Season 3 Episode 19

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 3 Episode 19

Weapon X, Lies and Videotape
Original Air Date: 
Sun 11th June 1995

Steven Melching & David McDermott (writers), Sharon Janis (associate producer), Larry Houston (producer & director), Bob Harras (story consultant), Eric Lewald (story editor), Stan Lee, Avi Arad & Joseph Calamari (executive producers)

Brief Description: 

Logan remembers how, years ago, a vicious Sabretooth attacked him at the cabin in which both he and his beloved Silver Fox lived. Creed attacked Logan on his birthday, and badly injured Fox. The memories are so heavy that Logan is threatened to loose his calm, and undo all the work Xavier has done with him over the years. Logan runs away from the mansion, and is, unnoticed by him, followed by Beast. He makes it up to Canada, where he enters the old Weapon X facility. There, he regains painful memories about how the adamantium got bonded on his skeleton, and how he got trained to kill people. Beast meets up with Logan and calms him down, and he is determined to get some answers. Sabretooth also arrives at the facility, and suspects Logan of drawing him to this place. They fight, but get interrupted by none other than Maverick and… Silver Fox! Logan is stunned to see them both, as he always remembered that Sabretooth had left them both to die years ago, when they were fighting Omega Red. They survived though, and Fox lured the two of them to the facility to get some answers. They find some videotapes from a man called “the Professor”, and learn how he performed experiments on them to make them the perfect killing machines, and messed with their memories so they would do his bidding without questioning the motives. Afterwards, a safety protocol gets activated, and a dangerous robot named Talos gets released on the five mutants. With the aid of Mavericks explosives the robot gets destroyed, but as a second Talos robot appears, things get rough and the entire facility explodes! Luckily, with the aid of Beast’s quick thinking, the others make it safely outside. Hank fears that the explosion caught unwanted attention, so a quick goodbye is in order. Logan tries to patch things up with Fox, but she doesn’t believe they were once in love due to the false memories, and despite the truth, she adds that all happened in a different lifetime. After taking a friendly goodbye from Maverick, Logan and Hank head back to the school.

Full Synopsis: 

An unknown amount of years ago…
In a cabin, a severe battle is taking place. Sabretooth throws a furious Logan out of his way. Logan mentions to Creed that he’s got a lot of nerve coming up here. In a sarcastic tone, Sabretooth claims that’s no way to threat an old partner, especially not after all they’ve been through. An injured and almost out of breath Silver Fox crawls over the floor in an attempt to escape, and warns Logan that Creed is crazy. Sabretooth takes a slice from Logan’s birthday cake, and jokes that Logan apparently can’t take care of his woman. Logan starts fighting Sabretooth, promising that he’s going to pay for hurting her.

Present day…
The memory stops. A feverish Wolverine lies restrained on his bed, and angrily shouts out that Sabretooth is going to pay. Cyclops, Jean, Hank and the Professor are guarding him, unsure what to do. Jean realizes they’ve got to do something, as Logan’s delusions are getting worse by the minute. Xavier attempts using his telepathic powers, and believes that all he has done to help Logan has collapsed. He can see through Logan’s mind that he’s experiencing strange, torturous memories that are pouring out as if a dam has burst! Xavier sees painful memories of Logan being abused, and the pain is too great for him!

Wolverine wakes up, but is out of control and snikts his claws open, wanting to cut himself free from the restraints. Hank quickly pulls the Professor into safety and Scott tries to calm Logan down, but with no success. Logan is still seeing things that aren’t there, and believes that Scott is actually Sabretooth and attacks him! Jean uses her telekinesis to push Scott into safety. Hank tries to calm Logan down, but in a furious move, Logan pushes Hank over his shoulder and throws him against Scott. Jean tries to calm Logan down by making him aware he’s dealing with her. Logan briefly stops, but before anyone can do anything else, he opens the door and runs away without saying anything. Beast quickly follows Logan outside, and can just barely in time jump into safety when Logan drives at full speed away in his car. Beast again tries to stop Wolverine, but with no such luck, and fears what his teammate might do next.

