MC2 Universe

In MC2, the original Avengers disbanded following a disastrous encounter with a fascist alternate universe. The team reformed shortly before the debut of Spider-Girl with several analogs of the original members including Thunderstrike (son of the original), Stinger (daughter of the second Ant-Man), J2 (son of Juggernaut), and Mainframe (an A.I. designed by Tony Stark).

Other members included Jubilee, Speedball, Jolt, American Dream, Crimson Curse, Freebooter, Argos, Earth Sentry, Blacklight, Coal Tiger, Warp, Thena, Katherine Power, and Spider-Girl herself. Original Avengers who have rejoined during the MC2 universe include Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Jim Rhodes, and Ant-Man II.