Secret Warriors

Marvel Universe

"Secret Warriors" is the name loosely applied to a team of new operatives assembled by Nick Fury in response to the Skrull invasion. Also referred to as his Commandos or Caterpillars (after the Caterpillar Files he kept on them), these were previously unidentified assets and legacy superhumans whom Fury could be comfortable were not targeted by the Skrulls for replacement. These included J.T. James (descendant of the Western Ghost Riders), Alex Aaron (son of Ares), And Jerry Sledge, Yoyo Rodriguez and Sebastian Druid, illegitimate children of Absorbing Man, Griffin, and Doctor Druid.

Fury's second-in-command, Quake, later assembled her own unofficial team of "Secret Warriors" related to her Inhuman heritage when Hydra conquered America. Her recruits included Karnak, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and Inferno.