Some time later…
Jean enters Logan’s bedroom, and opens a drawer. She finds a photo which was send to Logan, with him and a mysterious woman on it. She also finds the envelope the photo was send in, which was apparently post marked two weeks ago, but there is no return address on it. Beast meets up with her, and takes a closer look at the picture. Jean finds the photo weird, as she has seen that photo before, as an image in Logan’s mind. This might be a clue to his delusions and might have triggered them. Beast notices coordinates on the backside of the photo, and finds them most intriguing, as the coordinates point to Southern Canada. Jean wants Hank to go after Wolverine, and he promises to leave at once. He can only hope Wolverine is prepared for whatever is waiting for him.

Canada, present day…
Wolverine drives his car up a high hill, and steps out. He walks a bit, and somehow isn’t surprised when he finds… the old base of Weapon X! He slices the security fence apart, and walks through the hole he left behind the last time he was there. He notices a holding tank, and a memory slips by.

An unknown amount of years ago…
Logan is in a stasis tank, and a mask gets put on his face. He overhears the Professor asking if there is any damage to Logan, but there isn’t anything serious. It’s time to begin the adamantium feed. The adamantium gets successfully bounded onto Logan, but something goes unexpectedly wrong: claws merge from the palm of his hands! Logan gets furious, and slices his way through the tank. The Professor panics and calls out for security. Logan fights some robots, and the Professor goes hide behind a door before Logan can get to him.

Present day…
The memory stops. Logan angrily roars, and starts slicing against a door, but his claws don’t bring any damage on it. Hank has finally caught up on him, and tries to calm Logan down. But, Logan is still having his delusions and sees Hank as an enemy. He starts fighting Hank, but he dodges all of the moves and has Logan accidentally put his claws into electrocuted circuits. Logan ends up getting electrocuted himself, and this brings him back to normal. Logan admits that he doesn’t know what brought him here. Hank tells Logan to calm himself, and that he has come to take him home. Logan instead warns Hank to get out of this place, and that he shouldn’t have followed him. He’s going nuts!

Beast won’t let Logan face this alone. He wants to know what’s going on. But, a furious Logan claims that even he doesn’t know that. Logan wants to face this alone, because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. He moves back to the door, and realizes that something has drawn him back to this place. Beast is surprised that Logan even knows this place. Wolverine angrily reveals to Hank that this is the place where he got his bones. Logan starts slicing the door again with his claws, but with no such luck. Beast triggers with the security device, and this opens the door.

The two X-Men walk through the dark room. Logan notices a familiar looking helmet lying on the floor, and gets another painful memory.

An unknown amount of years ago…
An almost bare naked Wolverine, wearing the strange cybernetic helmet, runs through the ice cold Canadian woods towards a fence. He slices it apart, and manages to walk past a security search light without getting spotted. He runs behind a hangar, and destroys some test dummies using his claws. He notices another hangar, opens the door, and uses a gun to take down other test dummies. Logan gets out of control and keeps shooting. The Professor, standing nearby and evaluating Logan’s process, uses a button to give Logan a powerful, painful shock which brings him down.

Present day…
Beast calms Wolverine down, and asks what he saw. Wolverine believes that he was being trained… to kill people. Suddenly, Logan is speechless when he sees… a Lotus car?! Hank recognizes the car, as the photo he saw with Jean had the same vehicle on it. Logan goes to check the car out, and notices that it still works, and even the keys are still there. Logan suddenly remembers a name… “Silver Fox.

An unknown amount of years ago…
Logan remembers how happy he was when he and Silver Fox, an Indian woman he loved, drove their Lotus car at top speed over the freeways. They drove to their cabin together, where Logan carved both of their names into the door. Silver Fox passionately kissed Logan, but on that moment, things turned ugly. A furious Sabretooth quickly opens the door, and grabs Silver Fox! Logan tries to protect her, but Creed angrily slams Logan against a table and chairs, breaking them. Sabretooth mocks that Logan apparently can’t take care of his woman, and takes a slice from his birthday cake.

