his way out of the rubble. He walks around looking for the X-Men, when Cyclops attacks him. He blasts him from a distance. Jubilee also blasts Juggernaut. He moves toward her, when Storm enshrouds him in a thick mist. He is sucker punched by Colossus, while Wolverine jumps on his back, using his adamantium claws to crack open the seal of Juggernauts helmet to the rest of his armor.

Once he has it off, Storm creates a sheet of ice beneath his feet and he falls over. Rogue jumps on the Juggernauts back and grabs his face with her bare hands. However, the mystical nature of Juggernauts powers make it impossible for Rogue to absorb his powers, she spins out into the air, seemingly driven crazy by what she absorbed from the Juggernaut. Behind the Juggernaut, Jean telekinetically levitates herself behind him; she is wearing a Cerebro helmet, and begins telepathically attacking him.

In the air, Storm is trying to calm Rogue down, who is still ranting and raving from the energy she absorbed from the Juggernaut. She releases all of her energy in the form of a multi-directional blast, which spins out all the way into space. Afterward, she collapses and begins to plunge back to the ground. Storm attempts to use her wind powers to slow Rogues descent, and Colossus catches her.

The Juggernaut stumbles around. He does not know who he is, and does not recognize Jubilee when he walks past her. Cyclops is cradling Jean in his arms; as she exhaustively collapsed after attacking the Juggernaut. She wakes up, and Jubilee inquires about what she did to the Juggernaut. She tells them that she gave him a hypnotic suggestion. However, she does not know when it will wear off.

A little while later, the X-Men are rebuilding the mansion along with help from their new ally Colossus. Jubilee and Wolverine offer him a place at the mansion. However, Colossus refuses the offer. He states that he wishes to see more of America and also to find his sister. Wolverine and Jubilee confide to one another how much the mansion meant to them. And Jubilee assures Wolverine that they will find the Professor.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)
Colossus (X-Men Ally)

The Juggernaut


First appearance of the Juggernaut.

The Sentinels in episode 2 of season 1 captured the Beast.

In this episode, the Juggernaut refers to Charles Xavier as his brother, in the comics however, they were stepbrothers.

The Juggernaut draws his power from the Crimson gem of Cytorrak.

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