Force Works

Marvel Universe

After the Avengers West Coast were disbanded after a vote led by their East Coast brethren, the members were recruited by Iron Man to serve as his personal squad, known as Force Works. The team was designed as a first response unit, using chaos theory and probability charting computers to predict potential hotspots around the globe -- wars, environmental disasters, and so forth -- allowing Force Works to pre-emptively respond and prevent the situation from growing out of control. The team ultimately disbanded after they learned Iron Man was under the control of Kang / Immortus.

Force Works was revived as a concept for the Iowa Initiative during the era of the Superhuman Registration Act.

The most recent incarnation has been founded by the U.S. government as a counter-terrorism team focused on the rise of A.I. rebellion against human institutions.

Other members include Century, Moonraker, Cybermancer, and Gauntlet.