Present day…
Logan feels in pain and screams, and angrily slices the steering wheel from the car apart. Suddenly, Sabretooth enters the building! Creed angrily wants to know why Logan dragged him to this place, as could have sliced him up stateside. Wolverine quickly jumps out of the car, and he and Sabretooth start fighting each other. They both blame themselves for the painful memories they have been having, and Creed even believes that Logan had Xavier messing with his head. Logan claims that isn’t true as he fights his own battles. He also mentions to Creed that it was he who taught him that you can’t count on your friends. Creed claims that he saved both their lives. Suddenly, they both start screaming, and share the same painful memory.

An unknown amount of years ago…
Logan, wearing a military uniform, grabs the C-Synt like they were ordered to do. Creed warns Logan and the others, wearing the same uniforms, to move into safety. Suddenly, none other than Omega Red steps out of a tank, and attacks both of Logan’s and Creeds’ teammates. As Creed takes out the final security guard, he warns Logan to head for the door. They both make it to the door, but Silver Fox and Maverick get hold back by an attacking Omega Red. Logan wants to go save them, but Creed claims that Fox and Maverick are expandable, and closes the door!

Present day…
Both Logan and Sabretooth scream in pain. Beast tells Logan to take it easy. Logan calms down, and remembers that Sabretooth left both Maverick and Silver Fox to die. Creed doesn’t even care. Logan angrily pushes Hank aside and calls Creed a traitor. They start fighting each other again and Logan gains the upper hand, and is ready to kill Sabretooth. But then, he gets hit by a gun shot! Logan luckily survives, and can’t believe his eyes when he recognizes… Silver Fox… and Maverick?! They’re alive…

Silver Fox warns that she just only fired a level 3 blast at Wolverine, and can go way higher up. She would even rather kill both Wolverine and Sabretooth right now, but right now, that’s not even an option. Sabretooth demands an explanation, but Fox angrily tells him to shut up, as she’s not in the mood. She explains that the only reason both he and Logan are still alive is so that they can get some answers. Maverick jokes that it’s good to be needed. Fox sarcastically mentions that she hopes Logan enjoyed the photo she send him. He’s startled to discover that. Fox adds that she assumed Logan would get headaches from it like she and Maverick endured. Fox discovered that people did something to all of their minds so they would come here. And that something is codenamed “Talos”. She believes that none of their pain is going to stop unless they figure out what’s going on, so she suggests they work together at least until this is done.

Everyone agrees and follows Fox and Maverick deeper into the building. She presses a button, and another door opens. She welcomes the gentlemen to their past. Everyone takes a closer look, but nothing is there, except some carton boards and tables and such. Logan wants to know what those things are. Fox suggests that Logan takes a closer look, so everyone descends some stairs towards the floor below them. Fox is confident that everyone remembers these places. Beast believes that the panels have been used to create memories, but doesn’t understand the purpose of it. Fox leads Logan towards a panel, which represents a house called “Dan’s Diner”. Logan remembers another painful memory.

An unknown amount of years ago…
Logan remembers how he walked out of the diner and headed towards his Lotus car. On that very moment, he got approached by three agents, who shot a tranquilizer at him! Logan quickly took it out and started fighting the agents, but ends up defeated when the agents fire more tranquilizers at him at the same time, and kidnap him.

Present day...
Logan doesn’t believe that this is how it happened… he wasn’t kidnapped on a parking lot. He angrily slices the panel apart. Sabretooth mocks at Logan, noticing that Logan can’t seem to take it. Suddenly, he notices a familiar looking panel. It’s his… home?! Suddenly, Creed feels pain coming up, and remembers something.

An unknown amount of years ago…
Sabretooth remembers a time when he was just a little boy and his mutant powers began manifesting themselves. His abusive father, Jebediah, didn’t believe that Victor was his son and wanted to hit him again. He even called him an animal, full of wickedness. Even though young Victor started crying and promising he’d be good, this didn’t prevent his father from hitting him again.

