Season 2 Episode 10

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 2 Episode 10

Beauty and the Beast
Original Air Date: 
Sat 8th January 1994

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Director), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Stephanie J. Mathison (writer)

Brief Description: 

Beast pioneers a new optical surgery that can restore sight. The first patient to receive the operation is a dear friend, Carly. Though he and Carly share a mutual attraction they are kept apart by external forces like the Friends of Humanity and Carly’s bigoted father. The FoH abducts Carly. Wolverine goes deep into cover at the FoH headquarters and discovers that their leader, Graydon Creed, is the son of his sparring partner Sabretooth. Together Beast and Wolverine free Carly and unhinge Graydon’s already questionable sanity. Even so, it will never be safe for Carly and Hank to be together, so they say good-bye to one-another.

Full Synopsis: 

Dr. Henry McCoy confers with his colleague Dr. Alec Bolson. They have perfected a revolutionary eye treatment that can cure certain cases of blindness. They congratulate one another; but more than anything else, Dr. McCoy wants to inform the patient. They enter Carly’s room. She is an attractive twenty-something who seems smitten with Hank. She is also blind. She anxiously awaits her surgery and asks Hank to be there. Of course, he agrees.

A small explosion from outside disrupts the clinic. Henry escorts Carly and Dr. Bolson outside where they find the provocateurs –the Friends of Humanity led by the bigoted Graydon Creed.

Carly is terrified of the unseen threat. McCoy comforts her. The FoH members (taking a page from the KKK) are outraged at the sight of McCoy with a human woman. As. Dr. Bolson ushers Carly to safety, McCoy defends himself from the mob. The FoH disperses when the cops arrive.

That evening at the mansion, Wolverine is livid. He says the FoH have finally crossed the line –attacking a hospital. Jean Grey manages to calm him; but he warns that unless she finds a more peaceful way to shut them down, he is going to do it his way. Wolverine storms out. Jean Grey wonders, “Where are you Professor?”

In the Savage Land, Professor X and Magneto are ambushed and subdued by Amphibious, a toad-like mutate. He taunts Magneto saying the mutates now have a better leader. Xavier and Magnus are to be taken to this new leader, but a two-headed plesiosaur distracts Amphibious long enough for them to flee.

Wolverine wanders down a dark, New York alley. He is in civilian clothes, a ball cap, and sunglasses –unidentifiable except to those who know him well. He locates the FoH headquarters by scent. He then beats himself mercilessly, throwing himself into the wall. All this noise gets the FoH’s attention. Two members find Logan lying on the ground. “It was a filthy mutant,” he says. They bring him inside.

Henry McCoy arrives at the eye clinic the next day. Dr. Bolson regretfully informs him he is being let go. The Board of Directors stated that having a mutant on staff would make the clinic a target to further attacks. In addition, Carly’s father is protesting against McCoy making any future contact with his daughter. Before Henry leaves, he wants to say good-bye to Carly.

As Hank enters Carly’s room, she identifies him by the scent of his aftershave. They flirt until Hank tells her he cannot be present at her operation. Carly guesses it is because he is a mutant. He is surprised by her perceptiveness. He thought her unaware of his… status. Hank promises to visit as soon as possible and departs. Tears form in Carly’s eyes as she says, “it was you I wanted to see.”

Later at the mansion, Beast looks through a photo album. There are pictures: him as a normal, albeit large child; him as a young adult with a baseball bat and blue fur; a family, the McCoys, all-normal save him. Jean Grey enters the room offering dinner. He rejects it. Jean guesses it is Carly bothering him. Beast throws the photo album through a mirror and howls bestially. When he calms, he admits to loving Carly. He even conjectures that Carly cares for him. However, it is too dangerous. He will not allow anything to happen. Jean suggests that he let Carly make that decision.

At the clinic, Dr. Bolson prepares to take Carly’s bandages off after the operation. They are interrupted by a big, furry intruder. Both Carly and Bolson protest when security offers to remove Hank. Finally, Carly removes her bandages. She sees Hank and declares, “You’re beautiful.” The moment ends when Carly’s father arrives.

“What are you doing here?” he demands.

Over Carly’s cries to stop, her father insists Hank leave. Furthermore, he demands that Hank cease contact with his daughter. Hank says genteelly, “Today is a day of joy. Carly can see. Let’s leave it at that.” Hank leaves with Bolson trailing.

Bolson begs Hank to stay, but Hank refuses. He then gives Alec a small package to deliver to Carly. When Alec reenters the room, he shouts for Hank. The walls of the room are splattered with red paint that reads For Humanity. Carly is missing and her father is unconscious.

Beast revives her father and demands information. Carly’s father retorts that Hank is to blame. Beast rebuts, “It was ignorant, mutant-hating people like you who abducted your daughter.” Hank then swears to find her.

At the FOH headquarters, Creed and Logan talk. Logan is still in his disguise and goes by John. Logan mentions that he knew a Creed before Graydon, could have been his old man. He worked in a coalmine in Kentucky. Graydon replies that his father was in Canada then, hearing those words Logan smiles.

Beast contacts the war room. Cyclops replies. He is with Jubilee and Jean. Jubilee tells Beast that the FOH HQ is the old veteran’s building. The X-Men agree to converge there. When Beast disconnects, Wolverine calls. He tells Cyclops that he is at the veteran’s building, and he needs the portable hologram projector and a file on an old friend.

Graydon interrogates Carly. He wants information, personal information. Carly insults Creed, so Creed threatens to kill her.

Beast forcibly enters the veteran’s building. He is attacked by scores of the FoH. He fights them tooth and nail (pun intended). With this distraction, Wolverine claws his way into Creed’s interrogation room. Wolverine unsheathes his claws and mocks Creed. “Daddy’s boy doesn’t like claws?” Creed grimaces and obviously know what Logan is referring to. Logan disarms Creed and frees Carly. They are met by Beast who is severely wounded.

Wolverine throws Beast over a shoulder, grabs Carly’s arm, and tries to escape. They are then surrounded by FoH members, but the X-Men (Cyclops, Jubilee, and Jean) arrive for the save, holographic projector in tow. They play the hologram of Sabretooth, Graydon’s father. Graydon snaps and shoots the hologram with a pistol screaming, “I’m not like you!” This allows the X-Men and Carly to escape.

While Beast and Carly are alone, he tells Carly they cannot be together. It is too dangerous. “Carry my love with you always.” They depart; Carly with her newly enlightened father, and Beast alone.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Professor X, and Wolverine (all X-Men)

Graydon Creed, various lackeys (all Friends of Humanity)

Carly’s father
Dr. Alec Bolson


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