Clan Yashida

Clan Yashida was a familial business organization that developed strong ties to the Yakuza and criminal underworld in Japan under the reign of clan leader, Shingen. After his death in battle against Wolverine in Wolverine (1st series) #4, Shingen's daughter Mariko Yashida made it her life's mission to purge Clan Yashida of all criminal ties as a matter of personal honor. She died just before completing this task in Wolverine (2nd series) #58, and rule of Clan Yashida fell to her half-brother, the Silver Samurai. Harada maintained the honor of Clan Yashida for a time, before the mutant Blindspot removed his memories of his last few years of redemption prior to Rogue (3rd series) #7. After this, Clan Yashida returned to their criminal ways.