Present day…
Logan looks at Creed having his share of painful memories, but doesn’t do anything about it. He hears Maverick having painful memories as well. They apparently go about Sabretooth doing a terrible thing, and Maverick begging him to stop, but he doesn’t do it. Logan notices Fox crying, as she is standing in front of… their cabin. Logan wants to know if that was all a lie to, and demands to know what’s going on. Beast contacts everyone over a microphone, and has found some recording records and they are apparently about the experiments that were carried out in this place. He tells everyone to look at the overhead screen, and presses a button to have the tapes play.

A videoscreen opens, and has the Professor introducing that the recording date is October 17th in 1973. He mentions that the operation will be able to reintegrate Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick and Silver Fox into society without memories they conditioned them. And if needed, the organization can even have the group attack the target, and then have no memory of doing so. In order to do so, the Professor wants to put cybernetic helmets on his operatives, and have them endure extreme traumatic drama, and while using certain chemicals Weapon X can alter their memories, making them controllable. And the Professor believes that the best memories altered are those on real live events.

Sabretooth angrily recalls to Fox that she has her answer now: all of their memories were altered by that Professor guy. Creed wants to go find the Professor and make him pay for what he has done. Beast asks Sabretooth to wait with that, as there is more on the tape.

The Professor discovered that, while performing experiments on their bodies, the tissues in them appeared to be genetic. The Professor also believes that with their so-called “healing factor” the two can even survive the adamantium bounding process, which was invented by Professor Oyama. He wants to try out the process on Wolverine first, and if successful, they’ll also try it out on Sabretooth.

Creed gets upset, realizing that if Wolverine hadn’t trashed the place afterwards, he would have had adamantium bones as well. Logan, with itching hands, replies that Creed should thank him. The group observes how Wolverine escapes after the bonding process, and how Sabretooth, who lied on the experiment tables, managed to rescue himself, just like Silver Fox and Maverick managed to do. Everyone ran into safety while most of the base exploded.

Beast jumps down to the others and mentions that was the final tape. Fox explains that she has checked this place out, and that there is one chamber she just can’t get into, and that’s why she let everyone come here. Everyone follows Fox to another big, closed door. Wolverine tries to slice it open using his claws, but the door is apparently adamantium-proof. Fox explains that she held a cutting laser against the door for over an hour, but the only damage it did was just a small scratch. It appears that the door can only be opened by the palm prints of Wolverine, Sabretooth, Fox herself and Maverick. Beast tries it out using his hand, and the door doesn’t allow him access because his DNA is wrong. Beast believes that Fox is correct, and that answers may lie behind the door.

Hank fears that something is wrong here, because if people were trying to hide the truth from Logan, Creed, Fox and Maverick, why would they place it behind a door only they could open? Logan realizes that everything is rotten about this deal, but whatever is behind that door, he has to know. Everyone places their hands on the door, which eventually opens. The door opens, but… there’s nothing there! Beast notices another videoscreen, which starts playing another message.

The Professor welcomes everyone, though he isn’t glad that the four of the operatives are in the room, realizing they discovered the truth about their memory therapy since they made it so far. This also means that the Weapon X experiment has failed in his eyes. He explains that when the four entered the room, a failsafe program named Talos has been activated, which is programmed to capture them all and reprogram them.

Sabretooth is glad to finally get some action, but Fox wants to know what they are up against first. She orders Maverick to scan the area, and Beast to get the door back open, as it has apparently closed behind them. Maverick has used a special scanner, and discovered a massive power surge right below them. Talos appears through the floor and is ready for action. Fox orders Maverick to give Sabretooth a blaster, and he does so. As the battle goes on, Maverick believes that they need to get a termite grenade right inside the tin can, or else they just can’t win. Logan attacks the robot and slices open his back, but Talos instead pulls Logan over his back and takes out an axe to finish him off.

A feverish Sabretooth recognizes his abusive father in Talos, and attacks him before he can kill Logan! But Talos is stronger than Creed and defeats him. Fox attacks, but Talos also slams her away, but luckily Beast catches her in his arms. Maverick finally gets close enough to the robot, and places the grenade in it. Talos explodes, but it looks like Maverick got caught in the blast! Logan panics, and luckily, Maverick managed to transform his suit into a steel armor before the explosion and survives it. Logan compliments Maverick on the suit, and he jokes he’ll refer Logan to his tailor. Beast presses buttons on a control panel, and the door opens again. Sabretooth decides to keep Talos’ head as a new trash can.

