Marvel Universe

The Phalanx exist as incidental biological refuse created by Technarchy life cycles. When the Technarch feed on organic life-glow, they expose living matter to the transmode virus before consuming it. If all the techno-organic matter is not consumed, it may survive after the Technarch moves on. Because transmode infected matter is highly contagious, infestations of techno-organic matter and beings may grow unchecked, often forming a collective "hive" mind known as the Phalanx. The Phalanx have developed on many worlds throughout the universe.

On Earth, the Phalanx were created deliberately by the Friends of Humanity in an effort to forge a new breed of living Sentinels to exterminate mutantkind. The original Phalanx drones and agents were created through exposure to the transmode virus harvested from the ashes of Warlock. The Phalanx of Earth eventually evolved beyond their original programming to hunt mutants and intended to spread and consume all life on Earth.