Heroes for Hire

Marvel Universe

Luke Cage, the original Hero for Hire, expanded his business once he partnered with Danny Rand, Iron Fist. They operated as a subsidiary of Rand-Meachum until Iron Fist's apparent death in Power Man & Iron Fist #125.

The team was later restarted under the supervision of Oracle, Inc after Onslaught, with a larger core roster as well as occasional freelancers as missions required, in a 19 issue ongoing series.

The Heroes' former business associates, the Daughters of the Dragon, later recreated the Heroes for Hire during Civil War while Luke and Danny were acting as unregistered heroes. This version lasted for a 15 issue ongoing series.

Most recently, Misty Knight has recreated the Heroes for Hire with her partner, Paladin. Misty now acts as "Control", coordinating a revolving team of freelance heroes for missions, sharing information and resources with one another. Control directs the heroes through two-way headpieces from her surveillance suite, while Paladin acts as regular support in the field.

Other members include White Tiger, Tarantula, Black Cat, Humbug, Orka, Elektra, Silver Sable, Ghost Rider, Gargoyle, Shroud, and many others.