But, Talos still isn’t completely disabled, as his head releases a powerful electrical shock which takes out Wolverine, Sabretooth, Fox and Maverick! The computer also mentions that a second Talos has been activated and will soon be released. A fast thinking Beast quickly picks up the defeated ones and puts them on a nearby standing truck. He tries to drive away, but the second Talos steps forward and is ready for the battle. Beast takes Maverick’s belt off and activates the grenades on it. They explode on impact, and Beast quickly drives away. But, Talos survived and starts closing the exit. Beast heads at top speed out of the facility, and as Talos fires his grenades, the doors have closed again. The heavy impact causes the entire facility, including Talos, to explode!

Beast panics, fearing that the explosion might have gotten unwanted attention and moves to prepare the mini-jet for departure. Maverick shakes hands with Logan and mentions it was nice to see him again. Logan agrees, and Maverick takes off. Logan tries to talk to a reluctant Fox, and doesn’t care what has been done to them, and believes that some of the memories of their shared past must have been true. He reminds Fox of the names he carved in their cabin door, but an angry Fox claims it was all made up. Logan reminds Fox that the cabin door back inside the facility didn’t have both their names on it, and the real one did. So, it had to be true. Fox doesn’t care, since it happened in another lifetime. She reveals her ship, and flies away in it.

Logan keeps looking at her until Hank warns him that the jet is ready. He notices that Sabretooth has already taken off and wants to know where he went. Logan doesn’t know and doesn’t care either. He mentions to Hank that Creed saved his life back in the facility when they were attacked by Talos, and thinks they both had enough for one day. Logan wants to know what this was all about, since he came here to find answers and now knows less than before. He can’t even trust his own memories. Hank hasn’t a simple solution for Logan’s problem, but reminds Logan that the Professor has helped him in the past, and both he and the X-Men are here for him now. Those are real memories, and those, Logan can trust.

As the two X-Men head home, neither of them notice that in a nearby tree, Logan’s and Silver Fox’ names has been carved into a tree.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Wolverine (all X-Men)


Silver Fox


On video screens throughout various recording tapes:
the Professor (Weapon X scientist)

In various flashbacks:
Maverick, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, Wolverine (all Weapon X/Team X agents)

Omega Red

Jebediah Creed (Sabretooth’s father)

the Professor
Weapon X agents (all unnamed)


The story title is partly based on the 1989 film “Sex, Lies and Videotape”.

First appearances of Maverick, Silver Fox, Talos and Jebediah Creed.

Talos is mostly based on the actual comic character Shiva. However, due to Shiva also being a real-life Hindu god, the show animators didn’t want to risk those people believing they saw the god as evil, since both Talos in this episode and Shiva in the comics are evil characters. So, Shiva’s name was changed into Talos to avoid confusion, but for the rest they are the same character.

During Wolverine’s memory of Sabretooth harming Silver Fox, there is a weird thing going on. At the beginning of the show, Sabretooth is in his civilian clothes, and towards the middle, he is in his current costume. This makes it unclear to say if the memories Wolverine has about Silver Fox real, or false ones implanted by Weapon X.

Actually, this entire episode is partly based on the actual comics Wolverine (2nd series) #48-50, where Logan goes on a quest for his mysterious past, and also things from Wolverine (2nd series) #61-64 are shown, with Shiva replaced by the Talos robot as said before. Other comic references towards Logan’s memory of Silver Fox and his birthday have been taken over from Wolverine (2nd series) #11. Logan being kidnapped on a parking lot and next being bonded to the adamantium was stated in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84. The story of the C-Synth was first told in the comics in X-Men (2nd series) #5. The uniforms Logan, Creed, Fox and Maverick wear in the flashback with Omega Red are from their days as members of Team X, as also revealed in earlier mentioned comic.

Sabretooth being abused by his father for being a mutant was first hinted upon in the comics in Sabretooth (1st series) #1-4.

Professor Oyama is actually Lady Deathstrike’s father, a man who also worked for the Weapon X program.

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