Inhuman Royal Family

Descendants of Randac, the royal family of the Inhumans is a lineage that dates back to the dawn of Inhuman civilization. The modern royal family is comprised of several sets of cousins who form the royal court. King Black Bolt and his brother Maximus are the children of Agon and Rynda. Gorgon is the son of Agon's brother, while Karnak and Triton are the sons of Rynda's brother. Queen Medusa and her sister Crystal are also of royal blood, as their mother is the sister of Karnak and Triton's mother. (So to be clear, Black Bolt and Medusa are not genetic cousins -- they share cousins in common, Karnak and Triton, from opposite sides of that family tree). There are many other cousins and bloodlines in the Inhuman Royal Family, including one for the Dark Rider, Psynapse, who was taken by Apocalypse.